Casual Friday Vol. 22

Avo NashvilleHey, friends! Our casual Friday this week is SUPER random. I hope you don’t mind! It’s just a bunch of things we’ve been up to these past two (or three?) weeks.

Met up with Dani Hampton after, I dunno, eight years of online friendship. It was way too short but still amazing to connect in person and share a delicious meal at Avo.

I was trying to start a new volume of our Nashville guide, but the pics came out a little funky and blown out. Oh well, we’ll go back and try again soon. :))

Avo Nashville Avo Nashville The kimchi spring rolls were SO SO good.

Friendsgiving PrepEmma cooking up a Friendsgiving feast at my house. I can’t wait for her to come back in January to shoot the cookbook!

App testingFor the past three months, we’ve been testing our upcoming app. This pic is from when we still lived in Springfield of Jeremy looking at the first test builds. It is just a HUGE part of my life right now and I cannot wait to share it with you SOON.

Ugh you knowJust a stupid pic to say, “Hey! I don’t take myself too seriously.” 😉

AR5A9959It’s getting cold, you guys!!!

AR5A9850Now Emma wants to share some peeks of how the ABM office in Springfield is shaping up!!!

Trey's deskWe’re always talking about how Elsie, Laura and I work from our homes now. But, of course, that’s not everyone at ABM. I thought it would be fun to show you guys the new loft office that Trey, Jacki and Philip work from. They’ve been moved in for a couple months, but we aren’t “done” with this space by any means. 🙂

Coffee cart Crochet jacket(Ah! Creepy selfie!)

The loft offices are located above the Golden Girl Rum Club (our soon-to-be-open downtown bar). My business partners and I bought the building and we share this space among our other ventures (we all own other businesses too).

It’s an older building and I love the high ceilings and wood floors. We painted everything white along with a few other updates before we moved in and it made the space feel HUGE. The room that is essentially the ABM headquarters is toward the back and has such beautiful light, it’s a shame we don’t photograph in that space as often as our last office. Trey built his own desk (in the first photo above).

Rogan's artworkThe hallway that leads back to this room has bike racks, a coffee cart, an old vintage sign we found downstairs, and (my favorite part!) a TON of Rogan’s show posters that he’s designed over the years. They are so cool—it’s like a little gallery in our hallway. Hope you enjoyed this peek into the new ABM offices—thanks for letting us share!

Have a great weekend! xx- Elsie + Emma

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