Casual Friday Vol. 25

Poppy + MonroeHey, friends!!! This week has been an absolute blur! Emma arrived on Monday night, and we have been working all the daylight hours on our cookbook photography (basically making yummy food and taking photos ALL day every day) and then going to bed super early and repeating. Haha –  this post is already off to a very exciting start!

Poppy + Monroe On the first day Emma got to town, we went to Poppy & Monroe for manicures so that we could have cute nails for the book photos. I have been wanting to go there ever since I first heard about it but just hadn’t made the time yet.

I had heard that they were offering a lot of natural options, which has become SUPER important to me in the past year, so I was really hoping it could be my “spot”. So I took Emma, and we had an incredible time and our manicures have lasted all week (we got their version of a gel manicure). I will definitely do it again anytime I have a ginormous photoshoot, like this, or a vacation!

Here are a few pics because I actually remembered to bring my camera – YAY!!

Poppy + Monroe
Poppy + Monroe Poppy + Monroe Poppy + Monroe Poppy + Monroe Poppy + Monroe copyEmma bought a whole bunch of nail polish as a reward for not biting her nails. SO proud of her!

And if you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you can guess where we went next… my obsession. She wanted a giant cactus, and a giant cactus she got. It’s sitting in my driveway right now because it’s too big for us to really carry… haha! I can’t wait to see how it looks in her home!

Emma at HewittSo fun!

Suki My bebe! She’s the sweetest!

SukiI was actually bribing her with a raspberry. She loves fruit.


La croixI hope you guys don’t mind, but we’re only posting once today because we’re putting in so many extra hours for the cookbook right now. We can’t wait for you to see it. I feel like I can brag because I’m really just supporting Emma. She is doing an incredible job, and it’s turning out both beautiful and useful. I’m very inspired by her!

Happy Friday!!! We have a new team member (I desperately need to update our staff page) who came to Nashville for a few days and Trey is here, so we’re going to do some meetings and celebrating as well! xx- Elsie

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