Casual Friday Vol. 3

It's casual friday y'all!It's casual friday y'all!Hey, guys. It's time that time again—Casual Friday time!

Casual Friday This week our beloved Laura celebrated her one year Mess-iversary. Time flies when you're having fun. She brought donuts for everyone. Wait … shouldn't it be the other way around? Yes, it should. We love you, Gummergal! Casual Friday  Our shed renovations are coming along nicely. We've been documenting the process. It's definitely one of the crazier and/or more impressive projects our contractors have taken on… depending on how you look at it. 🙂 Please excuse my dopey face here. I have no class. Casual Friday     Well, that was messy. Making poufs. 

Casual Friday      Our friend Kat sent us some fun headbands, and we're basically wearing them all day, every day. How could we not? We even got Trey to wear one—with some convincing. 🙂

Casual Friday       Holly was here all week writing crash courses! We were so bummed to drop her off at the airport this morning. 

Casual Friday         Casual Friday         Casual Friday on A Beautiful MessCasual Friday on A Beautiful MessThis is very serious. 

Penny Bloom Penny Bloom Penelope Bloom. Forever our favorite guest around here. 

Casual Friday on A Beautiful Mess   Casual fridayCasual Friday on A Beautiful Mess   Casual Friday on A Beautiful Mess   Holly's macaron crash course is going to be so good. It's coming out next month. We had fun assisting her and mostly sampling all of the treats. 

6U8A9923Last night we hung out at Emma's and Trey's house for a few hours. We celebrated Holly's two finished projects and last night in town with Moscow Mules, beers, and Em's hot tub. It was pretty s-weet and the perfect way to wrap up an excellent week. (Cheers!)6U8A99256U8A9925This is Mrs. Bananas and Love Love. Lovers was very upset that he wasn't invited into the hot tub. 

6U8A98876U8A98876U8A9887Imogen is the star of every Casual Friday. I mean, look at those cheeks! She's a team player. 

TGIF, you guys. Hope you have a great weekend! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos Edited with Margeaux from The Folk Collection and Magnolia and Jean from The Signature Collection

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