Casual Friday Vol. 9

Casual friday     Casual friday  Casual friday   Casual friday Casual fridayOh my, this week has flown by! It's been pretty eventful around here at ABM. Recently Josh and Sarah closed on a new home. Yay! They invited the entire office over for a pizza party lunch one day, the house filled with paper plates and not enough chairs (it's an empty, new-to-them house after all). Some of these photos remind me of the opening scenes from Home Alone. You know, where the house is completely filled with their family, and they're all eating pizza before a big trip. I honestly think of everyone we work with as our adopted, extended family. It was also a complete blast to see Josh and Sarah's beautiful new home! I can't wait to see how they redecorate.

Abeautiful mess casual fridayPhotography tricksAbeautiful mess casual friday    Abeautiful mess casual friday  Abeautiful mess casual friday   Everybody has been manically making, cooking, photographing, and overall prepping as half the team plans to start a long vacation next week. That's right! I'll be headed with Trey and many of our friends (whom we also work with) to Costa Rica toward the end of next week. So most of us are working over the weekend and Memorial Day a little bit so we can spend some time resting and relaxing next week. As small business owners it's always tough to imagine taking too many days off. It's just plain scary. But, we truly do have a fantastic team at ABM nowadays. And I feel so lucky to now be in a place where I feel completely confident to go on vacation. 

Abeautiful mess casual friday We also celebrated Sarah's birthday this week. (New house, cute family, birthday week—the lady got it all and totally deserves it!) So we all went out to lunch one day at a favorite local spot. Happy birthday, Sarah! 

Hope you all have a great weekend and have some exciting weekend plans! Is anyone going on a short trip, renting a boat, getting excited for shopping sales? xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Sarah Rhodes + The ABM Team. Photos edited with Celeste and Petal from the Fresh collection and Magnolia from the Signature Collection.

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