Casual Friday Vol. 8

Casual Friday on A Beautiful MessCasual Friday on A Beautiful Mess Emma + elsieIt's been another fantastic week, guys. But, I must say, TGIF! We've had a number of events and mishaps this week. For example, Elsie and I shot a Q&A style video. And we did NOT nail it. It was so boring! We're gonna try again maybe next week. We are hoping to begin sharing a few Q&A style videos on the weekends now and again. I think my face in this above photo says it all. 🙂

ABM workshopJosh and Trey use their musclesThe new workshop/garage space is basically complete! We can't wait to see all the projects we'll get to make here. We'll show you around the space soon, I promise.

So many dirty dishesCasual Friday on A Beautiful Mess  Beautiful refrigerator artSo many dirty dishes. They never stop. Also, here's Laura straightening out the room for a photo shoot, and look at this super cute artwork a reader sent us recently! So sweet.

Office deskJackiI make everyone in the office taste test for me. It's an office hazard.

Trey's messy work areaTrey GeorgeTrey sometimes uses his banana phone for meetings.

Ink fingers!I'm really careful when I load the ink into our printer. Always. I never spill it and stain my hands for days. Oh no. Never.

Hope you have an awesome weekend planned! Trey and I get to spend Saturday camping with my brother and some friends. He graduated college this week and we could NOT be more proud of him. Go, Doren! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Willis of the Folk Collection

  • Love these posts! However, just a note. I work as a videographer and would just give you a tip : run your lavalier cable under your shirt and then clip it on your collar, etc. It looks much neater and it’s the standard in the TV and video world! 🙂

  • love this post! that turquoise door gets me every time! it’s SO good!


  • P.s I have the same little subway tiles in my kitchen all the way over here in sunny Australia. Love them.

  • I have a little idea for your Q and A vid… In order to loosen up and make the interview more natural, perhaps you should be doing something at the same time as answering questions. Like handsewing, knitting, painting, cooking etc. Something you do often in a place you are really comfortable. Nothing too involved and of course something you can stop momentarily while you are talking if need be. It might help to distract you and make things more natural, plus it helps if you feel like you don’t have to look at the camera the whole time.

    Bec xoxo

  • This is my favorite feature on the blog; so glad you guys added it!

  • I love that scalloped tumbler cup in the photos!! Could you tell me where you got it?

  • Love these behind the scenes posts! One tip for future Q&A segments – run your lav up under your shirt, then you can’t see the cords 😉 Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Beautiful photos! I love those yellow cabinets.

    x Kenzie

  • your office looks fun and love the photo outtake!!

  • I love the banana phone! Can’t wait to see some videos…keep working at it 🙂

  • Love the color of the cabinets, very cute!

  • The sneak peek of the workshop looks great! Can’t wait to see more! Congrats to your brother on his graduation 🙂 Have fun camping!

  • That loaf looks so delicious! It would be gone in my house in minutes, just like the berry crumble I made this week!

  • Like many others have mentioned, this is by far my favourite feature too!!

    Maria xx

  • great post!

    love seeing the behind the scenes of it all…


  • That photo of you two from the style filming is stunning! You’re both radiant and glowing, truly happy and content 🙂

  • I need that banana phone in my life! By the way, thank you for showing us a messy kitchen… it’s good to know that my kitchen is not the only one in the blog world that sometimes looks like that!
    Happy weekend!

  • These pictures are so nice. I really like the casual theme!


  • Well now I’ll have the “Banana Phone” song stuck in my head the rest of the weekend… Worth it 🙂

  • Hi Chelsea! You’re right.. this one should be volume 8. Thanks for noticing that! 🙂 -Jacki

  • That picture of Emma & Elsie is my absolute favorite. of. all. time. You two look SO g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!


  • This week’s Casual Friday post made me realize how glad I am you guys added this series! It made me go back and re-read all of them lol. However, where did Vol. 8 go? =P

  • Love casual friday posts!!
    thank goodness for dishwashers, huh?
    congrats to your brother and have an awesome weekend 🙂

  • What a beautiful kitchen!!! Hopefully you guys get to relax on this weekend for all your hard work!


  • I love that picture on the fridge! I love the smell of orange blossom! I just started my blog and I’m still trying to figure it all out – would love some recommendations or tips 🙂

    Hannah xx

  • Your Casual Friday feature is my highlight of the week, love seeing A Beautiful Mess behind the scenes! Have a great weekend x

  • This is my most looked forward to post of the week from you guys!

    Love posts that bring some personal aspects into them!
    Thanks for sharing little glimpses of your week!

  • I love how you show pictures of your worktime! I always find it so interesting 🙂

  • I have to say, it is nice seeing these casual friday posts! Sometimes it seems like you live in a little perfect bubble, and its nice to see the messy part!

  • I have to say, it’s so nice to see you guys have dirty dishes piled up, too. Haha! I love that you showed that. I mean, obviously you’re real people with real (messy) lives, but it’s easy to forget that when your blog and posts are all so idyllic and beautiful!.
    I also love that you let us know you didn’t hit it the first time with the video! Just makes me love your blog more, and makes me more confident that I can present pretty, too, even if my life isn’t perfect.
    Very inspiring. <3

  • Hey Guys! Sorry about the video mishap. I am a videographer, and wanted to share a quick tip! I see from the photo that you have your lav mics on the outside of your clothes. It looks a lot better if you feed the mic up under your shirt before pinning it to your collar. Then it is less noticable that you have a mic there! I look forward to seeing more of your videos:-)

  • I’m loving the casual Friday series, and would love to see a Q&A type video!

    But just as random side note, as a news anchor I would recommend running your microphones to hide the chord! It would give the videos a much cleaner look 🙂

  • oh man, thanks for this post. i love it! the sink full of dirty dishes. the banana phone. admitting that you didn’t nail the video– and then not giving up!! you guys are a big inspiration <3 <3

  • Here it is! 🙂

  • It was a rough week for me too…what gives?
    Happy that we all survived though! And next week is bound to be better. 🙂

    Super excited for the Q&A videos!

  • SUCH a cute doodle. I’m always just so happy when I come here…

  • gorgeous photos! I love the one of Laura with those pretty pretty flowers! I can’t wait to see the awesome workshop!


  • I get ink on my hands all day with the type of work I do (not always convenient to wear gloves) and oddly enough, hair removal works pretty well if used right away. We use this stuff called ReDuRAN Special by STOKO skin care, specifically for removing dyes. Maybe that would be helpful:-) Getting it under or around your nails really bites…No punn intended.

  • Hahaha that look on your face is HILARIOUS! Hope the second video works out better 🙂

    What color nail polish are you wearing in that top photo? I love it!

    Trey’s banana phone is awesome. Your office looks like so much fun to work at.

  • Seems like you guys have had an awesome week! I love seeing your snaps from what you get upto in the week. Oh, and that banana phone is the most incredible thing ever x

  • Looking forward to the videos..and that reader stuff is cute and so is trey’s phone..and my husband just spilled the ink on the floor few days ago… 😛

    xo, Hems

  • I LOVE casual Fridays! All those dishes – crazy! So interesting to see your studio “behind the scenes” and get a glimpse into your working days. Love it xx

  • I love these posts! They’re always so fun to look through. Sorry the Q&A didn’t work out, but you girls looked cute! 🙂 Have fun camping this weekend, the weather should be lovely.

    xoxo Mandy

  • These posts are my favorite. It makes me feel like I am a part of all the fun (not so much the hard work, but at least we get a glimpse at it 😉 )

  • Really excited to see what you’re going to do with the garage space!

  • Hi Casey! I’m not sure if we received that email. You can send me another one at: Support AT redvelvetart DOT com. -Jacki

  • This week has been hard for a LOT of people! Must’ve been the full moon, or something… if you’re into that.. ANYWAY, I don’t know (/care) what baked good that is in that one picture, I want it.

    xo Ashley

  • Yay for Fridays!!! This looks so fun. Have fun camping!! xoxo

  • Oh how sweet of you to hang my doodle on your fridge! I’m grinning from ear to ear. Thanks ladies! 🙂

  • Also, I should probably mention that it would be a gift. I don’t want to seem like some sleezy salesman. lol

  • I love the water color painting! Have you ever shown the outside of your office and I’ve missed it? I’m always curious about the outside, since we’ve seen so many of the rooms. I’m sure it’s lovely!

  • That awesome doodle reminded me, did you guys ever get my email regarding my cloth dolls? I thought Bella might like one. 🙂


  • Working with you guys look like so much fun! Wish I could work there too 😉

  • I love that kitchen space, it looks so cozy, yet modern very comfortable 🙂
    lol inky hands, thats why I always tell my husband to do it hehe.

    Laurie M.
    The Makeup Squid

  • I love that you and Trey are so into camping! I feel like it’s not something you ever really talk about but the little mentions here and there and the IG photos make me super happy. Camping Rules!

  • My favorite one yet. You guys are so cute! I cannot wait to see the video. Sounds fun.


  • Have a wonderful weekend!! I’m going to Europe so I won’t be reading you guys until June. 😀 (I know you wanted to know, right? hee).

  • This is by far my favourite feature you guys do! It’s so fun and interesting getting to see the behind the scenes stuff.
    Also, that banana phone is amazing haha! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    April Everyday

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