Casual Friday Vol. 21

Casual FridaySo, I just checked and we haven’t done a Casual Friday post since last January. Ha! We didn’t really mean to stop, we just did. And when we posted our state of the biz asking for feedback, a lot of you asked us to bring it back. So here we are—bringing it back! (Once a month, not every week—that’s my compromise!)

Since Emma and I live seven hours apart now, we’re gonna both share some snaps from our random, sometimes embarrassing daily happenings. Me first!

Casual Friday Dishes waiting to be washed (they’ve been very patient).

Casual Friday Boxes. (So. Many. Boxes.) We’re not even halfway done unpacking. No guilt, though. It’s a one day at a time, one room at a time type of situation over here. It’s not just going to happen…that sounds lovely though.

Casual Friday Progress > Perfection. It’s a long process, but I’m excited about the baby steps!

Casual Friday Things that need to be put out or put together. Our to-do list is *whoa*.

Casual Friday Next time you see this it’ll probably look pretty (unless of course you follow me on snapchat! haha). I’ve been focusing on the kitchen this weekend, which means all the other rooms got no love.

This is my “office” today. I’ve been alternating between this and the dining room until my real office is done (that’ll be a while).

Casual Friday Working from home has its perks, but my new coworkers are SO LAZY.

Casual Friday Coffee time. We JUST started cooking and making coffee at home after 3ish months of eating out. Feels so incredibly good!

Casual Friday I will take any excuse to photograph this floor. Still my favorite spot in the place.

Casual Friday Taking a moment to hug my new Kitchen Aid (Emma and I traded) and thank it for being so BRONZE. Now, maybe I should bake something? I never bake. What should I bake?

Casual Friday This week’s little freshies. I always try to snap a photo of every bunch of flowers even if I don’t remember to share it. Lately I’ve been taking a lot of photos like that (forgotten ones).

Well, that’s my life. Incomplete in so many ways, but we’re truly enjoying this season of getting to do everything for the first time in this new city. I haven’t been as social as I’d like to be, but an unexpected bonus of the whole thing is feeling closer than ever to my husband. We’ve both been stretched to our limits, and it feels good to be coming out on the other side holding hands and making jokes and trying sushi places with funny names.

Emma’s turn!

Oh man, you guys. Are you ready for a super clean and organized house tour….

Emma's kitchenI snapped a few photos for you guys of what life looked like Monday morning for me. No internet (we got it installed later that day) and a super clean house. JK.

IF you are able to look past all the trash bags and hoarder decor, then check out my new kitchen counter tops and cabinet paint job! If you didn’t see what my house looked like before I moved in, check out this little video tour I put together here. Once I get things a bit more cleaned and unpacked, I will take some more progress photos to show you what we accomplished before we moved in (spoiler: it’s mostly painting and kitchen counters).

Emma's officeHere’s my office. Totally ready to get some work done at that desk…wait, where’s the desk?! Oh, hidden behind that giant pile of craft supplies, filing cabinets, and random photography equipment? Perfect.

Emma's livingroom Emma's diningroomI feel like my house is a total eye sore compared to those pretty photos Elsie just shared. #ohwell

Like I said, this was the state of things on Monday. We’re already much more moved in. I keep telling Trey that I am completely obsessed with our house no matter if it’s not all organized and cleaned yet. I am SO excited to make it our own over the coming years. Plus I now only have to work from one location instead of two or three, which is what I had been doing this past month (due to internet, office items, and kitchen issues). So everything is coming up roses if you ask me. 🙂 Thanks for letting us share some random peeks from our lives this week and TGIF! xo. Emma + Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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