Chalkboard Mug DIY Project

DIY Chalkboard MugI was so excited when I discovered that Pebeo makes a chalkboard paint for porcelain! I couldn't wait to try it, so my first project is this simple chalkboard mug. I am SO happy with how it turned out! It's clean and simple and very versatile. Here are the details: Chalkboard Mug Steps Supplies Needed: A white mug, masking tape, black Pebeo Chalkboard Paint and a paint brush. First, tape around the top of your mug and handle creating a straight line to paint beneath. Paint the entire mug. It will need a few coats. Then remove the tape, as soon as you finish your last coat. When I removed my tape, I had a few imperfections, which I was able to scratch off and touch up with my paint brush. Next, bake your mug at 300°F for 30 minutes. After you have baked it, your paint will be as permanent as baked enamel. It will also be dishwasher safe. For more details and full baking instructions look here. When you finish baking, allow your mug to cool completely and then chalk the entire outside with the side of a piece of chalk and wipe it off. Now you are ready to write on your mug! The surface will be a little bit slicker than a normal chalkboard, but is still writable with regular chalk or a chalk marker. You'll have so much fun making little doodles and labeling your mug! I'm thinking these would make great gifts! DIY Chalkboard Mug *Paint provided by Pebeo.

I can't wait to try more projects with this paint. I think some flower pots will be my next victims! Hope you are having a happy, crafty weekend. xo. Elsie

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