This is my favorite challenge I have done in quite some time! I hope you enjoy it too! I got the idea *here*.

(24 things to do before I turn 25…)

I LOVE challenging myself and having dreams and goals…. and since my birthday is only a few months away, this will keep me VERY challenged! ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of the things I want to do are big and some are small… but they are all things that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but have been putting off due to a busy schedule. You can make a layout or you can simply do a blog entry with your goals before your next birthday…. If we were hanging out in real life today I would make you pinky swear to only make goals that you can and will actually do. This stuff makes me REALLY excited and inspired, so I hope it gets you excited about your own life in the same way!

Post a link here in the comments to your layout or list. I will look through them tomorrow night and choose one at random…the winner will get a free *Red Velvet Kit* next month (compliments of Emma and Rachel). Have FUN! elsie

  • my veru first goal before my 25th birthday (in october) is to find a real and good job for me.

    Don’t have time to make a LO now, but I’ll try in the next days… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What a fun blog party here!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love this challenge! I’ll be turning 30(AAAAAAHHHHH!) this October so my b-day is kinda special this year. I’ll be back to post my layout.

  • this is fun!! I will work on this tonight when I get home from work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • my goals before my November birthday are to

    a. lose 10 more pounds

    b. remain off of insulin

    c. apply to teacher’s college

    d. pursue the publication of my children’s book

    e. have more fun

    thanks for the great idea – I don’t have time for a layout yet but I will work on one!

  • My birthday is next month and I like the idea of goals going with the birthday, rather than resolutions at new years. Thanks Elsie. Creative as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! My b-day is at the end of the year pretty much. I am 28 and PROUD of it! LOL!

  • Wow, this is hard!

    Ok, here are my goals:

    * learn to relax and listen to myself

    *not be so terrified to try new things/meet new people

    *find a J.O.B. that I am cofortable and happy with

    *become a better cook (or, really, ANY kind of cook!)

    *try to remember my 12 year-old is 12, not 4

    *really understand my photo editing software

    *learn to relax…have I said that already?

  • Hm…31 things to do before I’m 32 in January…I don’t think I can accomplish that many, so I’ll list my top 5 things I want to do:

    1. continue to work on my scrapbooking skills

    2. continue to take pictures! I love it!

    3. visit a place I’ve never been before

    4. get to go home and really understand what that means

    5. find a new band to listen to and maybe even go to their concert

    Thanks for the inspiration, Elsie – you are a doll!!


  • I did a page like this in my 22 art journal – which I used the Red Velvet Kit Club June Project Kit for!!

    I started at the end of June and did a page every day til my 22nd bday on July 27th, The whole journal was about the person I wanted to be at 22 years old – the whole thing is here:


    BUT – I also did an entire page with a list of things I wanted to between my 22nd and 23rd birthdays which is here:


    yay! I’m glad I got to share this!

  • This challenge just makes me want to leave work and do something creative for MYSELF today! I guess that’s my dream for so many days lately. Take my job, add some fun and creativity and make that my job.

    Rock on!


  • Thank you for this Elsie! I wish I was turning 25 again but I will definitely do a blog entry or layout by the end of the day!!! I need the challenge so thank you so much!!

  • My 31st birthday will be on October 14 and I can’t wait. I am finding myself more and more everyday. I will do a layout later but here is my list.

    30) Take a Yoga Class

    29) Get a Tattoo

    28) Get my Nose Piereced

    27) Take a Photography Class

    26) Start a Blog

    25) Volunteer Time @ a local charity

    24) Explore new places in town

    23) Quit making excuses and get in the game

    22) Express my true feelings instead of hiding them

    21) Go out with the girls more often

    20) Write a letter to my father and truly forgive him for the pain he has caused me when i was younger

    19) Start a book list and read a book a month

    18) Follow through from start to finish

    17) Learn to say no more often

    16) Say meaningful words instead of gossiping

    15) Smile more

    14) Try bright colored contacts

    13) Do more scrapbooking

    12) Start an etsy shop

    11) Find a new hobby

    10) Go Junk diving

    09) Do something creative everyday

    08) Start a Journal and actually write in it

    07) Practice what I preach

    06) Listen more talk less

    05) Have my palm read

    04) Come up with a signature cocktail amd serve it at my 31st birthday party

    03) Cook more often

    02) See more live bands

    01) Meet Elsie Flannigan — haaa I’m serious

  • This is a funny challenge! Funny-only becuase I was searching on the web one day and found a site about making a list of 43 things (http://www.43things.com/) that you want to do in your life. I made my list, and have been trying to complete things off it. Some of them are simple, like scrapbooking at least one hour a week. Some are health related (drink two glasses of water a day, eat at least one vegetable and one fruit a day). Some are just fun, have “date night” every Friday night, give Justin (my boyfriend) a massage, or just to stop and smell the flowers – literally. I never thought about scrapbooking these things though! Thanks for a great page idea!!

    Julie in Canda

  • Oh this is soooooooo COOL, LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Love what you did with yours OMG, LOVE IT WOW~ that is SUPER!!

  • I can add so many more. These are all the ones that popped into my head the moment i saw your post.

    24 things to do before i’m 24…

    1) Enjoy everyday.

    2) Learn to cook.

    3) Stop criticizing myself.

    4) Play a show with all of my songs.

    5) Sell jewelry to someone important.

    6) Grow my business.

    7) Find out what I’m supposed to do.

    8) Roller blade more often.

    9) Take more pictures.

    10) Stop hibernating.

    11) Clean my house completely.

    12) Paint my room.

    13) Organize my studio.

    14) Decide where I’m supposed to be.

    15) Be myself.

    16) LAUGH more often.

    17) Cook for my family.

    18) Ask my relatives about their lives.

    19) Listen to my mother and father.

    20) Read more books.

    21) Be spontaneous.

    22) Go on a road trip.

    23) Try to stop overanalyzing.

    24) Say Thank You more.

    Thank you so much for this challenge. I really needed it! Have fun reading them all!

  • Well Iam turning 21 in Feb.7 and Iam full of Goals!!

    1) Finish school

    2) Plan my Perfect wedding

    3) Get Fit and Active

    4) Become closer to my Family

    5) learn to be a great wife

    6) Become a better cook

    7) Find a Job I love

    8) Learn to Sew

    9) Help my Husband Accomplish his goals

    10)NEVER TO GIVE UP ON MYSELF and to keep trying my best to accomplish my goals as best I can..

    Thats some for now..And when I done with those I will always have more to add..


  • Can’t post a layout now because I should be working ๐Ÿ™‚ But here’s a list of a few things to do before my next birthday in May, that should give me plenty of time!

    *Read Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio

    *See the broadway play *WiCKED* in California

    *Spend more time creating and less time organizing supplies!

    Thanks for the challenge; your blog is always so refreshing and full of new ideas.

  • Oh this is a great challenge! I’m off to do the layout and I’ll post it later this afternoon! My birthday is in November but this is such a huge transitional time for me so there are a TON of goals I was to achieve before my 25th!

  • I just celebrated my 40th B-day last month! So this gives me a whole year to reach my goals, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1.)Get back into a regular exercise routine. (I always feel so much better!)

    2.) Make more time for me (and not feel guilty about it!)

    3.) Try to get published. (My friends and family are so encouraging). I so LOVE this hobby, I just feel that I got into it a little late.)

    I truly think these goals are very realistic for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dawn ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Here my list of 25 things before I’m 26. My birthday isn’t until April so I can probably accomplish all this before then. And I’m definitely making a layout about this, just don’t know if it’ll get done today.

  • lordy, i don’t think i can come up with 33 goals before i’m 34…but a couple things would be..

    1. start doing Yoga?

    2. get published in a scrap mag.

    3. win something from this awesome blog!!

    4. lose a little weight, gotta lose in baby steps, right?

    5. finally get into a house, and paint every wall in said house! i hate white walls.

    6. sto peating out so much…

    so there are a few…i should really scrap this on a layout…

  • awesome challenge elsie! my b-day is a month from tomorrow… & man, i wish that i was turning 25! i guess i better get started on my list & my layout! thx for the inspo! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I love this for the same reason I love you book….I love a challenge!!

    Okay here is my list,

    Make my daughter laugh everyday

    Learn French

    Take my scrapbooking to the next level…..what is the next level?

    Step up my Volunteer work with Make a Wish Foundation

    Tell my husband I love him everyday, sealed with a kiss

    Take a dance class

    Mentor a child

    STOP buying cookbooks and scrapbooks….lol!

    Inspire the artist within my daughter

    Go to dinner with my husband once a month

    Listen to up in coming music

    Write a childrens book

    and last

    Smile at everyone I see…..

  • my birthday is in november, so far away and so near…

    I am so old that I can’t write all the dreams or goals I want since that 27 november come….

    so my first and principal, my only goal (all the other depend of it at least) my health….

    1* to find a pleasure in every thing I see, taste, heard, touch, eat…

    2* to accept that my body is my best friend on this world and listen to his message…

    3* to explore it form inside and outside, in my soul and heart…

    all that and only that, this is my biggest dream and hope…

    I will make a layout for sure…

  • my birthday was just last week…so I have a long time until my 35th birthday! But, I did take a bunch of self portraits the morning of my birthday…I tried to be cute and sassy. Most of them are really funny, but I did take a couple of ones that are okay! I was going to do a page about my 34 favorite things at 34. Hopefully, I will complete this page before I turn 35!!

  • find mine here:


    and I am totally doing a layout. What a great idea!

  • What a great idea! My birthday is August 21st and I will be 48, so I better start my list now! I will make it my goal to complete the list before my birthday, and do my layout as a gift to myself! I will let you know how it turns out! Have a super day!

  • Fun idea. Thanks.

    I’ll be 35 (yikes) in February, so I have a bit of time to complete my list:

    1. Knock down CC debt by at least half.

    2. Plan a fabulous trip for my birthday.

    3. Plan and execute an over-the-top romantic night for my sweetie.

    4. Drink four glasses of water per day

    5. Eat at least some fruits and veggies

    6. Shop at the farmer’s market until they close for winter.

    7. Eat more fresh corn on the cob. Bliss.

    8. Work through digital scrapbooking book.

    9. Read Anna Karenina

    10. Read 1984

    11. Stay up to date on my 2007 scrapbook.

    12. Paint livingroom.

    13. Paint downstairs bathroom.

    14. Build drain/dry river with found materials.

    15. Build a waterfall in yard.

    16. Take a class at LSS.

    17. Call my grandmother monthly.

    18. Start christmas cards in September.

    19. Take each of my boys on a date.

    20. Frame and hang my enlargements.

    21. Stay off meds.

    22. Buy a puppy.

    23. Clean and organize the basement.

    24. Create art most days.

    25. Kiss my hubby more.

    26. Walk at least five days a week.

    27. Spend on what matters and skip the rest.

    28. Rekindle my faith in the Lord.

    29. Send notes of encouragement to other HS moms.

    30. Play more Fluxx with kids.

    31. Find a new band to love.

    32. Update my blog at least three times a week.

    33. Publish another article (or two).

    34. Laugh more.

  • What a wonderful page! I LOVE the big 24. Who/what makes those big numbers? Thanks for inspiring me. I think I will have to come up with 22 before my 23rd birthday in november. Thanks again!


  • hmmm… i’ll be 29 in December, so pretty much the only thing on my list would be to get pregnant and start my family ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My personal goals before being 25 (in october too!! ):

    1.loose some weight (but not too much)

    2.find a new job

    3.Make more real scrapbooking

    4.Cook better

    5.Try to have photography lessons

    6.Smile even more!

    7.Go back to swimming pool for sport…

    8.Eat more fruits

    9.Write more letters and less e-mails to my friends!

    10.organize myself a bit more

    11.Re-start roller blading

    12.sew more! (I love quilting)

    13.read a few more of stephen king books

    14.Learn to say no!

    15.Get a tatoo

    16.visit more museums

    17.go more often to Basel city

    18.Make lots of pictures to scrap!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    19.Visit my man’s aunt more often

    20.Talk more

    21.get better in digital scrapbooking

    22.Taking time for me only

    23.scrapbook with more Love, Elsie supplies (hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    24.Taking lots more pictures of my Thรฉo!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    that’s it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ohhh, i’m almost 36 end of september…

    * make my home a real home

    (get our key from our new home yesterday)

    * enjoy my life more

    * create my own scrapbook style

    * would be to get pregnant…?

    * stay happy!!!

  • Yikes! That would mean 37 goals before December 2nd! How about a list of 5 (to make it brief):

    * pay off all the scrapbook stuff I charged to my cc this year! : )

    * spend more time with my little guy (five years old) who’s starting 1/2 day Kinderg this year

    * visit my horse who is on lease to an instructor about an hour away

    * finish up two more M.B.A. classes – only 3 years to go!

    * paint the dairy barn (if anyone has cute ideas for an old, wooden barn, let me know!)

  • My personal goals before my 25th, September 4th

    1. Start a scrapbook.

    2. Inquire into going back to school.

    3. Organize all my drawers and cabinets.

    4. Take my kids to Chuck E Cheese.

    Thanks for challenging me to THINK about my true life goals!!

  • oh this is like the life list of ellen degeneres which I love! I made one, or at least I started one but didn’t come up with enough. Due to illness, I can’t do all that I want unfortunately but I am sure I will get better! That’s my main goal at the moments and believe me, that’s hard work just doing that 1 thing! But I will think of a list I actually CAN accomplish!

    thnx girlie!


  • I’m just about to turn 24 and this is the perfect *all about me* page that I have been looking for. Thanks!

  • awesome challenge!! love what you did with it, too! hmmm…my b-day is in october…better get busy!! lol!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fab idea. Haven’t got a blog but have done a layout and taken some photos. Its my birthday next week so I’ve done a layout for my next birthday. Didn’t know how to attach them here so have emailed them.

  • My 25 goals before i become 26

    1. Search a house

    2 Visit my friends more

    3. Take time to scrap

    4. Enjoy the little things

    5. Clean more

    6. Eat more healty food

    7. Laugh more

    8. Make fresh pasta

    9. Learn how to stich

    10. Help my pupils with their choses

    11. Buy frames

    12. Frame the prints i bought on etsy

    13. Make an album about our trip to NY

    14. Begin a blog

    15. Visit fleamarkets more often

    16. Organize my notes

    17. Give more kisses and hugs to my boyfriend

    18. Read more

    19. Subscribe to a scrapbookmagazine

    20. Enjoy time alone

    21. Motivate my boyfriend to follow his dream

    22. Take a lot of pictures

    23. Travel

    24. Buy and read the last Harry Potter

    25. Enjoy being 25

    Hope I can achieve all my goals!!! Love the blog party!

  • I’ll make my list short to make it easier. LOVE THIS IDEA – Cant wait to make the page when I get off work

    10 things to do before I turn 50.

    1) Marry David Bowie (Sorry Iman)

    2) Create a blog that I dont have to write about myself in because no one would believe it.(isn’t that called a website?)

    3) Send my husband a weekly email love letter – (he will faint)

    4) Reorganize priorities – get rid of dead weight and negative forces

    5) Spend more time with Dad remembering Mom and write down his stories about their life together.

    6) Make a weekly date with my doggies that involve a car ride.

    7) Finish making anything. (the living room curtains would be a good start)

    8) Fill an I-pod. (Dam I’m old!)

    9)Buy an I-Pod

    10) Try to tell a different person each day that I care about them.


    Never again weigh more than my age + 100 Lbs.

    Play in a sand box

    Train myself to be a pet owner

    Love my cat more

    Tell my dughter that I am married (don’t ask)

  • Well..I just had my 29th b-day, so I have a whole year to perfect these!!!!!

    1. Lose 10 pounds

    2. Have a baby

    3. Be a better wife

    4. Finish my wedding scrapbook

    5. Finish decorating my house

    6. Move back to Utah

    7. Learn how to cook and let my poor hubby rest.

    8. Spend less money on shoes

    9. Quit swearing and using bad words

    10. Be happy with what I have and with what I am.

    Love you!!!

  • Ok, here goes! I’ll list now but I will definately do a lo on this, great idea!

    1. Have a totally clean, organized house (at least for a day!)

    2. Get a job/design team member position for what I love.. scrappin and altering!

    3. Enter @ least one scrapbooking contest/challenge each month!

    4. Use up some of the supplies I already have ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. Love my 3 kids every single day and tell them how much!

  • O my gosh I love this!!! What a fabulous idea.. Ill be 30 in a month so I think Ill have to do the 30 things I want to do before I Turn 31! What a great challenge!

  • finished my page! haha-i’m waiting for my friend to come over so i decided to do this now rather than later!)http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/myportfolio.php

  • Turning 32 later this month…and thinking that its a great idea for me to set goals for next year.

    1. up the yoga to 2x/wk, more happpiness = good.

    2. work on disseration each week!

    3. be less slug-like. Go out on my own, once a week.

    4. write the other goals!

    Thanks for inspiring,



  • I have a birthday in less than a month!! This would be perfect for me! I am turning 37 (OMGOSH)! maybe I should do my favorite age instead of my real age!!

  • Well, here comes my “to do” list…

    1. Be a better wife & mother

    2. Be a better friend

    3. Become a more adventurous scrapbooker

    4. Become a better cook for my family

    5. Become a better house cleaner

    6. Learn to manage time better

    7. Learn to say NO, it’s OK

    8. Try to take more pictures of my 2 girls

    9. Lose about 10-15 pounds

    10. Learn to decorate cakes

    11. Appreciate my life, it’s better than the alternative

  • Thanks Elsie! You are so darn cute!!! Some things I wan/ WIIL to do before my 35th bday next July:

    1. Learn to change a spare tire

    2. Renew our wedding vows in Hawaii for our 10th Anniversary!

    3. Actually sew on a scrapbook LO

    4. Make a scrapbook of my dad’s old photos from when he served in the military

    5. Read more to my kids

  • This last year I have watched a friend struggle with colon cancer that has spread to the liver. As I have thought about her, my goals have slowly changed. I am not as goal/list oriented as I have been…..

    But, I do have goals…

    as an new school year starts I want to spend each day gently encouraging each student to achieve their goals and taking the time to get to know each of them.

    I want to make healthy choices for eating and how I spend my time. I plan to make all the necessary doctors appointments and keep those appointments no matter how scarey they are.

    I want to look for an opportunity each day to thank God for his goodness to me by doing something kind for someone I know. This is my greatest goal… I don’t want to end a day without doing this one. Pinky swear!

  • Elsie

    It’s been interesting to see your changes in life interpreted onto your scrap pages. Your work is beautiful! Keep Dreaming!

  • what a cool challenge! i will have to work on that one. thanks for sharing these cool ideas today! this has been extremely cool. you are very talented! happy hump day!!Lena

  • what a cool challenge! i will have to work on that one. thanks for sharing these cool ideas today! this has been extremely cool. you are very talented! happy hump day!!Lena

  • Great challenge!! Since I am in my “40’s” I may need to break this down into component parts or my brain will hurt from creating such a large list ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks Elsie!!! this really had me thinking about the things that are important to me…. 29 things that i want to do before i am 30! 1. Visit Costa Rica again, love that place! 2. Try to learn how to relax… 3. Try not to take things too seriously 4. control my temper 5. Win HOF Or Memory Maker’s Masters contest 6. I’d love to come out with my own scrapbook of ideas! 7. Take my grandmother to Ireland, she really wants to go 8. get pregnant 9. find something that my husband and i can do together and to enjoy together besides the obvious! 10. Go to the movies more often 11. Start reading more 12. Redo my scraproom 13. Redo the bathroom 14. Paint the living room 15. Remove the carpet and put in hard wood floors 16. Put new tile down in the basement 17. Get new furnisher for the living room and bedroom 18. I want wall to wall shelves 19. Create something special for my hubby 20. Visit my grand-fathers grave, i haven’t been there since he passed away 3 yrs ago… it’s still hard for me to get over his loss. 21. Learn how to cook!! I hate it, but need to learn! 22. Make enough money so i do not have to work much. 23. Maybe go back to school to be a massage therapist? 24. Learn how to garden… i know the basics… i think. 25. Be famous and well known in the scrapbook world! ๐Ÿ™‚ 26. Start excercising more. (spelled wrong i know) 27. Get better at photography 28. Spend more time with my sisters (i need to do this, they are getting so big!) 29. learn to enjoy life to its fullest and don’t take things for granted… do the things that i want!

  • Whew! That was tough. My kids aren’t cooperating with nap time today, so I haven’t gotten to scrap. But, I made a list on my blog. Check it here:


    Thanks for the inspiration! I will have to turn this into a layout later on! :0)

  • I love this idea! I have 46 things to accomplish in 6 months… better put some little things in too… which is good… gotta go!

  • Goals: to create a layout outlining my “to-do” list bEfORe my next birthday (in 13 days!)…and shop for some new supplies to do it!

  • I am well past 25 and my birthday is next week so here is what I hope to do over the next year:

    1) lose 70 lbs

    2) organize my closet

    3) clean out the garage

    4) clean my office (get the junk out!)

    5) learn to use Photoshop

    6) walk more especially on the beach

    7) take my kids on more adventures

    8) take lots of photos

    9) organize my photos

    10) enjoy lifes little things

  • completed 34 years in this July month. I have great plans for this new year, but necessary to program more, to have schedules for new things!

    Already I go to initiate this in second with a course!

    Family is everything also at this moment.

    The friends.

    Above of everything, to give to greater attention the God!

    Kisses, Tati from Brazil

  • will work on layout tonight after work…but here are some of the things on my “Things to do while I’m 40” list

    -plant some flowers

    -take a photography class

    -run/walk all the rock n roll events in 2008

    -get a motorcyle helmet so I can ride w/hubby

  • My layout = http://a65.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/65/l_b358ac0fa084d16c83c8bcd9f955d908.jpg

    You’ve got no chance of reading that so here’s what I put ๐Ÿ™‚ It started off with the usual lose weight but actually made me do some serious soul searching so I thank you for that !!!

    1. Lose Weight which leads to …

    2. Stop using my treadmill as a clothes airer!

    3. Have one evening per month with only my husband for company – the boys can go to their nans

    4. Get my finances sorted – start saving!

    5. Grow in confidence

    6. Learn to use my camera properly

    7. Put myself first once in a while

    8. Buy a recipe book…..and use it!

    9. BLOG!!!

    10. Go to the doctors when I’m ill

    11. Speak my mind

    12. Take more photo’s of me!

    13. Dance!!

    14. Cry when I need to!!

    15. Ride the new bike that I bought a month ago!!

    16. Loosen up!!

    17. Try new things

    18. Stop wearing so much black!!!

    19. Walk barefoot in the sand

    20. Eat breakfast!

    21. Do more altered art

    22. Buy fresh flowers for my home once a week

    23. Submit a layout to a magazine

    24. Get in touch with absent friends

    25. Go for a new funky hairstyle

    26. Attempt to conquer my fear of flying

    27. Experiment more with make-up

    28. Visit a fairground

    29. Meet some of my online friends

    30. Try a layout in 6 x12 size

    31. Subscribe to a scrapbooking magazine

    32. See more of my brothers

    33. Try not to worry so much about my boys

    34. Do more doodling on my layouts

    35. Buy Elsie’s new book!!!

    36. Organise my craft area

    37. Use my stash before I buy more <-- OK the last one is never going to happen!!!! No Fair Elsie.....you're way younger than me ... and that was a struggle lol!!! Here's the link to my layout....sorry about the poor quality of the scan ๐Ÿ™ http://a65.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/65/l_b358ac0fa084d16c83c8bcd9f955d908.jpg

  • thanks for reminding me that I’, older next month LOL. This challenge is something I’ve thought of doing for a while now. No time like the present.

    Sue – Australia

  • well my 35th bday is a ways off…may….so i will be realistic.

    1. lose at least 15 more pounds but hopefully more

    2. to do a sb album of my dad (he passed away in 2004)

    3. to try to go vegetarian

    4. to reconnect w/ old friends who’ve i’ve lost touch w/.

    5. to love my family everyday cause they are the best thing in my life

    6. to love my puppies more each day & get them either a new puppy or kitten

    7. to go to a club & dance…at least once!

    8. to heal my soul some.

    9. to take photography classes

    10. to go to australia…and who knows where else.

  • Elsie, can I be you when I grow up? Oh wait, I’m 4 years older than you. Let’s just never grow up, k? I’ll be 28 next Sat., so I’m not sure how much I will accomplish by then. How about…

    1. Clean my kitchen (really clean it, not just do the dishes)

    2. Go swimming with my daughter

    3. Research mechanical cameras

    4. Have a lot of freakin’ fun at my early birthday party this weekend!!!

  • my goals thru april:

    1. go to australia

    2. make at least 1 card a month

    3. lose 10 pounds

    4. unpack my scrap room

    5. take cake decorating class

    6. take cooking classes

    7. take photography classes

    that should be enough. these will be hard enough to obtain. LOL.


  • what a fun thing to do, I’m in. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just have to think of 27 things to do. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • I LOVE this idea so much! I’m 24 too so it’s totally perfect. I just turned 24 on June 24th so I have a whole year to chase my dreams. thanks for the idea of recording them!

  • Working on my layout. Having a hard time selecting the perfect list. Combining your product with Sandylion ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey, I noticed one of the things on your list was to watch Frida. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie!! You need to watch it!

  • Let me just say Elsie I’m old and crusty, it would take forever to list everything. I’ll be 40 in March. But…. I would like to redefine who I am, what makes me tick, what do I want out of life and whose preventing me from getting it. I’ve lost sight of who I am, between raising kids a divorce a new marriage, I’ve totally lost sight of me. I’m going to think about my 39 things, thanks for the therapy, and it was so cheap.

    Love ya girl.


  • Hi Elsie, Thanks so much for this fun challenge. I really had a great time with it and I think it is a layout I will cherish forever.

    Here is the link to my layout…


    P.S. I cheated. I am 26, but my birthday is next month and I didn’t think I could get 26 things done in one month, so I did my layout early for next year! haha

  • Cool challenge… just celebrated my 3x bday, so i have a whole year to do this!! my to do’s before i turn 3x+1… i so wish i can say 24/25, but here goes:

    – scrap more

    – attend more scrap crops

    – take better pix to scrap

    – see the pattern here ๐Ÿ™‚

    – be more organized

  • I don’t think I’ve ever made a layout so quickly…


    The text (it’s hard to read):

    twenty four things to do before I turn 25

    1. Strenghten my relationship with God

    2. Be a good wife to my husband-to-be

    3. Be a better graphic designer

    4. Settle into my new home

    5. Visit the West Coast

    6. Feel completely comfortable in my body

    7. Learn how to REALLY organize

    8. Be a better communicator

    9. Pay off my credit card debt

    10. Reduce, reuse, recycle

    11. Try new recipies

    12. Spend less money

    13. Clear out clutter

    14. Be more kind

    15. Slow down

    16. Enhance my creativity

    17. Learn how to knit

    18. Tell my parents I love them more

    19. Be a stronger woman

    20. Go back to NYC with Bo

    21. Buy a scooter

    22. Be a better photographer

    23. Scrapbook more

    24. Consume less

  • I have been wanting to get a blog for quite a while, this challenge inspired me to go ahead and get one. My first post ever has my 25 things before my 26th birthday!!! I hope to finish my layout and post it there tomorrow as well. I still have to customize my blog, I have lots to learn ๐Ÿ™‚ So without further ado, here is my blog http://www.rebeccasworld.typepad.com

    Rebecca ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great challenge! I never thought I could come up with 40 but I did. I even had some extras. They are on my blog along with the LO:



  • Well here’s my COLORFUL layout…thanks for inspiring me Elsie! I even put “pinky swear” on my layout so I’d remember our promise! LOL!

    Hope you enjoy it – I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge…you made me think, you made me create and you made me promise! WOW! Now that’s a lot in one day!


  • Hi Elsie!

    Well… I would post in my blog, but my blog does not let me log in on my computer…. unless I leave a comment on someone else’s blog or go on my brother’s computer, and can’t get to either one. So I’ll write it here, I had this goal for a while too…

    Before I turn 26:

    1. get a teaching position!

    That’s is my main goal right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I will be posting mine at 6 pm pacific time tomorrow…I hope I’m not too late! I/m really excited about this one! I have it all planned out so I just need to pick the pics up from the printers tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hej elsie

    I have no blog, so I’ll just post my goals right here.

    things to do before I turn 26 in january:

    1. intensify my relationship with god

    2. loose weight

    3. get my stomach-issues under control

    4. be a better friend

    5. meet some Swedish scrapbooking-people

    6. decide on a “hanging” relationship

    7. improve my Swedish

    8. take at least 1 picture a day

    9. move more and become active!

    10. BE creative (not just “THINK creatively”)

    11. look for inspiration at flea markets

    12. paint my wall…

    love your blog!!


  • Well I took your challenge. I was just going to write a list and post it but I decided to go out on a limb and make a page. I have dabbled in scrapbooking (cards and such) but have never made an actual “page”. I sew instead. But I guess you really inspired me. So I made my list into a scrapbook page.


    So Iguess this is my first “official” page. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for inspiring! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • OK this sounds like fun!

    but my goals would have to be 24 thing before I turn 45:)

    I actually decided to learn to scuba dive this year so as part of my 20th anniversary gift to my husband (he has been diving for almost 30 years) I took an into class in Jamaica and then completed my certification when we returned home. Of course i had to scrap this!

    I will try to link the layout. The photos fo the layouts are not so good but you get the idea.http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/pg.asp?gallery=1&cmd=display&layout_id=1210642


  • Finished and uploaded my LO with my 26 things to do before I turn 27. Gawd that sounds so old. In my brain I’m still 16, rubbish how time makes you have to grow up eh. lol

    I put things on there that I have to get through from now until then (like having to have a thyroidectomy – not nice) as well as nice things I want to do (like learn to knit from my grandma).

    My layout is here,


    Thanks for the challenge twas fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • My list will have 38 things and I like this idea and really want to put some thought into it. One things I have already accomplished…I am a Great Mommy to one very special little girl. =)

    Thanks for making me dig deep.

  • 1. Be more creative. I’m in accounting, and if you are too creative, you go to jail. ha ha

    2. Take more time to scrapbook. I’m awesome at buying product, but I get nervous about using it. I’m afraid my layout’s won’t turn out cute. I need to be more fearless and stop hording the product.

    3. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and lose 20 pounds.

    4. Plan a fun birthday trip to NYC for my mom. She went there in high school, and always talks about how amazing it was. I’ve never been there. We’re best friends, so I think it would be an awesome trip together. Plus this year is her 60th birthday. It would be great to surprise her on this special birthday.

    5. Make an art wall in my bedroom with framed pics of all of my favorite artists.

    6. Send more surprise packages to my friends who live far away. I love to get mail, and I like to send things even more. I know it’s like a little hug sent across the miles.

    7. Learn to take better pictures. I’m so inspired by flicker and blogs. My pictures really need to be taken up a level.

    8. Plan a fabulous Christmas party for my friends at work.

    9. Spend more time laughing with the people I love.

    10. Try to find some local friends that share my enthusiasm for scrapbooking and art.

  • Oh, and I want to learn how to solder, so I can make my own Christmas ornaments this year as gifts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is a great challenge. I keep thinging of more things!!!

  • well, this is a little hard considering my birthday is Sept 1st! so i have very little time to make these all happen!!!

    but here goes nothing! (and yes i pinky swear, these are legit!)

    22 things before i turn 23 (sorry i dont have blog)

    1)know all the names of incoming students (frosh) who are coming to the school I work at, BEFORE they arrive!

    2) eat at least $20 dollars of the $40 worth of blueberries i picked

    3) read (and watch all the Harry Potter books and movies

    4) Put away at least another $50 torward by third grand canyon trip!

    5) Spend at least one full day scrapbooking with my best friend.

    6) dye my hair two colors (red and blonde)

    7) make more people cowboy cookies

    8) find a place with good mexican hot chocolate.

    9) tell my mom i love her, at least ten times.

    10) pray daily.

    11) send friends happy-day presents (gifts for no reason)

    12) make a blueberry pie (never before attempted!)

    13)learn to use my new camera well for my job (yearbook editor)

    14) JOYFULLY help my friends move into their home on my birthday!

    15) finish reading John

    16) learn to love nailpolish

    17) scrapbook this list! (lol)

    18) re-do my ‘Eucharist’ painting

    19) daily remind my husband that i am grateful for his hard work

    20) make a chicken on the bbq (again, never done before)

    21) call my sister in Taiwan so that she doesnt have to pay the phone bill for calling me.

    22) stay awake in Chapel

  • 10 things to do before I turn 30!!

    1. read the Bible daily

    2. scrapbook more

    3. learn to accept that our office is moving, even though I don’t like it!

    4. pay off my car – one more payment!!

    5. pray more

    6. find curtains to cover my closet

    7. find inspiration to eat better and exercise

    8. pay off some credit cards

    9. visit my friend’s scrapbook store

    10. be more productive at work

    That’s a lot before Dec. 23!! Thanks Elsie.

  • Here is my list.

    32 things to do before I turn 33

    1. Take pictures of my family.

    2. Take our son to Disneyland

    3. Have sushi.

    4. Get a Red Velvet Kit!

    5. Wear more dresses

    6. Go to the park with my husband and son.

    7. Start an exercise routine.

    8. Have a date night with my husband.

    9. Play all day with my son

    10. Donate money to my favorite charity

    11. Spend more time with my parents

    12. Clean my scrap table.

    13. Buy gifts for my new niece and nephew.

    14. Take a vacation.

    15. Go to San Diego.

    16. Buy a new car.

    17. Start a college fund for my son.

    18. Book a trip to Hawaii.

    19. Scrap about me.

    20. Get a new camera.

    21. Get thoses shoes I’ve been eyeing.

    22. Watch Sweet Home Alabama.

    23. Bake chocholate chip cookies.

    24. Wear more dresses.

    25. Clean my closet.

    26. Call my cousin.

    27. Eat at the new Indian restaurant in town

    28. Spend time with my brothers.

    29. Go swimming

    30. Plant some flowers.

    31. Go running.

    32. Take my friend out for her birthday.

    Hopefully do these things before my birthday in December.

  • Here’s mine:

    1.Drink more water

    2.Meet my niece for the first time

    3.Be kinder

    4.Take Tikanii for 2 walks a day instead of just one

    5.Go through my makeup draw and toss anything older then 10 yrs ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    6.Find a worthwhile charity to volunteer with regularly

    7.Loose 20 lbs

    8.Clean and organize my scraproom

    9.Enter at least 6 scrapping competitions

    10.Paddle the Beaton with my girlfriends again

    11.Weed my garden

    12.Paint the bathroom cupboards

    13.Be able to do 25 pushups

    14.Read the latest Harry Potter

    15.Get new running shoes

    16.Drink less coffee

    17.Compost directly into the garden

    18.Buy new matching towels for my upstairs bathroom

    19.Find a new favourite recipe in Rachel Rayes 30 minute cookbook

    20.Buy 2 new bra’s

    21.Climb more hills (my butt needs the workout)

    22.Grow my nails

    23.Paint my nails

    24.Clean out my freezer

    25.Buy a chunky necklace that goes with lots

    26.Find a stain remover that really gets coffee spots out of white shirts

    27.Buy a new bike helmet

    28.Make some interesting wall art for my living room

    28.Get my albums organized

    29.Make birthday cards for an entire year

    30.Make curtains for the kids’ fort

    31.Send out more RAKs

    32.Figure out how Skype works so I can chat with my Australian friends

    33.Write instead of email every now and than

    34.Hug my husband more

    35.Cook for the street people at least once a month

    36.Praise my children more

    37.Bake a pie for my husband (he loves homemade, I don’t bake)

    38.Surprise my BF with coffee at work

    39.Buy a garbage can with a motion sensor lid

    40.Find myself in Tim Hortons drive thru less often

    41.Make morning lattes instead of brewed coffee

    42.Get a Roomba

    43.Listen to Fly Lady better

    44.Brush Tikanii at least once a week

  • Fantastic idea; although I do wish I was twenty, so my list could be shorter. Perhaps I could base it on my maturity level rather than actual birth year. OK…I pinky swear to do all to the best of my ability. Here is my list for 42 (gulp) things to do before I turn 43 (how can that be???) in April.

    1. Say no more often and not feel guilty about it.

    2. Remove scrapbook supplies from seat of exercise bike.

    3. Ride said bike between 15 – 30 minutes per day at least three times a week.

    4. Scrapbook at least an hour per day.

    5. Scraplift less and rediscover creativity.

    6. Move craft and scrapbook supplies to new room and create a crafting room.

    7. Yippee – craft supplies are out of bedroom. Re-do bedroom.

    8. New room? I need a new floor. Install cork floor.

    9. Well, might as well install the closet system I always wanted.

    10. During the work week – eat lunch out less often. Pack a lunch.

    11. Stock up with healthy food at work. Get rid of that treat drawer.

    12. Dress better for work.

    13. Be more patient.

    14. Say thank you more often.

    15. Help more with housework.

    16. I am borrowing this from another listing and adding to it: Take one photo per day that does not contain my usual subjects. Sorry kids! I still love you.

    17. Make a scrapbook for me to keep – not just ones to give away.

    18. Meet with Cindy to scrap more often.

    19. Send Dave a treat box once a month at college.

    20. Don’t leave Jacky out – send him a treat box, too.

    21. Stain deck.

    22. Sign up for aqua aerobics classes.

    23. Take more classes at The Studio.

    24. Spend more time alone with Jacob.

    25. Laugh more.

    26. Do one new activity each month.

    27. Watch less TV.

    28. Read at least one book per month.

    29. Aim anger at the correct thing or person. Don’t make an innocent person pay for it.

    30. Compliment at least one person per day.

    31. Take the time to write an email or letter thanking someone when I’ve received exceptional service.

    32. Do more fun things with Nick, Jake and Emily.

    33. Finally, try to make a mosaic instead of just reading books on how to make one.

    34. Paint my shed a vibrant-make-the-neighbors-wonder color.

    35. Set up a automatic transfer from my checking to savings, so I can save more money.

    36. Remove basement carpeting.

    37. Get rid of rubber stamps in bins in garage.

    38. Have newly popped up age spots removed.

    39. Use sun screen more often.

    40. Buy a wide-brimmed hat for gardening.

    41. Re-landscape strip garden, so my neighbor can see something prettier.

    42. Do my best to complete this listing. All are do-able.

    This was fun – despite having to admit to being 42. :o)

  • 25 things to do before i turn 26!

    1. Start yoga

    2. Build my girls’ bunkbeds

    3. Train my puppy

    4. Visit my great grandmother

    5. Go to church

    6. Decorate a dollhouse for Arly

    7. Visit in-laws in Farmer

    8. Color my hair brown and cut bangs

    9. Lotion my body ;o)

    10. Start scrappin business

    11. Drink more water

    12. Have a girls weekend (slumber party!)

    13. Teach Arly to tie her shoes

    14. Teach Alyn shapes and colors

    15. Pick up my “piles”

    16. Spend a whole weekend alone with Joel

    17. Scrap an album for Caesar McSqueezer

    18. Ride on ferris wheel with my girls

    19. Go the the Army museum

    20. Decorate my girls’ room

    21. Finish one bathroom

    22. Be honest with everyone

    23. Got to more movies and make out with Joel ;o)

    24. Exercise more and lose 10 lbs

    25. Make someone laugh everyday!!!

    thanks elsie for bringing out the creative side of me. and my friends too – we’re making it a challenge for all of us! thanks!

  • 30 things to do before i turn 31!

    1. get my scrapbook business off the ground

    2. find inner peace within myself

    3. not take everything to heart

    4. be the best mom I can be

    5. spend more time reading to my kids.

    6. scrapbook at least 3 times a week

    7. spend more time alone with my husband

    8. learn to control my own mood

    9. go to church every Sunday

    10. lose 15 lbs

    11. tell my family everytime I talk to them that I love them

    12. love like there is no such thing as a broken heart

    13. stop going on shopping sprees

    14. get up earlier

    15. walk at least a mile a day

    16. lower my cholesterol

    17. clean out all my closets

    18. drink more water

    19. catch up with old friends

    20. make someone whose sad smile everyday

    21. teach Ethan to say mama

    22. call my dad once a week

    23.try not to fight with Shaun over money

    24. move into a bigger house

    25. keep my house picked up

    26. spend a weekend away with Karley by ourselves

    27. start trying for another baby

    28. keep my credit cards paid off

    29. learn it’s ok to dream, without them we have nothing

    30. Laugh every day

  • Hey Elsie,

    here is my list of 18 things. I’ll turn 19 in Jan. Don’t have time to scrapbook them yet, but I will! Thanks for the challenge!


    1. grow closer to the Lord

    2. Get Drivers License

    3. do weight lifting more regularly

    4. spend more time with Susanna

    5. finish decorating room

    6. learn French

    7. print my digital pages

    8. get website up & running

    9. spend less time on the computer

    10.commit to memorize more scripture

    11. spend more time outdoors

    12. learn to cook decently

    13. get more harp clients

    14. improve my photography skills

    15. buy a photo printer

    16. master my recital harp song

    17. buy Ali Edwards new book

    18. read some books

    19. spend more time enjoying what I have

  • well before my trip to Bermuda in October I would like to:

    1. land a decent full time job

    2. buy some Bermuda shorts

    3. finish my cousin’s pre-wedding video montage (my ticket to Bermuda for the wedding)

    4. exercise every day

    5. make sure those new shorts are a size 12

    6. play with my cat more often (he’s getting tubby too!)

    7. learn tons of stuff in digital design class

    8. find me a nice guy (hopefully one that has a snowmobile)

    9. tell everybody I love them

    10. make those birthday cards

    11. scrap more often!

  • VERY cool challenge….def won’t have time to make a LO tonight but I will make my list and scrap it asap!

    21 things to do before I turn 22

    #1 Brush up on my Calculus skills

    #2 Learn to cook some Chinese food from my Chinese Grandpa

    #3 Participate in some sort of fundraiser for Autism Awareness

    #4 Run a 5k

    #5 Send my friends cards and packages during the year while they are at school to let them know i <3 them

    #6 Finish The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky

    #7 Contact some friends I have been out of touch with

    #8 Drive home to see my little brother (senior in HS....not so little!) play a football game or two

    #9 Graduate college in the winter

    #10 Do an amazing job student teaching

    #11 Do some chemistry experiments. For fun.

    #12 Finish scrapbooking that huge pile of pictures I have been putting off. Forever.

    #13 Spend more time with grandpa!

    #14 Buy a big globe

    #15 Plan a sweet roadtrip

    #16 Loose 10 lbs.

    #17 Remember to always send out thank you notes

    #18 Go to church every Sunday

    #19 Tutor kids at the hospital near school

    #20 Cut back on the sugar free red bull

    #21 Cook dinner for my friends in my apt

    #22 Tell everyone I love that I love them

  • Hi Elsie,

    I don’t have a blog so here’s my list. 42 things to do before turning 43 at february 24th in 2008:

    1 Loose weight (the best thing would be 20kg)

    2 Have photography lessons

    3 Smile more

    4 Eat more fruits

    5 Learn to say no and donโ€™t feel guilty about it

    6 Be less emotional

    7 Watch less television

    8 Worry less

    9 Go to church and grow closer to the Lord

    10 Enjoy little things

    11 Scrap more

    12 Travel

    13 Take pictures of my family.

    14 Learn how to use Adobe photoshop

    15 Start a Blog

    16 Listen more, talk less

    17 Be more spontaneous

    18 Be honest

    19 Start an exercise routine (walk every day for an hour)

    20 Go to the beach with my husband and son

    21 Get to know how to use my new camera

    22 Take pictures of nature and things around the house

    23 Go out with my husband for a date

    24 Play more with my son

    25 Reorganize my scrapbookroom

    26 Use all my scrapbook stuff, not only buy it

    27 Scrap about me

    28 Scrap our family history

    29 Clean my house and tidy up every day so it looks great all the time

    30 Clean out all my closets

    31 Spend time in the garden to keep it tidy, now itโ€™s full of weeds

    32 Read more

    33 Spend time with family / friends and visit my grandmother more

    34 Make a special meal (new recipe) each week

    35 Scrap this list

    36 Have more fun at work or find an other job

    37 Learn Spanish

    38 Live my dreams

    39 Donโ€™t sit waiting for things to happen, but do something

    40 Dress better, not only when I have a special day but all the time

    41 Be kinder and say thank you more often

    42 Be more patient

    Love the list idea, hope to live accordingly. Plan to scrap it but it will be to late for your challenge.

    I loved you’re blog party.

  • Here’s my page : http://lescrapdezab.over-blog.com/article-11757638.html

    My first one in english just for your challenge !

    Here’s the list of my 31 things (not in order of priority) :

    forgive my mother

    open my scrap store

    have a second child

    read “The Universe in a Nutshell”

    see “The Scream” by Edvard Munch

    go to Vegas

    see the Grand Canyon

    go back to Liverpool

    buy a house

    win the lottery

    lose 40 pounds

    swim weekly again

    go to the CHA Convention

    know the end of “Lost”

    get better in sewing

    take better pictures

    change car

    see the Taj Mahal

    find THE hairdo that fits me

    make-up everyday


    have a scraproom

    stop smoking

    have a balanced diet

    be less protective with my daughter

    take more care of myself

    change glasses

    read “The Little Prince” again and again

    go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

    get better at scrapbooking

    make people happy

    Thanks for this great idea and TFL !


  • Okay. Just turned 25 a couple weeks ago! So, I guess I’ll have to do a “25 things to do before I turn 26” page instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • can’t tell you how fun it has been to see all that my humble little list has inpired…!

    p.s. nice meeting you here on the internets, miss elsie. xoxo

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this great idea ! It was a pleasure to create a layout for this challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  • Got me totally inspired and I will make a mini book with the theme “26 things to do before I turn 26”!

    Already posted the cover of the album today at flickr! Would be honored if you would take a look at it.. just got started a little while ago to scrapbook actively and I love love love your work!!!


    die anne

  • This was such a fun layout! I turn 24 on the 18th of this month, so its was great to think about what I’d like to accomplish this year.

  • This is my first challenge so I hope I have done it right girls! I’m not sure how I am meant to show you all my page yet! Soooo ummm how about I post it to my blog and you can see it there???

    [email protected]

    I also posted it on SIS, I’m ScrapDiva xox

  • I challenge myself to be a better wife, mother and friend. I need to keep “trying” to run, make time for myself and my hobbies, but most of all to enjoy the life I have.

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