chamomile… day & night. :)

the other night miss rachel heard i wasn’t feeling well and brought me some chamomile tea and gummy worms…

Picture 6
Sour Gummi Worms 2
what kind of a combination is that?
a perfect one.


well, i’m feeling better & now that our update is up i am spending a couple days working on new designs and catching up (finally gonna make some tattoo designs. yay!). i’m actually wanting to get started on my tattoos again too… maybe this month?


here are a few pretties for your eyes today:
a pretty new print we have.
this crazy adorable dinosaur applique! i love her so much.
and this closet is SO beautiful. oh my goodness. in love.
tonight i am stitching a new vintage purse (for myself) that sort of resembles this bag i stitched last year…
it’s Orla inspired…. this time i am stitching with yarn. i loved that bag SO much, but the strap broke (like 3 times) so i’m making a new one. 🙂 feeling happy to do something of the ‘just for fun’ variety this evening! i need these kinds of projects to keep the hobby aspect of my work alive… it’s so important!
Oh… and if you haven’t done this yet:
it’s quite fun. 😀
Picture 8
i made myself smoking AND drinking coffee! ha!
(no, i don’t really smoke… i just think i am hilarious.)
i made jeremy one too!
Picture 9
well, i’m off to make toast and stitch for fun…. LOVELOVE. elsie

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