New Love,Elsie Products at C.H.A.

I had such a great day today! It is always so much fun to share the new collections for the first time. My new collections are called Cody, Claire and Forrest (my fave). 

Oh… and I almost forgot! Photos of my new book…

xoxo. elsie

  • ok. love love love love the Daisy collection. i can already picture making an album of my sweet little Olive with that stuff. is the paw print paper the fabric one???

    you must tell. when will the store have it?


  • I am soooooo excited about the new book too Elsie , cant wait to get it !!!!!!! Love the new ranges , Forrest is my favourite .

    Anita x

  • Wow! Nothing but happiness, laughter and smiles come from your designs. I love the Daisy AND the Forrest lines. Can’t wait to get them. And I’m looking forward to that new book, too. Congratulations Elsie!

  • Wow, they are all soooo awesome. My preference is defnitely Forrest, all the way.

    May seems so long away, I can hardly wait to get your recipe box! Feeling very inspired….

  • Wow Elsie they all look fab but Forrest is definately my favourite . I cant wait for the book either !

    Anita x

  • I love all of them. I love Claire because I have 2 DD’s to scrap but I also love Forrest and Cody for my DS. Awesome new lines:)

  • I can see doing great layouts with all these lines. I love the colors and themes for Cody and Claire. Daisy is such a fun and playful line. I think Forrest is unique.

    Can’t wait to see your new book.

    Hope you have a great CHA. I love your booth, thanks for sharing. Jess

  • I can see doing great layouts with all these lines. I love the colors and themes for Cody and Claire. Daisy is such a fun and playful line. I think Forrest is unique.

    Can’t wait to see your new book.

    Hope you have a great CHA. I love your booth, thanks for sharing. Jess

  • OMG OMG OMG I have been so hoping you would do a sweet puppy range! Yay!! I loooove Daisy 🙂


    Congrats on your new lines and your Fantastic new book/recipe/box!! When will the new lines and the new “book” be hitting Australian shores??

    You look so happy in your pics with your man – good for you girl I wish nothing but happiness and light and love to you for 2008!


  • Wow your stand at CHA looks fantastic. Cant wait for it all to arrive in Australia.


  • I told you today at the show but I have to say it again.. one of my favorite things I’ve seen at the show so far is your Daisy collection! I AM SO IN LOVE!!!!I can not wait to get it!

  • It all looks so great. I want it all. The booth looks fab and I can’t wait to see it in person. See you Tuesday at CHA!!!! Your booth is top on my list. I can’t wait to meet you in person! You know…I ordered up all the great weather we’re having here in So. Cal.just for CHA. Can you believe it was pouring here a week or so ago? Enjoy the beautiful weather and all the fun CHA brings for you.

  • SOOOOOO excited for Forrest…treeplanter here also taking a degree in Environmental Science. Now I have AN ENTIRE LINE of product that goes with my treeplanting and outdoorsey pictures. Wicked, awesome, rad, WOW way to go Elsie.

    Love your new stuff.

    PS esp. the woodgrain letter stamps…when do they ship?

  • OMG – dog stuff AND hiking stuff??? I’ve been waiting for someone to make *cool* hiking & camping products, thank you so much!

  • WOW, i looove all the new lines, SO AWESOME!! I would have to say my favs are forrest and claire, but I want them all! Great job elsie!! Hope youre having fun at CHA!

  • I love your booth. Everything looks delicious and cody & forest are just yum.

    What an original idea for your book…can’t wait to check it out.


  • Hi Elsie

    I must say although I am very excited about Cody I am most excited about your recipe box…a great concept for a book!!! congratulations on another range of products and I hope that 2008 continues to bring you a great deal of well deserved success!


  • I loooove the way your booth looks! So sparkling! My favorite line is Claire, although I like them all! Can’t wait for those to arrive in stores. And the book…SIGH! I want one!

  • Forrest is my number one favorite, but all is lovely!!! The hiking stuff is excellent I think. Love your style and use of color! Looking forward to picking ut some of your stuff at the store;o) Thanks for making such greate products!

  • love it! such yum and delish stuff you made again! Soooo curious about the “book”! can’t wait to get my itching hands on that one!

    have a blast!


  • love the new stuff its fun, especially the dog stuff……….are cats next elsie? hehe.

    my fave part is that super cute photo of silje on ur fridge, damn that girls awesome!!


  • Claire is THE collection I have been waiting for… forever! It’s perfect.. the colour combo is perfect for my little miss…I can see soo many pages already! Yay You Elsie! Awesome!

  • Congrats on the new collections 🙂 They’re all fabulous!! I think I like the Claire collection is my fave… Oh, and the yummy recipe box. Man I’ve got to get me one 🙂

  • i am so excited it is a toss up between claire and forrest but i really want it all. another great range well done elsie you are truly inspiring!

  • WOWOE love it Els!!!! Especially the forrest line is super and the things you made with it 😀 xoxo eef

  • Oh MY! If I had to pick one I would say Claire, but I love elements from ALL of them- great job elsie 🙂 ps- where is the kitty stuff? maybe the next collection? hint hint :)I bet you would make a beautiful kitty collection!

  • i am totally in love with the daisy line. I haven’t worked with pictures of my puppy in a while and he woud look great surrounded by daisy

  • IT’S INCREDIBLE!!! your new stuffs are so cool! i love Daisy! can’t wait to buy all papers and other goodies for my Puppy’s scrap-pages! and i love Forrest too! i love his color! i love country life!

    your RECIPE BOOK is amazing!



    Eleonora from Italy

  • I love the daisy line the best. My dog is the best dog in the world and she would look great in those colors. I love the recipe box collection , too.

  • LOVE the Cody line! We’re real sports fans in this house! And the recipe book looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it IRL at my LSS! Great idea!!!! Hope you’re having a good time at CHA!!!!

  • Loving Claire (a given-it’s pink, green AND ELSIE!) and Daisy!! And I don’t even have a DOG!! Great new lines, Elsie! Have a BALL at CHA!!

  • I am drooling over the Forrest line. I NEED those stamps asap. Ok, I don’t need them but dang I WANT them so bad!

  • wow! the new collections are FABULOUS! so excited to see sports included as i’m working on my sister’s high school album & she is big into sports. also stoked about the puppies! and the acorns are too cute. nice work (as usual!!!)

  • I love the daisy line. We just had to put our puppy to sleep and I think the daisy line is perfect for my album about her. I love all your stuff though. Keep up the great work!!


  • I love, love, love the Daisy line! I have a pup and I’m always on the look out for dog only SB stuff. I can’t wait to hear more about the recipe box. I’m a sucker for recipes.

  • omg I love Claire, Daisy and Forest! I can’t wait till it is in the stores and I can’t wait till the book is published! Have you ever thought of doing book signings in Chicago?

    I think I will have to buy the whole Daisy line for my puggy!

    and *whine* I can’t wait till this dang test is over so that I can SCRAP! *very frustrated right now about that fact!*

  • Looooove Elsie! I like Daisy and Forrest the best, I think! 🙂 Have fun at the show and take lots of pictures (but I know you will anyway!) 🙂

  • i love it all, Claire is one of my favs, but i like them ALL. super excited about the recipe box. you are one talented girl! congrats elsie! :O)

  • Thank you for sharing! I LOVE the Forest line. We have a family camp,and we are very outdoorsy people. This line is perfect for scrapping those pics!!

    The Cody line is super awesome too. Love the colors for scapping my little boy.

  • WOW! What great collections!! i am most excited about Daisy and then Claire. I scrapbook my dog a lot. My husband is always joking that she is the love of my life. There’s not a lot of sure dog stuff out there, so thanks for bringing us something.

    Good luck at the show!


  • Claire is my fav. Girly girl all the way baby! Thanks for sharing with us cause I know you had to be tired last night!

  • Claire is the best EVER.

    Love, love, love …

    The colors … the design …

    I just can’t wait to scrap it rsrs

  • I love them all, particulary the receipe box, miam miam….I have many dogs so is is funny the collection for them!!!! MARVELOUS ELSIE…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I love them all, particulary the receipe box, miam miam….I have many dogs so is is funny the collection for them!!!! MARVELOUS ELSIE…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I love them all, but I’m most excited to work with Daisy. I’ve been looking for new dog paper.

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like so much fun. Wish I was there to see in person. Hopefully next year!

  • They’re all so cute! I like Claire the best. What a great setup you have at CHA, cute cute as always. Hope you’re havin a great time.

  • Love that Claire…Girly girl all the way. Thanks for posting, we know you had to be tired last night!

  • OH!!! i love them all i cant chose just one! i guess it would be the book!!! oh boy! so much inspiration! I *love, Love* the forrest, too!! the owls! so adorable! the boy line is Q~tee!!

    love it all! can’rt wait!

    thanks for sharing



  • Els, again.. another adorable booth!!! I just love them all… love Claire and Daisy!!! Forest is awesome too! Gosh! and your new book!!! xoxo

  • As a mom of two boys, I am in love with both the Cody and Forest lines. I sure hope to see your products in stores close by…soon! Keep up the great work!

  • Claire and Daisy are tied for most awesomest Elsie line ever for me 🙂 I can’t wait for this stuff to ship!!!

  • WOW it’s really awesome!! My favorite is Claire… really girly like in lovely colors 🙂 I hope it all arrives quickly in Holland! Thanks for all the HAPPY inspiration 😉


  • Totally love Cody because I have a boy in sports and need some cool stuff for him. Love forrest too because fall is my fav. time of year and also I do a lot of camping with my daughter for girlscouts so it will be great for that. Everything looks great! Can’t wait to get my hands on some new stuff 🙂

  • WOW! I am so excited. I already have a few of your products. I can not wait to get my hands on Forest stamps and the basketball chipboard album!!! :]]]]]]

  • Hi Elsie,

    I SOOOOOOOOO love the Claire line…and Forrest is FAB as well…all of my fave colors! I also cannot WAIT to get my hands on your recipe box…TOTALLY cool concept. LOVE IT! Have a great show!

  • I’m excited about everything!! And that new book…. MMmmmm… can’t wait!! 🙂

  • I love the Forrest colection. It will go perfect with all the camping trips we are planning this summer.

  • Okay…I LOVE Claire, Cody and Daisy. Oh and your new book makes me giddy. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Thanks for posting Elsie. Have a great one!

  • I’m loving Cody and Forrest. I have three teenage boys. Those two lines are fun, funky and masculine — great for pages about them.

  • Oh my!!! I love all the new kits, but Claire is my fave!!! I met you at CHA in July. SO FUN!! I could not make it this time. 🙁

    I’m so glad you posted for all to see!!!

  • I am so happy you did a doggy line!! I have several dogs and I am always scrapping them! Your Daisy line is too cute!

  • Having a fair mix of girls and boys, I love the Daisy and Cody lines!! I really can’t wait to get my hands on The Recipe Box!!! Your booth looks adorable!

  • GAH. Cody is super cute. I have two little boys so this looks perfect for them and again Forrest is super! I WANT TO BUY THEM NOW!

  • I think I like the Forrest the best. I love the rich colors and could use it for many things other than just camping. Travel, Christmas, outdoor activities.

    Thanks for posting.

  • It is all really adorable. Living in MT…I love the Forrest line. That will go with lots of my photos…but I will be getting a bit of each release. They are all so CUTE!!!

    ~Lea L.

  • LOve, Love Forrest! The little tree stamps makes me want to fly to anaheaim tonight, break into the convention center and grab it.. but thats ludicrous isn’t it?

  • All I can say is WOW! Your booth rocks and all of the new collections are awesome!! SO wish I was at CHA;)

  • Oh Oh Oh….I love the Daisy line – it will be perfect for my little Biscuit!!! And the Claire line will be perfect for my three small, medium and big biscuits (my girls!)! And the Forrest line will be perfect for the time we spend out doors in the woods…which is a LOT! Oh, Elsie…I kept wondering how you would ever “TOP” what you had already done…it was so perfect! And now you have just added to its greatness! YAY! I can’t wait to get it…ALL!

  • Oh my goodness! I am soooooo lovin’ Daisy and Forest! Can’t wait to get my hands on these! I think I may have to get a dog just so I have an excuse to use Daisy! lol.

  • Well…I have two boys…so I have to say that Cody is my fave! Diggin’ the colors and the sports theme!

  • Claire and Forest are my favorites. Plus I’m looking forward to the book. All of your product looks so cheerful.

  • The Daisy collection is so cute, but can you come up with a kitty cat version for the next go around. I’d love to see you take on a cats world!

  • The Daisy collection is so cute, but can you come up with a kitty cat version for the next go around. I’d love to see you take on a cats world!

  • CODY!!!! I have been waiting for years for a collection like this. Boyish and young without loooking babyish. Perfect for scrapping pics of my 10 year old football hero and aspiring lacrosse player. Can’t wait to get my gluey little fingers on them.

  • The question is really not “what collection i am looking forward to” it’s more “which one i want first”.

    LOVE the new collections… That puppy is to die for.

    Thanks for the peeks.

  • OMG…I want it all!!!! Well, of course I HAVE to have all of Claire, because I have two little chickadees and one is named Claire : ) Geez, but who could resist that sweet little owl and acorn and campfire and, and, and…another hit Elsie!!!!! Congrats!

  • Well I absolutely adore DAISY (we just got a new puppy) but I also love CLAIRE as we have a couple of little ‘misses’ in our house. Love the colours of FORREST – oh ok – I love them all!!


  • OOOOoh! I just love everything about it!!! Wish it wasn´t so far away from Sweden….. I´m allready longing for all that nice stuff to arrive to a scrapbook-store here in Sweden!!!!

    I love your blogg, Elise!! 🙂

  • I love them all but I am SO EXCITED about Cody. I have a son who loves sports and can never find cool sports stuff. I love this line!!! Thank you, thank you!!

  • Wow, what great new lines you have coming out! Im in trouble. Today I went to a scrapbook store and picked up a bunch of yourstuff, I must get busy:) I think my favorite is, well a toss up between “Claire” and “Forrest” Of course their all spectacular!!!!

  • Loving Claire & Cody and I must get my hands on that Recipe Book!!! Maybe I need to get a dog so I can use the cute doggie stuff too. lol

  • i’m totally in love with the forest collection, and love the girly too ! I think i’ll use this too. The 2 other are so cool, too, but we don’t have puppy, and we would like to have a kitty ! lol ! But i love this colletion by the way !!!

    love the boy too !!!

    you did such a great job, thank for all the inspo and for this beauties !!!!!

    Hope you’re having a laught time in CHA, and would like to be there… someday, maybe… why not !?!



  • OH my! elsie these are magic. just beautiful. im stoked. i cant wait till my scrapbooking kit supplier carries them. is amazing but i might not be able to wait haha. thanks for posting!!!!!!!!

  • All I can say is Wow, Wow and some more Wow! I love it all, but especially Claire… to scrap my 7 year old “drama queen.” Have fun!

    Michele Stevenson

  • Claire is my favourite! Really like Daisy too 🙂 And the booth is looking suer cute again and so do you! Great pages from everyone 🙂 Can’t wait to do some of my own with the new stuff! Have fun sweetie xxx

  • I know I am going to love Claire and Forrest!!! They both look scrummy!

    Annie B

  • Love, love, love the new lines!! I cannot wait to get ahold of some of these! I can’t even pick just one!

  • just too hard a decision Elsie! I just have to have all of it – Claire for my spunky 2yr old daughter, Cody for my feisty/sporty 5yr old son; Daisy for my furry friends and Forrest for everything and anything – and perhaps it all mixed together! Love it – great work!!

    ps – love the kitchen!

  • I am most looking forward to the “Forest” line. I love the colors and I am very into the tree motif. I also have the Recioe box on preorder at my LSS. Great job as usual.

  • Okay so I never post comments on your blog, seriously like never, but I have to say that I am stoked about the Daisy and Forrest line. There have been no new puppy designs and camping lines are practically obsolete, so thanks for creating these fab lines!

  • Where do I start. I love the Claire line and forest Line. I have all the pictures ready to go for those paper lines. Can’t wait to get my hands on all that Love, Elsie goodness. I also can’t wait for my Recipe Book too.

    Have fun…

  • I’m loving Forrest. Living in the great Pacific Northwest nature is in my blood and this collection will be so great to scrap all of my hiking and camping photos with. But of course I can’t wait to play with all of them 🙂

  • Ooooo la la. Look at all the goodies. I’m wishing I had a boy to do one of those sports minis. I so want the pet line and the girlish line. And that recipe box makes me think I’ll be cooking up lots of stuff soon.


    My favourite would have to be forrest…but I LUUUUrrrvvee Claire.

    I so want cat papers….I love the puppy ones though….i have doggy pics i need to scrap.

    ANd your book…need i say more..have already pre ordered it months ago can’t wait to get it


    Kayla Renee. x

  • Oh how I wish I could come and meet you!! Your booth looks great. Can’t wait for the recipe book.

  • I love love love the Claire line! So gorgeous! I can hardly wait to buy the recipe box as well! So beautiful!

  • I’ve gotta say that the recipe box is by far my most looked forward to!!! I cannot wait!

  • I am soooo jealous that you have such amazing shows in the states. Just to see your booth in real life would make my knees go weak with excitement.

    I can’t choose a favorite but really love the look of your new book so I can’t wait till it makes it to the shores of Australia.

    Thanks for being so inspiring with your creations!!

  • oooh, they’re all so yummy! can’t wait to have them all – especially “claire” – your book, too!

  • your booth looked great and the lines were fantastic! i MUST HAVE the baseball album from the cody line…my ds plays ball all year and i have never seen such a great album!

  • Well I*LOVE* all of them, every last thing but I am soooooooooo grabbing ALL of the Forest line. I wish it was tomorrow that I was able to get purchase it.

  • Hi Elsie, glad you’re having fun.

    These are the things that stand out to me.

    In the claire:

    mostly the chartreuse with the periwinkle/blueberry and pink combo.

    FoRrEst and dAIsY are A-okay.

  • I really love it all, it’s just so cute and inspiring. (: I was just wondering how I can buy some of the stuff, I live in Norway and I have only manage to find some of Love Elsie in shops here. I especially would like to buy that lovely book. (:

  • OMG! They are all beautiful! My personal favorite is the Claire line. But they’re all so sweet. And that booth. Wow! 😮

    I’m so sorry that I can’t be there.

  • The entire collection is so much fun and your display is probably the happiest one there. Congratulations!

  • omgosh! i want all of it! haha there fab i cant wait to buy them and have play!

    have a good week,

    charlie xhugsx

  • I absolutely LOVE Claire!! Oh, and Daisy too…now I have to go out and get a dog just to use that product. Will you be coming out with a cat one too? (just me hoping!)

  • Hi Elsie!

    Forrest is definately my favorite of the new releases! Also love the Cody, sporty stuff!

    Have fun!

  • Oh My God!! this is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

    I wish I could be there, Elsie!

    It’s so colorful and inspiring to look at your creations!! =)

    oh, and yes, I think that I’m so excited as you about your new book! I want my own 😉


  • It looks awesome!! I really want the recipe idea box! The paper lines look AWESOME and the stamps – SWEET!

  • W-O-W !!!

    can’t wait to have ALL of it

    thanks for sharing it

    Stephanie Quebec city, Canada

  • I am so excited about Forrest! I spend my summers, springs, and falls in the woods and on the water, so I can’t wait to use those products in my journals! 🙂 Thanks for making something whimsical to reflect my approach in the woods!


  • I love the camping and sports stuff. When when when can we get our hands on this stuff???

  • Saw you at the show, the booth looked great and of course the new lines are fabulous! I truly think my favorite is forrest… it’s about time we had a freakin’ awesome outdoors kit out there, love it!!

  • oh yeah, because i could totally pick one!

    very funny! 😉

    i can’t even explain how excited i am for your new book!

    counting down the days=]

  • Love it all, but I have to say I DIG the Daisy line! So nice to have a hip dog paper! My favorite may be the recipe card book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • I love your DAISY line!! 🙂

    Sooo cool!

    now gotta have a dog,

    to have some good pictures

    to scrapbook

    with this fabulous line!! 😉

  • Oh, I’m so excited about the new Daisy line. there is never enough cute puppy lines out there and this one is THE BEST by far!!! thank you Elsie!

  • I HAVE to get me some Claire and Forrest…just love these two new lines. love your booth and love you!!!

  • I cannot wait for Daisy… there is never enough scrapbook supplies for my pooch..

    I also love Claire especially those bow flowers in the pics above..


  • Did I see an OWL stamp in the Forrest collection? Aww… and the tree… I can’t wait – this is perfection !!! Hells-yeah… Els – you are the coolest chick ¥

  • I am SO excited about the Daisy line! I just adore my puppies and love that you have come up with this! Can’t wait to buy it all! Plus, the recipe idea box, that is incredible. Great work! You are so inspiring and i just love your refreshing ideas and look of it all.

  • I love everything you do, so I want them all! The colors are fabulous, but I must have Daisy for my pugs 🙂

  • So can’t wait to get the new sets. Esp claire and daisy. i got a new puppy this year (female jrt) and was looking for some cool new dog stuff. and my 7 year old will love the girly stuff. great goodies……..Springfield girls Rock!! have a great v-day!! hope to here from you soon!!

  • Very excited for Claire! I love girly stuff! Also for Cody, (I have a boyfriend who plays baseball!). You’ve done it again Elsie! Way to go!

  • It was a thrill to meet you at CHA. Only wish I had my camera with at that time. Thanks for your inspiration. Each and every new line is super cool!

  • LOVE the Daisy line! Cannot wait to use it with pics of my doggie.

    When will it be available in stores?

  • Oh my! Can I just say that the “Daisy” line has me way too excited?!! It’s FANTASTIC! I cannot wait to get my hands on this line! I love our dog so much, and I cannot wait to create pages with her adorable face accented with the Daisy products! I’m most impressed with the soft charms! I cannot wait until I find them and can buy them!

    P.S. My girls are totally in love with your products. They recently were so inspired with your Zoe soft charms, that they EACH created a plaque with your charm as inspiration! If you get a chance, PLEASE take a look!

    They are almost 12 and 10, and these plaques are just amazing (if I do say so myself). Thanks for inspiring all of us in this house!!

  • Are you serious?? You want us to PICK a line that we are most excited about??!! Sorry, can’t do it…won’t do it.. no favorites. I love them all!!! Thank you for being a great inspo!

  • It’s all pretty spectacular but I would have to say FORREST rocks! I live in the foothills of NorthEast Cal so it’s very appealing! FAB art you got goin on!

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