Cheese Puffs

Cheese puff appetizer recipe Little Paris KitchenAny dish with the word "cheese" in the name will grab my attention. Macaroni and Cheese. Cheese Ravioli. Cheesy Bread. Cheesy Fries. And the list could go on. So I was excited to try this recipe for Cheese Puffs (also called Gougeres, it's French) from Rachel Khoo's book, The Little Paris Kitchen. And I was not disappointed.Little Paris Kitchen cookbook rocks!I was recently sent a copy of Rachel's book. It was funny because I immediately loved the book, it's got amazing looking recipes and it's full of beautiful photos (a must for cookbooks if you ask me). I was excited to show Elsie who was on a weekend trip with Jeremy. When she got home she said she had bought a cookbook she wanted to show me and it was the same one! So now we have a two copies. 🙂Cheese puff recipeGougeres, from The Little Paris Cookbook

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk
7 teaspoons butter
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
a pinch of chile powder
1 1/3 cup bread flour
2/3 cup grated semi-hard cheese (I used Parmesan)
2 tablespoons chopped herbs (I used oregano)
4 eggs

In a pot combine the water, milk, butter, salt, sugar and chile powder. Cook over high heat until the butter has melted. Turn the heat down to low and stir in the flour. This will turn to dough quickly so don't be afraid to really stir! Add 2/3 of the cheese and fresh herbs. Continue stirring until the the paste/dough is smooth (the cheese is going to kind of melt into the dough and that's good!).French cheese puffsRemove the pot from the heat and allow the mixture to cool. Now stir in the eggs, one at a time. The dough will get lumpy but keep stirring and it will smooth out (thankful Rachel Khoo mentioned this in her instructions otherwise I probably would have panicked). 🙂 Now fill a large pastry bag (or zip lock bag in a pinch) with the batter.

Pipe the cheese puffs onto a prepared baking sheet. Sprinkle with remaining cheese, and if you want, sprinkle on sesame seeds, poppy seeds or any other small seeds or spices you have on hand. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes or until the bottoms begin to get golden brown.Easy homemade appetizer ideasPerfect appetizer ideasThese were eaten up at the office within about 10 minutes after I finished snapping a few photos. Big hit! These would make perfect little appetizers for your next party or dinner you host. xo. Emma

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  • These are definitely going on my “to cook” list and that cookbook is hopping on the “to buy” one

  • I LOVE Rachel’s book! Have you seen the TV mini-series? Heaven. x

  • I’m so trying this tonight! These look amazing and my partner is hooked on cheese, so I bet he’ll enjoy them too! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • They look really good…sadly my sis doesnt eat cheese too lazy to make it just for myself
    Cammi @

  • are they supposed to be soft inside? I was expecting puff pastry type consistency. taste very good though.

  • I. LOVE. CHEESE. Luckily I’m from Holland where it’s cheese gallore! 🙂
    Def gonna try this one! xx

  • Got to try these. I am currently cooking my way through the cookbook “The Last Course” by Claudia Fleming. It’s all about desserts; then putting the recipes on my bog. Got to take a break and try the cheese puffs.

  • omg i’m a such a sucker for cheese. as soon as i saw the title i had to click into! I’m definitely going to try this as soon as i can start baking again. looks so yum!


  • Cheese always gets my full attention too! Haha. I’ve actually been eying this book for a while now… Looks like I’m about to cave! These looks amazing!

  • Yummy !!

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • YUMMY !!
    New outfit post:
    Kisses from Paris

  • Oooooh I love Paris SO much (and miss it!), so I’m sure I will adore this cookbook! Thanks for the recc!

    Stephanie May*

  • Haha your sister and you are like realy soulmates,always like the same things!:) Love that,as well as your cheese obsession,as I am a sucker for cheese too!


  • These look and sound AMAZING. Dough-y cheese-y perfection!

  • These look amaaaaazing! I can’t eat most cheeses, but Parmesan is one of them! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! These little guys are so cute!
    My mom and sis and I use to watch Rachel Khoo’s show on youtube before she came to the cooking channel, and I think she’s got to be one of my favorite cooks… she just makes me laugh… and so do you Emma! You are a really good writer, & cook! 🙂

  • These are definitely going on my “to cook” list and that cookbook is hopping on the “to buy” one 😉

  • You had me at “cheese”! Just pinned, I will definitely be making these sometime!


    Kristina does the Internets

  • Yum, these look so good (& easy) that its really tempting me to buy the book! Thanks for sharing Emma.

  • ohhhh, these look so yummy. And the cookbook sounds like its great too! Have a great day!

  • Ooh yummy, I think I’ll make these as a snack for school!

  • I’m a little sceptical about those four eggs but the rest of the recipe sounds very good!

  • I have that book, it’s wonderful! They look so tasty :).

    Rachael xx.

  • These look great! I love the Little Paris Kitchen show on the cooking network as well. She’s so adorable and makes wonderful food.

  • I love finger foods, I love bite-sized things and I love cheese and bread so basically: I’m sold. These sound amazing!! And they’re so cute.

  • I’ve totally got to make these!

    xo Jennifer

  • Hi ladies,

    I was thinking that maybe you should try making them again? They don’t look like gougeres at all… they’re so smooth and a bit flat? The picture in the book looks right, so I’m wondering if it’s a problem with the recipe or maybe if you did something different.

  • sooo good!

  • I’m so trying that the next time I’m having friends for dinner, it looks so delicious.

  • If you get a chance to check out her show do (it was a BBC show aired in the UK so not sure it it will be aired state side), she is lovely and very endearing with some lovely vintage clothes!

  • Wow..Looks great…I will try soon.

  • I love Rachel Khoo! I made this recipe a couple of months ago and they’re delicious! Hope you have a lovely day!

  • These look so yummy! My husband lived in France for 2 years so he would love these!


  • Hahaha that is so cute you both bought the same book! Once on a plane ride I bought a Dwell magazine because my husband and I love them and when I got home, he had bought the same one.

    These look amazing!

  • D’après la photo, je dirais que vos gougères manquent peut-être un tout petit peu de cuisson. Ou peut-être faut-il davantage de dorure. A moins que ce ne soit la différence entre les ingrédients français et ceux des Etats-Unis / I think the gougères could have stayed a little longer in the oven. Unless you forgot to put some yolk or milk on them so that they could be “browner”. Maybe it’s because it is a French recipe made with American ingredients.
    Please excuse my English, je suis une lectrice de France… et j’adore votre blog !

  • I absolutely LOVE her show!!! I had to buy her cookbook one I found out about it. I’ve picked out a few recipes to try. This one looks yummy! ♥

  • I love Rachel Khoo, her show is so cute and I always wish I was living her life! I think I may definitely need to buy this book! 🙂

  • Okay, I’m seriously going to have to consider buying this cookbook! I keep hearing really good things about it, and I’ve seen a few episodes of her show and loved it.

  • Oh couldn’t live without cheese! These seam to be perfect for Easter Brunch table. 🙂

  • I have such a huge girl crush and food crush on Rachel Khoo! Just before I went out, i was looking through her website and looking up recipes. Then i get back, turn on my computer, go to ABM, and here she is!
    Things like that happen to me quite a lot with your site!

  • I am so like you!! I went to the supermarket this morning. Needed some banana to eat before the gym and some orange juice. Unfortunately had to pass by the cheese section to get to the juices and they were having a big 3for2 promotion on cheese…. Luckily I’ve just had had my breakfast. Poor us what are we going to do!?


  • You always come up with lovely recipes…

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  • Looks yummy and easy. Perfect for small celebrations, I will doo it. Have a nice day.

  • Ouu these look delicious and the recipe appears surprisingly simple. Will definitely be given cheese puffs a whirl!

  • Nice that you blog about it today, on the 1 year anniversary of its release 😀

  • Emma, here in Brazil we have a tipical food similar to that. It´s called pão de queijo (something like bread of cheese):)

    Here´s the recipe in english (don´t know if it´s easy to find tapioca flour there hehee).

    Great to eat hot with butter, cottage cheese,ham… Even with sweets like jelly, doce de leite and goiabada (don´t know the translation heeh…)


  • So cute! I’m going to try. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. <3

  • I’m dying to get that cook book! It’s on my ‘must get’ list a d these cheesy bites look so yummy!

    Lulu xx

  • I love this cook book and I was wanting to try this recipe. They looked great. I won her cook book on her blog and she sent me a hand written post card. What a sweetie she is.

    Ps. If you havent seen her tv show, its awesome. Its on the cooking channel.

  • Yummy recipe!I am gonna try this for sure!!! 😉

  • those look scrumptious! ive been doing a lot of cooking and baking myself lately, I may need to give those a try!

  • I just wanted to let you know that i absolutly love your blog..your facebook and follow you on both !! you are an absolutly awsome blogger and you were one of my first inspirations to start blogging

  • Too bad I don’t really like cheese, however they look super tasty!

  • These look so good! I love how they’re in bite-sized pieces!

  • I attempted gougeres once. I love that these are piped and not rolled by hand!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  • Pretty! Both the book (especially the cute little illustrations) and the little cheese puffs are so sweet.

    I am all about cheese. Cheesy pasta, cheesy bread, and cheesy potatoes have been big staples for us this winter. I’d love to try making these puffs with some garlic mixed in or on top.

  • I wish i didn’t love cheese as much as I do! These look amazing!

  • I got this recipe book for Xmas after watching the TV programme and loving it. I especially want to try her breakfast muffins with ham, egg and cheese sauce – yum!

  • Ummm…can’t wait to give these a try. They look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh my goodness! These look delicious, a much better alternative to the unhealthy ones with artificial colors and flavors found at grocery stores! Must try!

    Juliette Laura

  • They look ridiculously good! I love your recipe posts – always keeps me inspired!

  • Such sisters! Buying the same book! 😉 These look amazing!! Yumm

    xx Ashleigh

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