Cherry Pie Potholder DIY

Cherry Pie Potholder DIY (click through for tutorial) Fall can mean lots of things to different people, but in the food world, it especially means baking! Now is the time for the smell of fresh baked pumpkin cookies, breads, and pies to fill your home (and your belly as well!). In honor of baking season, I thought it would be fun to create a cute kitchen helper to aid in your homemade goodies process—a cherry pie oven mitt!

Cherry Pie Potholder DIY (click through for tutorial)
wool felt in tan and red
-fabric scissors
-fabric glue
-sewing machine
round potholder

Cherry Pie Potholder DIY (click through for tutorial)
Use a marker to trace around your potholder on your tan felt. Use your fabric scissors to cut a wavy pie crust pattern just outside of the circle you traced. Pin your wavy circle to another piece of tan felt and cut a slightly bigger wavy circle out of the felt below. Take the smaller wavy circle and cut out the inside about 1″ in from the outside edge to create your pie crust.

Cherry Pie Potholder DIY (click through for tutorial) Cut a circle of red felt that is just big enough to fit under your top pie crust layer and then cut six 1/2″ wide strips to be your pie lattice top. Weave your lattice top pieces over the red circle and use some fabric glue to tack into place. Sew each strip of your lattice top to the red circle and trim any lattice edges that hang over the circle edge. Glue your red pie center to the middle of your larger wavy circle and then glue the smaller pie crust on top. Allow the glue to set, and then sew around the edge closest to the pie filling and the outside wavy edge to secure. Generously glue or hand-tack your pie topper onto the top side of your round oven mitt, and you’re ready to bake! I do have my felt hanging over the sides a bit, but while I’m not too worried about it possibly touching a hot pan for a second or two, you can always make the edges smaller if that concerns you…

Cherry Pie Potholder DIY (click through for tutorial) Cherry Pie Potholder DIY (click through for tutorial) I think cherry pie is one of my favorites, although I’ve also been seen eating cherry pie filling straight out of the can. Sooo it really may be mostly the filling I’m obsessed with! You can make the “filling” of the potholder orange for a pumpkin pie look or dark blue for blueberry—whatever you like! This would also be a great gift for the baker in your family, especially paired with a cute pie pan or a pie recipe book too. Happy baking! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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