• Elsie I love the Home sign and the yum sign by your stove are those mini canvases?? or painted something elses??? just curious I’m totally into whimisical painting right now. YOu explode with positive creativity and inspiration thanks so much for sharing it with us the masses!!!

  • Hi Elsie! If you find the time in the next few months, could you please make an I Love Scrapbooking (like the I love cupcakes/photography) print to sell in your Etsy shop?

    Love the pictures, looks so fun.

  • Love the Pez tree! It is so Elsie!!! I really love your new place! I love places like that!!

  • I love your loft. That’s such a cute rolling pin. Where did you find it? What kind of camera did you end up getting?

  • Hi Elsie,

    I just added a few tunes to your last post but didn’t know if you would go back and check again. Here they are: merry christmas (i don’t want to fight)- the ramones, christmas in hollis – run-dmc, father christmas – kinks, lonely christmas eve (grinch movie)- ben folds, so this is christmas – john lennon, and the phil spector christmas album ( ronettes, crystals, darlene love,…). Happy listening!

  • Hi there Elsie … so love your rain boots …. I have funky little leopard print ones just like yours … I do actually wear mine on the farm …. but they do look cute as funky storage …. perhaps even an umbrella holder … glad you are back to posting regularly.

  • Elsie, I’m contemplating the same treatment for my tree but maybe – horrors! – glittering the bodies of all my dispensers with red, green and silver glitter to add some continuity to the tree… it’s not like I’m ever going to sell them, right? Am I crazy? Stop me before it’s too late. I’m taking a poll on my blog.

  • HI!!! love you Christmas tree, You got a good idea to use candy box, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE you Mushroom clock in the kitchen..is so CUTE!!!!

    by paLLina

  • “Let it snow baby…let it reindeer” by Relient K is a must on your Christmas playlist! I just love it!!!! Have a blessed day!

  • love the polka dot rolling pin! :] oh, and i don’t know if anyone suggested this, but there’s an album called 1940s christmas or something of the sort and it’s filled with old-school class act tunes :] and christmas with the rat pack is always amazing. lalala. okbye!

  • Hi, Elsie! First, I have to tell you what an inspiration you are! Yours is one of the blogs I read regularly (along with Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielski), and I really dig your style and attitude about life. (And I love your funky Christmas tree!). Here’s some more holiday music ideas (even though they may overlap some other posts)…

    The Beach Boys Christmas (my favorite is “Santa’s Beard”)

    Bing Crosby’s Christmas album

    all the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas albums

    Twisted Christmas volumes 1 & 2 (two words: “Chimney Song”!)

    Harry Connick Jr’s Christmas

    any Frank Sinatra Christmas album

    Merry Christmas, Elsie!!!!

  • Love the loft. So cute. Boots are cool. Pez tree is really fun. Looking forward to seeing some artsy photos from your new camera.

  • The rolling pin is totally stinkin cute! Thanks for the directions on doing the Pez ornaments ,, the tree turned out so cute with them.

  • I’ll have to see if my mom can find pictures of the Pez tree I did when I was 16. Dear Lord, that was 20 years ago!

  • hey — i recognize one of those pictures! 🙂 🙂

    we moved the same weekend you did i think…but you look more moved in! i am typing this while paint is drying on my furniture. making myself paint before i put up the tree, but it is tough!


  • hey – i recognize one of those photos! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    we moved the same weekend you did i think but you are way more moved in than we are! i am typing this as i wait for the paint to dry on my chairs, because of course they do not match the new place. but i have promised myself i cannot put up the tree until all the cardboard boxes are GONE! so it’s gotta be done soon.

    enjoy christmas in your new palace girlie. 🙂

  • ha ha. i thought typepad ate my comment for dessert. and then it posted it twice. oh, how i amuse myself.

    {it must be the paint fumes. really. oh well.}

  • Love the pez!!

    I didn’t comment on your other post so I wanted to say that *your boy* looks like a sweetheart! I am so happy for you!!:))

  • I SO want to know where you go that rolling pin! my kitchen is in “Citrusy” colors (green, orange, and yellow) and i WANT one!!!

  • We have a lot of the same pez’es (pez’s?? I have no clue what the plural for pez will be). My boyfriend would have a fit if I tried to hang them on the tree though. Or maybe I should go it while he’s at work… *contemplates*

  • Hi, Elsie!

    Can I just say what an inspiration you are?! I totally love your style and outlook on life….you should write another book! About art, scrapping, creativity…Hey, I’d buy it!

    Ok, here’s some more Christmas tunes ideas for ya…

    *The Beach Boys Christmas album

    *Alvin & the Chipmunks albums

    *Bing Crosby Christmas

    *Harry Connick Jr Christmas

    *Frank Sinatra Christmas

    *Twisted Christmas, Volumes 1 & 2

    There’s just something about old time jazzy Christmas music that just gives you the warm & fuzzies, you know?

    Btw, your new digs look really cool, and I love the Pez Christmas tree! Moving is “fun”, isn’t it? I know; I’m in the midst myself 🙁

    Merry Christmas, Elsie! 🙂

  • Uho, I did the “typepad ate my comment” thing, too! 🙁 oops!!!

    Um, ok, Happy New Year?!

  • cute stuff 🙂 just a note though… those magnents that you are using on your stainless steal fridge may scratch the surface! they did it to mine! eeks!

  • Love the tree! Adorable

    So, what’s your skin care regimen? Your skin is flawless!

  • that has got to be one of the COOLEST christmas trees ever! your home looks so cozy!

  • my husband just bought his two nieces the Disney Princesses set of Pez dispensers. there’s 8 of them in there with different princesses. have you got those up too?

    if not, they’re at Target in the Christmas candy section 🙂

  • Love the tree Elsie! My husband insisted on having PEZ wedding favors and it was the talk of our reception. You just put a big ol’ smile on my face!

  • Love the boots, great idea to put some paper in them, you don’t use them too often!



  • ELSIE! I MUST find out where that rolling came from!!!!!!!!! :] everything is so cute, LOVE all the eye candy, and tree rocks!

  • Hi Elsie, Love your new loft! Cute PEZ tree too! My Blue-Eyed Boyz love it also!

    Oh, ? for u: Is your new camera a Canon 5D? 40D??

    Just wondering! Have fun at The Bellwether. Brave you for going out in the not so nice weather today! 🙂

    Susan from your little part of the world

  • WOW! I loooove-loooove your new camera strap. Emily is such a cool girl too.

    You girls gave me the perfect idea what to give my sis for this X-mas. I’ve just ordered an orange one from Emily.

    Thanks again. 🙂

    You rock girl!

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