Chunky Wooden Bead Statement Necklace

Chunky wood bead necklace diyI’m so glad the statement necklace trend has stuck around, because I’m just now getting the courage to move beyond wearing just a simple pendant necklace. I’ve always eyed beautiful chunky statement necklaces at the store but had never found one that felt like me, so I never actually bought one. But recently at the craft store, these wooden beads called out to me and asked me to make them into a necklace. Who was I to refuse?

Make this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceMaterials:
-12 25mm wooden beads
-12 20mm wooden beads
-6 16mm wooden beads
-24 or more 12mm wooden beads
-wood stain (I ended up using this Minwax Early American stain.)
nylon monofilament
-4 7mm double rings
-2 3-strand end bars
-chain (not shown and not necessary if you use more small beads)
-paper towel, rag, or brush to apply stain

-tiny needle nose pliers


Make this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceStep One: Stain or paint the wood to the color of your choice. I wear gloves for this and use a paper towel to apply the stain in a well-ventilated area. Make sure you let the stained beads air out for a couple of days before wearing the necklace.

Step Two: String the beads onto the nylon monofilament in the pattern shown above. You can add more of the small beads if you want more of the beads showing and less of the silver chain.

Make this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceStep Three: When you’ve strung enough beads for your desired length, tie the monofilament in a knot onto each ring of the 3-strand end bars. Leave about a 2″ overhang of the knotted monofilment to tuck back into the strand of beads.

Step Four: If you aren’t using enough beads to wrap all the way around your neck, you will need to attach a chain to the 3-strand end bars. I used a 7mm double ring to attach the chain and then to attach the toggle clasp to the chain. You can use any kind of clasp you like.

Mandi full sizeMake this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceThis necklace is so simple, but definitely makes a statement! You can easily change up the style with more beads, different sizes of beads, and different colors. It’s a great gift idea too! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection and Pearl from the Fresh Collection.

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