Chunky Wooden Bead Statement Necklace

Chunky wood bead necklace diyI’m so glad the statement necklace trend has stuck around, because I’m just now getting the courage to move beyond wearing just a simple pendant necklace. I’ve always eyed beautiful chunky statement necklaces at the store but had never found one that felt like me, so I never actually bought one. But recently at the craft store, these wooden beads called out to me and asked me to make them into a necklace. Who was I to refuse?

Make this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceMaterials:
-12 25mm wooden beads
-12 20mm wooden beads
-6 16mm wooden beads
-24 or more 12mm wooden beads
-wood stain (I ended up using this Minwax Early American stain.)
nylon monofilament
-4 7mm double rings
-2 3-strand end bars
-chain (not shown and not necessary if you use more small beads)
-paper towel, rag, or brush to apply stain

-tiny needle nose pliers


Make this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceStep One: Stain or paint the wood to the color of your choice. I wear gloves for this and use a paper towel to apply the stain in a well-ventilated area. Make sure you let the stained beads air out for a couple of days before wearing the necklace.

Step Two: String the beads onto the nylon monofilament in the pattern shown above. You can add more of the small beads if you want more of the beads showing and less of the silver chain.

Make this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceStep Three: When you’ve strung enough beads for your desired length, tie the monofilament in a knot onto each ring of the 3-strand end bars. Leave about a 2″ overhang of the knotted monofilment to tuck back into the strand of beads.

Step Four: If you aren’t using enough beads to wrap all the way around your neck, you will need to attach a chain to the 3-strand end bars. I used a 7mm double ring to attach the chain and then to attach the toggle clasp to the chain. You can use any kind of clasp you like.

Mandi full sizeMake this chunky wooden bead statement necklaceThis necklace is so simple, but definitely makes a statement! You can easily change up the style with more beads, different sizes of beads, and different colors. It’s a great gift idea too! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection and Pearl from the Fresh Collection.

  • This is so amazing! I think I may paint the wood, though, because I have to be colorful like that.

  • Beautiful necklace! My girlfriend and I are getting together this weekend to make it. Did you do one or two coats of stain on your wooden beads?

    Thank you kindly,
    Milwaukee, WI

  • Wahhh! Such a great idea! I love to make different necklaces by myself. There is someth exciting in making someth nice out of nothing =) Thank you for sharing!

  • That is a very cool necklace – but I just wanted to say that your hair looks amazing! It’s my dream hair.

  • I love how this is like the more adult version of the necklaces I used to make for my mom. It looks wonderful!

  • Awesome necklace! I love the natural effect, definitely will be trying this myself sometime soon.

  • I’m wearing Revlon’s lipliner in wine (colored all over my lips) and Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Natural in N9. -Mandi

  • If you are worried about cured stain touching your skin, then I would recommend using a different stain, or something like tongue oil. Tongue oil, depending on what kind you get, will not only color the wood, but will seal it too. Or you can spray with a sealant. -Mandi

  • Neckalce=AWESOME
    Even more awesome is that lipstick! Mind sharing what color your lipstick is?

  • That’s really gorgeous, I love how rich and warm the stain makes the wood.
    I’m usually the same about statement necklaces, but this one I think I might have a go at. Thank you!

  • how pretty and its so simple but with a special and natural touch – adorable
    🙂 i loove this …and i think i will make one for myselfe
    thanks for the inspiration

  • Very cute piece and not too difficult to create! I love this!

    – Amanda | The Chic Counsel

  • I hate to be the party pooper, as it does look super awesome and fun to make, but I cant help but be worried about the dangerously chem filled stained wood against skin all day. is this safe to wear against skin?

  • I’m wearing Revlon’s lipliner in wine (colored all over my lips) and Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Natural in N9. It’s funny people have commented on it, because the first picture it was a little worn, so I reapplied the lipstick before taking the other two photos. I felt like maybe it didn’t look so good in the first photo 🙂 -Mandi

  • So cute, and so easy to make! I am starting to love statement necklaces, but I don’t find many that I like, either. This one is super cute!

  • Love this necklace…i don’t wear statement pieces too… but this looks great, the different sized beads make all the difference…


  • SO cute! And earthly!

  • It’s a dress. I love it! I’m actually wearing it right now. I got it here:

  • Thanks! It’s actually a dress. It’s from Toast:

  • So wonderful and natural looking. I’d love to wear something like this to jazz up a bunch of my plain colored shirts that I wear to work on a regular basis.

  • It should be fine if you let the stain cure. The stain should cure after 24 hours, but the scent will still be strong enough that you won’t want to wear it for about a week. If you are very concerned about it, try wiping it on a piece of light colored fabric. I doubt any stain will come off, but if it does, you can sand each stained bead down with 0000 grade steel wool. Or spray a sealant to make it watersafe too. -Mandi

  • Yay, a project that appeals to my natural colors preference!!!! Very pretty!

    What about staining from the finish? I wear lots of white tops and I must be sure they won’t be stained.

  • This is such a great necklace! What a simply DIY! Love it! Thanks for sharing these fun projects!

  • wow!! it’s awesome how you were able to turn it into a wooden color!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  • That looks earthy and wonderful and would be a perfect gift!

    Love from Italia and some good food for the soul:-)


  • Jewelry making seems so much easier than I had anticipated. I love the simplicity of the wood with her look.

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Cool necklace and I’d also like to know where you got your top. It’s beautiful on you.

  • I love it! There’s something so lovely about making your own accessories, and when people compliment them you can smugly say ‘Thanks, I made it myself’ haha. Feeling inspired to get threading some beads now!


  • These are so pretty and chic! What a great project to do with my nieces too and then….give them as xmas gifts to our family members! ugh, love it!!!

  • Oh my goodness! This is just darling and would be a perfect Christmas gift!!

  • such a fun project! we just refinished our floors and i have some extra stain laying around…

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