Clay Kitty Coaster DIY!

Purr-fect! Kitty coaster DIY (click through for tutorial) As you may or may not know, I am the official “cat lady” here at the blog. I’m mostly the designated CL because (a.) I’m the only one around here that actually has cats, and (b.) it’s totally true. My vet recently sent my cat Charlie a birthday card, and instead of thinking, “Cat birthday card? So dumb!” I thought, “There’s obviously been a huge mistake, her birthday isn’t until next month! I’ll save it for her…” Being the only cat person, I’m usually alerted to any adorable cat-related cuteness, and recently Elsie showed me some precious ceramic cat face coasters that I just about died for. One of the cats had a black and white pattern painted on it that made him look just like a cat I had growing up named Jade (the sweetest Tuxedo cat you’d ever meet), and I thought I should recreate the kitty coaster idea and make them look like my personal favorite felines instead (Jade and my current kitties Mac and Charlie). So fun!

Purr-fect! Kitty coaster DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
oven bake clay
-kitty coaster template (right click to download)

-X-Acto and plastic clay knives
-nonstick mat and rolling pin
-acrylic paint
clay sealer

Purr-fect! Kitty coaster DIY (click through for tutorial) 1. Roll out some clay that is at least 5″ X 6″ big and about 1/4″ thick (I use acrylic rulers on either side that are the same height so my clay has an even thickness).

2. Print out the kitty template in the supply list and cut out the middle of the kitty so the outline remains. Use the outline as a template on the clay to trace around the edge with an X-Acto knife or clay knife. Cut the paper circle template on the dotted line and place it on the middle of the clay kitty. Cut out the circle (you can also use a circle cookie cutter here if you have one about the same size).

3. Roll out more clay and cut another kitty face using the paper template, but don’t cut a hole in this one (the kitty with the hole will go on the bottom and help create an indent where your cup can rest).

4. Place the kitty without the cutout on top of the one with the hole, and line up all the edges.

5. Smooth the two edges together with the rounded end of a clay knife (or your fingers) to hide the seam.

6. Place the coaster on a piece of parchment paper so it’s ready for baking. Then use the pad of your pinky finger to press down the middle of the top layer all the way to the edge so it sinks to the bottom and you have a nice round indent where you can set your cup. Bake according to instructions and allow the coaster to completely cool.

Purr-fect! Kitty coaster DIY (click through for tutorial) Now comes the fun part! Use acrylic paints to decorate your kitty face however you like! Give it stripes, spots, sleepy eyes…the sky’s the limit! Allow the paint to dry fully before sealing with a clay sealer, and you’re ready to let your kitty coaster get to work!

Purr-fect! Kitty coaster DIY (click through for tutorial) Purr-fect! Kitty coaster DIY (click through for tutorial) So cute! You can also reverse the two layers and put the one with the hole on top for a crisp edge (like the white kitty) instead of a rounded sloped edge if you’d like. I made the grey coaster with the same process but blended together grey and white clay for a more marbled effect (learn to marble clay here). For a finishing touch, glue some felt or cork circles on the bottom of the coasters so they’ll slide on a table a little more smoothly.

I love having these little faces around every time I get a drink. They are so happy and sweet and remind me of their real life muses who are usually trying to dip their paws into my drink to see what’s inside. I may be imagining it, but all my usual liquids taste a tiny bit better when I’m using these coasters. Makes purrr-fect sense to me! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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