Coffee cups…


…all collected from my studio yesterday. it's been a month that feels like a year. i am focusing on enjoying this time and trying so hard not to get stressed over small things. it's going to be a beautiful year. it already is. i miss you. e

  • Elsie,the excitement in your blog is soooo infectious… glad the build-up is going so well… look after yourself & Mr Larson, Caz x

  • Try not to get stressed and freaked out – although I don’t blame you if you do 🙂 Only two more days to go! My credit card is ready! 😉

  • Hello from Toulouse (France) Elsie !!

    Just wanna thank you and RVA for all the inspiration you all give to me, for all the cuteness you bring into my house !! Love your work !!


  • I’m so excited for you and inspired you are doing something you love and it is paying off! Can’t wait to see the site up so I can start shopping!!

  • OMG ,, just a couple more days to go!!! Woot, woot!!!! Oh ,, and cute cups, too!!

  • Your guest bloggers have been great, and I know the RVA store is going to be beyond amazing! But I was super excited to see the real words of Elsie today! I’m glad you are eeking every bit of enjoyment out of the process! Enjoy the madness! -e

  • We miss you too Elsie, but don’t you worry bout us, we’re just supporting you from a distance and being almost as excited as you are about this already great path you’re walking on now!

  • I wish you all the luck with your shop! If I ever go to America, I’ll come search for your little shop… Enjoy!

  • yay elsie! we miss you too! can’t wait to see photos from the opening and hear how it goes!

  • Two days? Three? Can’t wait to see what goodness you share with us… you are such an inspiration to the world to be positive and colorful and lively! Have a great weekend… Good Luck next week!

  • what about the username and password it’s asking for?
    aaaaa! did i graduate from parkview high for nothing? when is my mom going to move back from KC? how utterly frustrating that your shop is in my hometown and i don’t know if i’ll ever get to see it! it looks so fabulous… aaaaa!
    anyway, congratulatory kisses, hurrah!

  • very sad! 🙁

    I’ve tried to visit your store and it’s now saying I need a user/password? I signed up for the mailing, but rec’d nothing.

    Hope it was a great night for you guys though, maybe tomorrow I’ll get to see it! 😀

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