Coffee Shop Oatmeal to Go!

How to make quick cooking oatmealThis year has been awesome! It's been a really busy year, full of traveling for both work and fun times. 🙂 I've found myself grabbing breakfast at many a coffee shop, or even the airport. I've come to love, what I call "coffee shop oatmeal." It's fast, delicious and super filling.How to make coffee shop oatmealThis also makes a fantastic breakfast for when you need something quick but crave something homemade. This takes minutes to put together and provided that you have a travel mug or bowl, an easy breakfast to take on the go.Oatmeal ingredientsCoffee Shop Oatmeal, makes one serving.

2/3 cup quick cooking oats
1/2 cup mixed nuts (I used pecans, sunflower seeds and chia seeds)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon sugar, brown sugar or honey*
2/3 cup milk

*You can adjust the sweetness level to your liking or cut out the sweetner entirely.How to steam milkCombine all the ingredients, besides milk, in a heat proof mug or small bowl. Steam the milk until piping hot. I did this using the steaming wand of my espresso machine, but you can also easily do this on the stove in a small pot. Whisk the milk as it heats up, incorporting air into the milk so you can get that latte foam. Foam makes this oatmeal seem more like a coffee shop. 🙂 Pour the milk into the oatmeal mixture, give it a stir and allow it to soak and soften for 4-5 minutes.Five minute oatmealFor added flavor you could add fresh berries or dried fruit. Enjoy this along side a cup of coffee and you'll feel like you're ready to take on the day. Or, at least, that's how I feel after oatmeal. 🙂How to make airport oatmealEnjoy this friends! Happy breakfasting. 🙂 xo. Emma

  • I am a regular reader of A Beautiful Mess. Love the content. This post inspired me to make “coffee shop oatmeal”. And it is now part of my daily breakfast. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I am also kick-starting my blog and I have posted about this recipe on my blog. Take a look 🙂

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  • I need this right now!! I’ll try it tomorrow!!
    thanks for share!

  • I absolutely love this. I really like oatmeal, but often don’t think to prepare it for myself. Thanks for the reminder at how lovely it can be!

  • I work in a cafe in the blue mountains, Australia. Today was an exceptionally cold day and so decided to give this a crack at work. OMG it was amazing! Thank you girls for allowing me an extra 30 mins sleep in, because now I will just make my breakfast at work 🙂

  • Emma,
    I was so excited to see this post because I make something similar for breakfast, we call them “oatmeal lattes.”

    1/2 cup of *cooked oatmeal
    1 cup of milk
    1 TBL of maple syrup
    1/4 tsp vanilla extract
    – in a blender and blend for a minute or so.
    –then pour into a cup and microwave until hot and frothy. We then add a shot of espresso to make it a latte 🙂

    Hope you try it out some time!

  • Love this idea! I’m always eating on-the-go. Thanks for sharing, ladies!

  • Mmm…soo trying this! Even if I don’t have to get ur early to go somewhere I will eat this because it looks so good!

  • This sounds AMAZING! I love coffee shop oatmeal – my hubs always makes fun of me because it’s my “go to” breakfast when we’re on the go and he thinks it’s so boring, but it’s SO yummy if you get it just right!

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I just found my go-to breakfast for summer! YAY!

  • Yum! What a great idea! This looks so yummy! I am defiantly going to give this a try tomorrow morning!!

  • So cute, looks like delicious !
    Thank you for all your recipe ! <3



  • Nothing beats drinking a fresh cup of hot coffee in the office first thing in the morning.
    A better way to enjoy this is to have your very own coffee machine installed at your business.

  • That looks super easy and also really great for energy in the morning! I’m unsure if I’m willing to froth milk on my stove top each morning [and subsequently wash the dishes right after] but I’ll definitely give it a try!

    xoxo, Em

  • great shots!love the caravan!

  • Looks delicious! But I totally though you were going to pour coffee into it for a new twist, which I wasn’t so sure about… Glad you kept it traditional 🙂

  • This is so easy and looks delicious, thanks for sharing!

  • That looks so good!

    Ageha ♥

  • Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Lulu xx

  • I’m a huge oatmeal fan, so I will definitely be trying this ASAP! Great post!

  • I love oatmeal! This is such a great morning idea when your on the go!

  • this makes my oatmeal look boring! yummmmm!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  • This looks beyond delicious. Time to start mixing up breakfast!
    x eva

  • Wow, this looks delicious! Will definitely try this. 😉 Thanks for posting!

  • This looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it. Maybe this weekend? Thank you so much for sharing. You rock, Emma.


  • Eeeep! Obsessed! I love love Oatmeal.

    Juliette Laura

  • This looks delicious! I love all of the variations everyone is adding here too. Can’t wait to try!

    xo, Alex

    Vast Aspiration

  • love this idea! this looks delicious and really simple. i didn’t know you can make latte foam on the stove? i’ll definitely have to try that

  • I’ve been having oatmeal so much lately for breakfast that this recipe was just what I needed to shake it up. Thanks! (My version is 1.5 cups boiling 1% milk, 3/4 cup old-fashioned oats, dash of salt, 1 tsp of brown sugar, 1/2 mashed banana, a heckuva lot of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract. I mix it all on the stovetop for 5-8 minutes then serve with crushed walnuts and more sliced fruit. Keeps me full way past lunch if I need to work through the day!)

  • Yummers! I love a quick, healthy and delicious oatmeal any day!

  • yummy! my boyfriend would adore this!
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  • Gotta try this one…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • The recipe looks yummy but I think the photos are too repetitive – sorry love the blog but just noticed it in this post it could have been posted with like one photo from the first two and one from the last two along with the middle photo. ! I love oatmeal with some milled flaxseeds added in for fiber and omega 3! Must try the whisked milk for a fancy weekend breakfast xo Ali

  • This looks great! i’m always so busy, I should stop skipping breakfast this might be the perfect thing to tempt me 🙂

    Natalie @

  • There is something so great about coffee shop oatmeal! So excited to try this at home!

  • That looks so great! I just love coffee and breakfast in general! X

  • Everytime I see a new blogpost from you guys, I just get super happy! And definitely trying this for breakfast tomorrow xx

  • It looks so yummy!
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  • Oatmeal is my most favorite breakfast of all time. These photos are gorgeous!

  • Oh, dear Lord, Emma. You have made my life complete! Thank you SO much for sharing this, I cannot wait to try it tomorrow morning with freshly perked french roast coffee! xoxo Shannon

  • mm looks delicious.

    – Janine

  • Nice! I am so bored of my oatmeal-it’s just plain quick oats. Can’t wait to try this!

  • Yummy! Looks so good.


  • Brilliant! This looks so yummy! Thanks for the recipe. xx

  • Mmmmm.. looks fantastic. Now I wish I had more latte left.

  • I am not a fan of oatmeal, but this sounds pretty good!

  • look delicious!!


  • This is exactly what I had for breakfast every morning at the coffee shop where I used to work- so good! And I love how easy it is to switch up the flavors so you never get sick of it!

  • WOAH this looks awesome!

  • This looks good! Never been a fan of oatmeal, but this might change my opinion about it haha.

    ★ Cookiie

  • OO, looks really good and looks easy and what is perfect.. Quick.

  • mmm it seems yummy, love this kind of recipes.

    <3 Val

  • Looks yummy. I love coffee and I love oatmeal.

    xx Kaisa

  • Que delícia!! Combina com o Frio que está aqui no Brasil!! Beijos

  • This looks yummy. I’ve never been a fan of oatmeal but I’ll definitely give this one a shot!

  • Sounds delicious! We posted something similar a while back, but we’ll definitely have to try your version! Nice spin on something simple.

  • Ah this looks lovely! Will definitely be trying it out.

  • This looks delicious! I must try it one day
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  • Sounds great! I love the cold version of this, I leave the oats to soak in milk overnight and then add fresh berries – very tasty!

  • Love itt. I am so hooked on oatmeal. Must start my day with it or everything is just off kilter.

  • Looks delicious and easy to prepare. I’ll definitely be trying this out,

    Thanks for sharing!

    Chase Miller
    The Smell of Summer – A Boutique Lifestyle Blog

  • I love your quick recipes! I make a version of this all the time. It’s so simple I could bring my ingredients to work and just get steamed milk from the coffee shop, when I pick up my coffee!! Tomorrow is going to be a good day now!

  • Mmmm Mmm MMMM! Sure wish I had some of this Right NOW! Praying I make it until lunch!!! I will be making this for Breakfast in the Morning….if I don’t make it for dinner that is;) I love so breakfast for dinner!

    You ladies are super awesome…in case you had forgotten;)
    Have a SUPER HAPPY day:)

  • That sounds a lot like what I have for breakfast every morning! I haven’t added pecans, though! I will next time.
    And I add half a teaspoon vanilla extract and it tastes so good!!

  • Yum! Sometimes at night I will put oatmeal, yogurt, milk, honey & frozen or fresh fruit in a mason jar. Let it soak all night and you have a yummy treat in the morning 🙂 So good! This looks awesome too. ♥LO

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