Color Block Terra Cotta Pots DIY

Color block terra cotta pots 1It’s the perfect time of year to bring a little more green into your home! Today we’re welcoming Rubyellen as she shares her super cute method for customizing tiny terra cotta pots. Enjoy…

Color block terra cotta pots 2Supplies Needed: Paint, terra cotta pot, paint brush and a small plant.

Color block terra cotta pots 31. Paint the outside of your pot. May need to do a couple coats to completely cover the clay color. Allow to dry completely. 2. Paint the inside of the pot a different color. May need to do a couple coats to completely cover the clay color. Allow to dry completely. 3. Choose another color and paint the bottom of the pot up to the midway point (or make this color band however thick or thin you want!). May need to do a couple coats to completely cover other color. allow to dry completely. Add plants + Enjoy!

Color block terra cotta pots 4Color block terra cotta pots 4So sweet! We’ve also got lots of tips for taking care of your plants, like this post on caring for pilea plants and fiddle leaf fig plants! Thanks, Rubyellen. XO, elsie

  • What kind of paint did you use? I tried painting pots for a classroom project, and the paint chipped away…

  • Really cute !
    Did you paint the outside in white ? Because it doesn’t seem white after painting, maybe because of the color of the pot…
    (I’m going to do it this afternoooon)

  • Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

  • I absolutely LOVE these! I am going to feature them tomorrow in my [so cheap, so easy] series. I will link back to your original post. Thanks for the idea!

  • Love these! I am hosting a little Mother’s Day brunch this weekend and decided to throw together a little gardening ‘thank you’ gift for everyone who comes. I needed the larger 8 inch pots to fit the entire gift inside so I only painted the rim of the pots and they still turned out cute. Such a simple craft but I never thought of painting these inexpensive pots before seeing this post.

    Tip: Buy “glossy” acrylic paint! I picked up a few of those on accident and they worked MUCH better than just the regular acrylic paint. The clay soaks up a lot which is why you have to apply several layers but this was less of a problem with the glossy stuff.

  • Looks like a perfect way to show off those succulents, especially since they don’t always grow really fast.

  • Super cute idea!
    Love the pastel colors you used.

    xo Sari

  • I’ve painted a few terra cotta pots already (in one color), but I think I will paint a few more. 🙂 These are beautiful.

  • Nice and simple 🙂

  • These are so cute! Definitely on my list of summer to-dos!

  • These are so pretty! Really adds a nice personal touch to the plain terra cotta pot!

  • I’m in love with suculents. I found some pots in my garage today that this would be perfect for. I will set them out on my patio table. This weekends little project. Thanks.

  • This is such a great idea. I have four sitting at home that I didn’t have a clue what to do with them. Now I can’t wait to paint them.

  • Love this idea, cant wait to do it to my pots and add a pop of colour.


  • One of my goals for 2012 is adding some pops of green to my apartment. I have already planted herbs and my friends are giving to me a lot of seeds and pots. So, these few last articles that you have posted come in perfect timing! Thank you for great idea’s and for lovely blog. 🙂

  • I love the color block pots, I totally have to make those! I definitely need more houseplants.

  • super cute color blocking! i love painting things when i want to bring a certain color into the easy and cheap!

  • Love this idea – I feel like even a non-crafty person like myself could pull this one off! 😉


  • Saw planters similar to these at Menards today, but for those of us who are cafters it seems easy enough.

  • Andrea, Rubyellen used Martha Stewart paints, which are a really nice brand of regular acrylic craft paint. 😀 They sell it at Michaels.

  • Wondering what kind of paint is best to use? Can I just use acrylics?

  • Suzy, I understand that this DIY is SUPER easy. We feature projects in a pretty big variety of skill levels. This is definitely one of the simpler ones, but I think it’s a really cute design and something I would want in my own home.

    We do post about three times every single day and this post was part of a larger article about adding green to your home (which is amazing!)

    I completely understand if you don’t like 100% of our projects, but even in the past week we’ve posted some projects that I’m EXTREMELY proud of. Also, just a little perspective… people complain when our posts are “too easy” or “too difficult”… we are actively trying to provide ideas and inspiration on all skill levels.

    Our entire team is working super hard and on top of that Emma and I are in our last month of writing a book. I am sorry that you don’t like this post, but please keep the big picture in mind. We are working harder than we ever have in our lives and our blog is read by more people than ever! We are really passionate about what we do and we hope that you can enjoy *some* content from this blog, if not all of it. XOXO, elsie

  • Suzy, if you want to make me a list of favorite projects we’ve done in the past I will keep them in mind for future inspiration. & I’ll take your note about the supply details.
    XO! Elsie

  • Thank you Elsie for the perspective and the reply. It has helped to understand why the simpler posts and I really, really appreciate it. I will try to keep this in mind in the future. I think I would have been a little more impressed if you guys had a few more details about the project, like what paint would work best but I’m probably just over thinking it. Thank you again for taking time out of your day to address my issues.

  • This “tutorial” is ridiculous, Elsie. I understand you want to have new things up everyday. In fact, I enjoy that about your blog. Lately things have been lacking. I know you work really hard on this blog. I know that you can’t write everything yourself. You’re a very busy person. I get that, really. I just wish you would think a little bit more before you publish things. I mean, come on. Did you really thing this was a grate DIY? Painting pots? This is a child’s Mothers Day craft at best. Rubyellen didn’t even tell us what paint she used. You’re an amazing women and you got this far because you blogged about some pretty amazing things. I don’t know. Maybe you have better things coming up. Maybe you’re just trying to fade yourself out so you can work on other projects. I guess I don’t really have much of a point. I’ve just been a little disappointed with these DIYs lately. I really hope your blog is making changes for the better.

  • These are so cute, it is such a simple idea too. I can’t wait to try it out myself.

  • Such a lovely way to keep a colour scheme going! Really cute idea!xo

  • So cute! I have so many of this little pots at home, I’ll turn them into these little cuties!

  • NICE! Check out my similar DIY tutorial on PAINTING SCALLOPS! >>

    xoxo, KELLY

    The Spotted Fox

  • oh pretty idea! to eliminate the paint brush marks you could add a tad more water in the mixture and just paint each layer twice 🙂

  • Great idea! Really cute!


  • These are adorable…and would be perfect for mother’s day!

  • I like! Very much!

    What a cute idea, so easy to do. Have to remember this one!

  • thanks for this! always looking for cute planting ideas. and i am LOVING the martha stewart acrylics. hearts to you gals!

  • Yes! I just did this too ( with cheapy pots from Target and I love them.

  • These are gorgeous, what great colour selections. I love the turquoise base with yellow interior!

  • I love this idea! Super cute! 🙂

  • I did this in grade school with a series of pots my mom bought. We still have them! 🙂


  • OMG they look so cute!! I have to try! Thanks for the ideas!

  • Wonderful project. These are adorable and so easy.

  • how cute, what a lovely project!

  • These are beautiful! My sister in law is having a few bridal showers soon, and this looks like a great spring gift to give =)

  • I adore this! I will most certainly need to try this out come summer, when I start an herb garden on my soon-to-be new apartment’s balcony. Thanks for the lovely DIY!

  • I’ve done this before. I use a little fine sandpaper to sand off the brush strokes and reveal the pot a bit. Over time, the paint mottles because of the drying and moistening of the pot – and it looks so beautiful.

  • that is super cute!! i just bought a few succulents and wrapped them in different color yarns to avoid having to buy pots 🙂 but i think i will use this idea next time.

  • Not only super cute but super easy…and I love the simple design. I’ve painted flower pots before and tried to make an intricate design only to have them coming out looking like a kindergarden student painted them.

  • Super-cute, and way simpler than my fussy pot-painting ideas! I was surprised to hear that you SHOULD paint terra cotta pots on the inside: Google tells me that helps keep the water from evaporating out of the soil so quickly. So cute AND useful!

  • Wow really cute…. perfect idea for a present for my mum, who is currently garden-obsessed! 🙂

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