Color Blocked Shoe D.I.Y.

Color blocked shoes 1Today we want to show you how to make some super cute color blocked booties. Emma and I had some short boots, but we wanted to add something to make them more interesting. We painted these in an afternoon. Mine are brown with black and hers are black with gold…

Color block shoes stepsHere's what we did… 1. Find a pair of boots that you like. 2. Mark the area you want to paint. You can use matte fabric paint or screen printing ink. I also love Matha Stewart's multi surface craft paint, that's what we used for the gold pair. 3. Paint your shoes. Ours took three coats. 4. Let them dry completely and then wear them out. You can be proud that you gave your pair so much more personality! 

Color block shoes 2Here's our finished shoes! 

Color block shoes outfitWe both wore them to work at our vintage shop today! I'm also wearing a vintage dress borrowed from Katie (HAPPY B-DAY, KATIE!) and a heart cardigan c/o Lace Affair

Color block shoe emmaEmma wore hers with a heart dress c/o Francesca's with a vintage top and purple tights. And because I know some of you will ask, here's how to style your hair like Em

Hope you're having a lovely day! We're working like crazy on a bunch of blog projects for next week. Just you wait… xo. elsie and emma

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  • I’m making these tonight and tomorrow! This is such a good idea for my raggedy old booties to be a little refinished and personalized! You can even add polka dots or something 🙂

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  • Where did you get the shoes? Love them! Are they a certain brand that I could try to find?

  • Were the black and gold shoes already black or were they painted black. Love these.

  • How fun! I keep telling my girls they can paint shoes and they just roll their eyes at me. I can’t WAIT to show them your wonderful blog! Thank you!

  • You have such FUN shoe DIYs… I never would have thought to mod shoes before!!

  • I have been looking for shoes EXACTLY like that, what brand are the boots you used for this?

  • I might have to try this on my old tennis shoes…does the paint stay on well? That’s my only concern, that it will rub off quickly.

  • Ah! This is brilliant! So simple and yet it makes the bootie so much more interesting! I love the gold! Maybe if you are feeling a little more bold you could even find like a buttery brown bootie and add a red or cobalt blue accent. I think that would look very nice as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • I think I have those same booties or at least similar ones and got them at kmart for $15…I just couldn’t pass up such a great deal. I may need to see about getting a second pair just so I can color block them! 🙂 -Lo

  • But how to wash them??

  • Dear Elsie; I adore your blog. I also made a little review on mine too 😉
    These DIY’s are such an inspiration! Keep up with the good work xx

  • Super gorgeous idea! I love love love your DIY shoe projects!!


  • Oh flip, I love them and must now go and spend all m’monies on paint and boots! <3

  • You guys. You are seriously amazing, and I am trying this out as soon as I can!!

  • Eeeee! this is such a clever idea! I will have to give it a try sometime, because yours came out so incredibly adorable!

  • They look very cool. What a simple idea with so much impact! Even though I like both pairs, I must say that Emma’s rock just a tiny bit more… :o)

  • So cute! I definitely need find a pair of shoes to color block as I can’t find a pair exactly right with color blocking.

  • i have been crazy about your blog the last couple of days but i cant find your follow button anywhere!! where is it!??


    p.s these shoes are adorable 🙂

  • Hi everyone, the shoes are actually from K-Mart! They were on sale too.
    Thanks for all the kind words! Elsie

  • Oooh, those shoes are amazing! I’m a new reader, and I’m loving all your DIYs so far!!! <3

  • I love the shoe-related tutorials you’ve been adding lately! They’re really adorable. 😀 I’m totally going to make these and a glittery pair of shoes, too.


  • Love this! My favorite shoes are Rachel Antonoff two tones, I need to make some of my own! 🙂 I’m adding your site to my crafty links page, very fun.

  • I REALLY like these!! I have some black booties I can jazz up when they start looking beat. Thanks!

  • beautiful!! i love how you’ve done these. you both look like a million bucks 😉

  • They look great! I bet they would cost a bomb in the shops – what a great idea to save some pennies.

    – Lois x

  • the black-gold shoes are interesting, I really like them.

  • Nice diy ! Amazing result !

    come visit,

  • Such a cool idea! Now I wanna buy boots just so I can paint them.
    And nice job on both pairs. Thanks for the tutorial.


  • These are too cute and you girls look lovely 🙂

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  • I adore all these shoes!

    with love,
    if you have free time, please take a look at my ROMWE GIVEAWAY! I’ll wait for you. !

  • I should clean my house today but now I’m off to search for some shoes that can use a makeover. You Red-Velvet-Girls are my favourite source of inspiration. I hope to visit you someday!
    A huge THANK YOU from Germany,

  • awwwwwww gorgeous!!!! i would love to know where you got those shoes from!!!??

  • Åh thats so smart and cute way to upgrade a boring shoe.

    I just bought your Blog e-course at Red Velvet and have read the first lesson and i love it. Im shocked about what you wrote about how people behaved in your previous blog. That people did that with your divorce makes me sick. I mean how boring must their lives be if they have to do that to get some excitement…

  • That’s it. I need a pair of gold shoes. Far too cute.

    Kate 🙂

  • How brilliant! I’m definitely going to try this! I love the black and gold combo.

  • These look truly wonderful! I am ever-so slightly obsessed with metallic paint lately – gold especially! It is so amazing! x

  • great idea – well done girlies 🙂 I assume in the background that is your shop – it looks a delight 🙂 while I love on line it will never replace the fun of ‘being there; best le

  • I absolutely LOVE the gold ones, anything gilded is pretty great to me!

    I Know.x

  • How creative! This is so adorable and such a great DIY! I will have to keep this in mind in case I find some perfect shoes for this when I’m out thrifting 🙂

  • Awesome! What a great way to revamp those shoes in my wardrobe collecting dust!

  • Wow they look amazing! I love how you styled them. SUCH a great DIY!!!

  • what a fabulous idea! The shooes look so amazing. love your blog, deffs following you

  • I love this project and how polished the finished results are! It’s on my to-DIY list for sure.

  • these are amazing – you always have the BEST diy-projects for us to try out! I might just have to do this one soon! Thanks for sharing!!

    xx Ashleigh

  • These are Legit! Any advise on where i could get some really sweet Combat Boots?


  • This is such a clever idea to spruce up a plain (or scuffed) pair of shoes! I’ll definitely be trying this (I love the idea of using metallic).

  • woow that is stunning! definitley doing that. clever clogs you both

    xo katrina

  • I’m definitely going to have to try this. I’ve been looking for shoes in that style for ages but haven’t been able to find an affordable pair. Don’t know why I didn’t think to just paint some plain ones! Thank you!

  • The gold and black are visually stunning. I love them! Thanks for the tutorial…looks easy enough! Thanks for sharing!

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