Colorblocked Envelope Clutch DIY

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial) I have to admit that I am totally that girl who carries around a giant purse that is always stuffed to the brim with everything you could possibly imagine. As much as I like feeling like I’m prepared for whatever situation may come about, it’s such a freeing feeling when we have a date night and I choose to take a small clutch out on the town instead. It feels so light and dainty in comparison to my heavy-duty everyday bag. I thought it would be fun to make an envelope-style clutch with a colorblock element that I could use for date nights and dress down for weekday use as well. It’s a beginner project, so if you’ve never ventured into bag-making before, this project is a great one to start with!

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-2 colors of real or faux leather of medium stiffness (one for the body of the clutch and one for the flap)
Download ABM Clutch Template
(right click to download)
-hole punch pliers
-X-Acto knife (or rotary cutter), metal ruler, and cutting mat
waxed thread
-yarn needle
-small binder clamps
twist-lock purse lock

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial) Print, assemble, and cut out your paper clutch template. Trace the appropriate template (either the main body section or the top flap) onto the wrong side of each of your colors of leather.

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial) Use your X-Acto knife and/or rotary cutter to cut out the main body section and top flap from the two templates. On the main body section of leather, mark a dot every 1/4″ on both the top edge and along the left and right sides of the bottom flap. Use your hole punch pliers to punch a hole in each marked spot.

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial) Fold the two side flaps inward and fold the bottom flap upwards on top of the side flaps. Use the binder clips to hold the flaps in place. Stick a pen or thin marker through each punched hole on your bottom flap so that it makes a corresponding mark on the side flap underneath it. Unfold the sections and use the hole punch to punch those marked holes as well. Repeat the process with the top flap that is cut from your other color of leather and the holes punched across the top of your main body section (the template shows where they should line up).

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial) To sew your sections together, thread a medium-sized yarn needle with the waxed thread, make a knot at the tail of your thread, and begin to sew through the holes. To create a continuous sewn line without any gaps, just sew back through the opposite holes again once you reach the end. Knot the thread on the inside of the clutch and trim the excess. Repeat process on the opposite side of the main body and on the top to connect the top flap to the main body section.

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial) If you want to add an extra finish to the inside of your clutch,  cut out another top flap template that is 1″ shorter on the bottom than the original top flap. Line the two flaps up with each other (wrong sides together), mark and punch 1/4″ holes along the edge, and sew them together. This gives you an extra sturdy top flap, brings a pop of color to the inside, and adds a nice stitching detail. I didn’t backtrack once I reached the end on this stitching detail because I liked the look of the gaps between each stitch. Of course you can add the stitching detail even if you don’t add a second layer to the top flap, so keep that in mind.

Now that your clutch is assembled you can install your twist-lock purse lock on the top flap and on the front of the main body section underneath it. Each purse lock will install a little differently depending on the design, but you should only need an X-Acto knife to cut holes or notches in the correct spots and maybe a small screwdriver, depending on the type. There are lots of styles out there to choose from!

So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial)
So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial)
So cute! colorblocked envelope clutch DIY (click through for tutorial)
Isn’t that little gold pony closure just the cutest? I think this clutch is perfect because it’s not too dressy, so you could wear it during the day with jeans, but the gold detail adds enough glamour for an evening out as well. Of course, you could use metallic leather instead if you wanted it to go even dressier. What do you think? Are you up for giving bag-making a try? xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella and Lillian from A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Absolutely love this! It looks like the perfect Christmas gift… Where do you buy your leather?

  • I got real leather from a leather store here in town, but lots of fabric stores also sell vinyl or you could look online as well if you don’t have anything near you 🙂


  • We have a local leather shop in town, so I would check for a local place near you. A lot of fabric stores also sell vinyl, so try that too if you want faux leather. If neither of those work for you, I would search online 🙂


  • I am also wondering where you purchased the faux leather? I am excited to make this!

  • I would love to make my sister a bag for the holidays! Where can I find leather like this? Thanks!

  • You just want something that feels like it will keep it’s shape. Some leather is really thin and very flexible and that wouldn’t be good for this type of bag 🙂


  • I love it! Where can I purchase real or faux leather from? Which supplier did you use?

    Thank you

  • OMG I AM SCREAMING!!! I love this!! Have never made a purse before so thank you thank you!!

  • Sewing is my Achilles Heel but I think I could pull this off. Can’t wait to try!

  • I love this. For cyclists you could just add a couple of velcro loops on the back and hook on a belt or the bike frame.

  • Awesome idea! I haven’t done a DIY project in such a long time, so it’s about time! I need to do this clutch, because it looks awesome and not so hard to do 🙂

  • very pretty
    i love the details and the special work
    and how cute is the little pony =) thanks for the idea and the link to etsy they have so adorable things!
    maybe i´ll try to recreate this lovely clutch

  • I love the block of colour here, I might try making this with a few different colours, just to match most of my outfits!

  • Though I have to admit the horse is not completely my thing, I do LOVE this DIY! It seems totally doable! 🙂


  • This looks great – another leather DIY that I want to try! This is becoming quite a thing!

  • Looks so pretty and not so hard to make myself 🙂
    Also I really love that little horse, super cute!

  • Love it! Made a similar one out of wool this summer actually, only mine was a little less envelope shaped. You can check it out here: For some reason working with leather scares me a little, I need to get over that!

  • What a great, fun thing to make! I absolutely love the horse clasp detail…it really brings the look to another level!



  • It is great!
    I made this bathmat i am so proud! ha ha

  • Laura, thank you so much! This is really nice! I’m such a bag addict. I can’t have enough of them! I hope I’ll be able to make it some time soon! (BTW, looove your rings)

  • Thank you so much for this. The template is very helpful.

    Is going to be my weekend project!!

    One for my sister and one for myself. I’m thinking matching reverse colors (like White body/Black top flap for me and Black body/ White top flap for my her)

  • I love hand sewing! Thanks for the tutorial. I’m definitely going to try this out for Christmas gifts =D

  • this is so chic looking, I can’t believe it can be done so easily!! I kinda wanna start thrifting for leather pieces so I can make some bags. Ohhh adventure and craft time, here I come!!

  • Dang, LG! Two projects I am dying to make in the same day?!? My To-Do list just got a little bit longer! 🙂 I am bowing down to your awesomeness!!! 🙂

  • The final outcome is very pretty! You can definitely dress it up or dress it down, and the royal blue is such a gorgeous colour.


  • omg this is amazing!!! Might have to try this out this weekend! Awesome stuff as always 🙂


  • You wouldn’t be able to tell this was DIY!

  • I absolutely love this clutch! You made it seem very simple to create. Thanks for sharing!

    – Amanda | The Chic Counsel

  • This is so amazing! And I love that you don’t have to have a sewing machine to do it! It’s the perfect DIY project for right before the holidays because it’s a DIY gift that still looks high-end!! Amazing!

  • This is so beautiful! I’ve never made a bag before, but seeing this I really want to try it. I’m just not sure where I’m going to find all the supplies here in Belgium. As always, An awesome DIY project, thank you for all the inspiration!

    Love, Laetitia

  • Ooo, I adore the big bold stitching! Like you mentioned, Laura, I love how you could dress this up or dress it down. Digging these beautiful, but fairly simple DIYs you’ve been sharing!


  • Guys, I have to admit, you really stepped up your game with this one. It’s not only an absolutely gorgeous craft, but it’s something you really can’t find on the market either. Nice work!

  • I really want to try making this! I love the colour combo and that adorable lock! Thank you for always having such great step by step instructions to make following along so easy! 🙂

  • This is adorable! And I’d never thought of shopping for flip locks before- kinda giddy with all the crafting possibilities now. 🙂

  • This is so pretty…love the pony purse lock…with the template, this looks fairly simple


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