comic book peeks…

so i made a few goals on my birthday and i am already getting to work on that list. here’s (#11) the comic book i was working on over the weekend (in between painting & rva jobs, of course!). lot of fun to draw and make up random little stories…. 

Comic-elsie-3 Comic-elsie-2 Comic-elsie-1 i like little in between projects… for example, things i can make while we’re watching project runway & dexter. mhmm. what fun projects help you relax? 


next up on my goals list must be the Children’s book. it’s already written & needs cute illustrations. i can’t wait to show you… the story is so cute.  XO.e 

ps. If you’ve registered for Style School and haven’t received your login email, please contact LA (la(AT)redvelvetart(DOT)com) ….a few peoples emails came back undelivered. Thanks!

  • elsie. your drawings are always so amazing. what kind of pen do you use? it looks very precise and i have a hard time finding pens that look that high of quality.



  • elsie. your drawings always look so amazing. what kinda pen do you use? i have a really hard time finding a good pen. do you have one you would suggest. thanks.. 🙂


  • that is so cute!

    I sew while watching 30 Rock over Netflix. and when sewing isn’t relaxing, i like to make lists of goals or and doodle in my planner.

  • aw love it!
    to relax, i like working on my inspiration book! it’s where i post pretty photos and find online and quotes and doodles i’ve done.

  • i’m a headband junkie… i love making them!
    n this year ima make me a to do list… but i gotta find time to do it… but hey the b-day isn’t for another week… maybe on the plane for my b-day getaway?

  • um, you’re amazing! i always wanted to make my own comic book or publish an actual book. perhaps it’ll be on the list for next year.

    i put pictures in my inspiration book to relax. like when i want something crafty, but don’t want to drag everything out. it’s simple and fun and relaxing. 🙂


  • thanks so much!
    kinzie, i use black felt tip pens and uniball pens (bold). i agree that it’s tricky to find good pens and it all depends on the type of paper you like to use too! when you find a good one, buy a bunch! XOXO.

  • Elsie I have a question 🙁 How much time do I have to sign up in Style school?

    I may need a couple of days more I really want to sign up!!!

    Thanks!! Your work is soooo lovely as always! xoxo

  • Oh my – that is the cutest comic ever!! 🙂 I *heart* anything illustrated – I took a bookmaking class recently, and for one of the assignments I wrote and illustrated a little children’s story – it was the funnest ever!!

    Can’t wait to see your children’s book! 🙂

  • you totally inspired me with your

    list of of things to

    do before you turn 28.

    you are absolutely amaaazing, elsie.

    the amount of creativity you have..

    ahh.. it never ceases to amaze me.

    incredibly cute comic..

    and i cannnnnnot wait to see the childrens book!

    i can only imagine the cuteness.


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  • i’d buy this! and if you wrote any books or made any lines i’d buy them all. I could sit and read about your life all day 🙂 your such a hero Elsie! xo

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