Copper Pipe Hanging Planter (Cute + Easy!)

(easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial) I’m not a marathon runner (although if I was stranded and told there was a pizza parlor exactly 26 miles away, I may suddenly become one), but I’ve heard stories about how you reach a mental block when you are at certain points in the race and you have to use all your energy to keep pushing through to the finish line. We have a few rooms left in the studio that have been so close to being done for a few months now, but other projects and deadlines popped up, and it was starting to feel like those rooms would remain unfinished forever. However, I’ve felt a recent determination to dive back in and give those special spaces the treatment they deserve. One of the items on the list was a hanging planter for the dining room. I wanted to complement Josh’s beautiful copper table and the rug we adore underneath by using some pink and yellow with a copper touch. What I eventually decided on was an easy hanging planter feature that is just what the space needed. 

(easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
1/2″ copper pipe + end caps
-curtain rod brackets
-colored paracord (like this)
-small succulents in pots
-copper spray paint (this is our favorite)

First, determine where you want to install your hanging planter and measure how long you want the copper rod to be (mine is 3′). You can purchase and have them cut your copper pipe to size at your local home improvement store (and they should have end caps to match as well), or you can order your own and use a pipe cutter. Make sure that whatever curtain rod brackets you buy can fit a 1/2″ pipe in the bracket opening. Place the end caps on your copper pipe, use some copper spray paint to paint your brackets (if they aren’t already copper), and you’re ready for install!

(easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial) Since the planter will be holding several plants, either use wall anchors when installing your brackets (most brackets will include some with the hardware), or use a stud finder to screw your brackets into a stud for more support. The studio dining room has really crumbly plaster walls, so it was a two-man job to make sure we were hitting a solid wooden stud (thanks, Josh!).

(easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial) Once your brackets are in place, you can complete your macrame rope planters to hang on your pipe. It looks best to do an odd number, so I would suggest doing either three or five planters with alternating lengths. If you are intimidated by the idea of making macrame planters, don’t be! I love Elise’s easy rope planter tutorial for this type of project. I used her tutorial last year to make some planters for my backyard, and even though it was the first time I ever tried macrame, I was surprised at how easy it really was. Once you get the hang of the first one, you can complete the rest pretty quickly. You can see she did three to four rows of knots for her tall planters, but I only needed two since my pots are pretty small. Once you get the idea, you can mix it up by using different amounts of strands and knots to get a bit of a different look. Also, there are lots of tutorials for these online, so feel free to look around and see if there’s another style you like better.

Once you have all your rope planters completed, slip the pipe through all the top loops, add your plants into the rope planters, and place the pipe onto the mounted brackets. That’s it!

(easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial) (easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial) (easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial) (easy + cute!) copper pipe hanging planter (click through for tutorial) There’s just something about little succulents paired with bright colors that makes me so happy. And hanging planters are the best because I just imagine that the plants are having so much more fun than if they are just on the ground. It’s like living in a treehouse or a giant swing—way more fun, right?

And if you’re wondering about the vintage-inspired copper letters for the sign above the plants, I’ll have a DIY tutorial on those coming up soon (spoiler alert—they are really easy!). Anyways, I was so pleased with this planter and with how quickly it all came together. Cute planters are great, but easy + cute wins every time… xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection.

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