Copper Pipe Pineapple Mirror DIY

Pineapple mirror DIY It’s mid-winter but the pineapple trend is going strong, so why not embrace a more tropical outlook and make your very own pineapple-esque sculptural mirror. This was one of those projects I couldn’t stop thinking about once it popped into my head, and I know very few people who couldn’t use another interesting mirror in their house! It’s a fairly easy project as long as you’re comfortable with a power drill and have a steady hand. I finished mine in about an hour minus dry time for the paint. It’s already got me dreaming of the beach!

Copper Pineapple Mirror DIYPineapple Mirror DIY for A Beautiful MessPineapple Mirror Supplies
pine oval plaque-9″ x 12″ x .63″
oval glass mirror w/scalloped edge 8″ x 10″
-3/8″ x 2′ type L, hard length copper pipe
-pipe cutter
-super glue
-copper metallic paint
-foam brush
-power drill
-3/16″ drill bit
-5/16″ drill bit
-3/8″ drill bit
sawtooth picture hanger

Step One: Prep your oval wood by marking five points along the top of the plaque so that they are about 1.5″ apart.

Drill Two SizesStep Two: Carefully drill into your wood on all five marks with the 3/16 drill bit so that your holes are about 1/2″ deep. This will ensure you have more control over where you drill and will avoid splitting your wood. Follow up by switching to a 5/16″ drill bit to enlarge each drilled hole. Finally, switch to your largest drill bit, 3/8″, and enlarge each hole again. Be sure all holes are being drilled straight up and down so you don’t split your wood.

Cut Your PipeStep Three: Cut your pipe with your pipe cutter so you end up with one 6″ piece, two 5″ pieces, and two 4″ pieces. This is a good time to attach your sawtooth picture hanger to the back with your hammer so nothing is damaged in the next few steps. I flipped my plaque so that the beveled edge wasn’t showing because I wanted a cleaner line. So I attached my hanger to the beveled edge side.

Paint ItStep Four: Paint your plaque with two coats of acrylic metallic paint and set it aside to dry.

Glue StuffStep Five: Once your paint is dry, remove the tiny foam feet from the back of your mirror and apply a liberal amount of super glue to the back of the mirror. Center it over your wood and press firmly without dripping your glue. You’ll obviously need to work quickly on this part so be extra careful.

Step Six: Attach each copper pipe cutting into its appropriate hole with a little super glue to help keep it in place. Be aware that you want all of your pipes to be pointing at consistent angles in case you need to hold them in place while the glue hardens.

Pineapple Mirror DIY from wood and copperThe copper pipes will develop a patina over time, but you can easily refresh their shine by rubbing a little lemon juice over them with a cotton ball.

Pineapple Mirror DIYHang your charming new mirror and enjoy daydreaming of warmer weather and tropical drinks! Turn your mirror sideways and drill a few more holes on the top and bottom and you’ll have an eye mirror. Try it with a circular plaque and mirror for a sunburst effect. There are so many mirrors to be made!

Have you ever made a mirror before? Was it as easy as it looked or have you vowed to never attempt again? –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • it looks like my lil brother’s hair hihihi

  • I am in love with pineapples, well, their shape and I love how you create to with the simplest things! Oh and the colour is of course wonderful!

  • How nice! love the idea!!!

  • Such a cute dainty addition to any room! We’ve been super inspired with this pineapple trend lately, and are thinking of making a couple of pineapple planters soon! Love the idea of the sunburst style one as well! 🙂

  • This DIY is so much fun! I think it would be really cool to make a circular sunburst mirror like you suggested!


  • Reminds me a bit of a tiki mask :). Definitely reminiscent of tropical weather & vacationing!

    x //

  • how cute! thanks for sharing how to make it =o)

  • WOW this is such an amazing idea !! I LOVE the pineapple trend for summer.. my phone case has pineapples !! Even though it is still snowing where I am hehe!! I love DIY projects so much and have to give this a go!! LOVE THIS POST!!


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