Corina’s Cabin

Sister Style via A Beautiful MessSister Style via A Beautiful MessSister Style via A Beautiful MessSister Style via A Beautiful MessHi, beautiful friends! This past week we took a drive out to our grandmother, Corina's, cabin to visit her and snap some photos. You might remember her cabin from Emma's wedding. It is such a special place to us. 

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in the country. What would it be like to take long drives just to grocery shop or have to order most things online because there isn't really any local shopping. That would be tough. The trade offs, though… those keep me dreaming. The quiet. A more simple daily schedule. Being surrounded by nature. I wonder how it would feel to live that way for just a month or two? I hope to try it someday. 

I love our life in our medium-sized town, but I'm so curious what life would be like in the middle of nowhere. Have you tried it? Did you like it? 

Sister Style via A Beautiful Mess    Sister Style via A Beautiful Mess    Sister Style via A Beautiful Mess    Sister Style via A Beautiful Mess    Sister Style via A Beautiful Mess    Sister Style via A Beautiful Mess    Elsie's wearing: Kimono c/o Libby Story, Top/Forever21, Shorts/Motel Rocks, Bag/Madewell (and it's on sale!), Shoes c/o Swedish Hasbeens, Bracelets/J.Crew

Emma's wearing: Jeans/Free People, T-shirt c/o Skyline Fever, Collared shirt/H&M, Shoes/F21. 

A Beautiful Mess A Beautiful Mess A Beautiful Mess   A Beautiful Mess   A Beautiful Mess   A Beautiful Mess   A Beautiful Mess   A Beautiful Mess   A Beautiful Mess   This summer has been filled with so many happy memories. I can't wait to print out these photos and fill up a photo book. xoxo! Elsie

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson. Photographer: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Norma, Sunday, and Margeaux from The Folk Collection.

  • Unfortunately I’ve always found that when you live in the middle of nowhere, you tend to do less. You don’t take advantage of the outdoors like you think you will.
    But it is a beautiful thing to visit or even to do a long holiday. Especially in summer whereas winter tends to be quite bleak.

  • The pictures in this post are stunning! They make me want to find a cabin and go on a little adventure.

  • We live in the middle of nowhere Virginia now, and are actually getting ready to move to a much larger farm next summer! We’ll be starting from a scratch with a huge plot of land, clearing – building – mapping everything out – and then the extreme fun of decorating and turning it into a home. We can’t wait to start! Living in the middle of nowhere certainly has it’s difficulties (like last night when we had to drive an hour just to pick up milk for morning coffee), but with enough planning, it’s beyond worth the payoff of quiet, peace, and just that general feeling of wild, adventure, and security. P.S. Emma you and I are shirt twins 🙂 xo

  • Completely love these photos. Definitely ones to be cherished for a very long time. Also, LOVE Elsies entire outfit! Its official, I need to some Swedish Hasbeens! And that Kimono!
    Pretty Lovely

  • My entire side of my dad’s family lives on an acreage with a dairy farm. It’s been the family homestead for over 100 years. I hated it growing up! It was 15 minutes to drive into town so during the school year I was the girl that hoarded everything in my car since I couldn’t run home quick! Now that I live in the city/town (Lincoln, NE) I absolutely realize how much I took it for granted. I plan on moving back out by my parent’s in a few years to enjoy the scenery, the privacy, and the peace and quiet. I think it would be a dream to start my own “homestead” and grow my family’s legacy!

  • I live in the country 🙂 When my husband and I were shopping for our first home, we KNEW we wanted some land. It took a few years of looking (because most country homes are pre-fabricated trailer-like homes…) but we found THE ONE 🙂
    The biggest cons for us include the higher gas budget each month and the lack of high-speed internet and cellular service, but those barely even move the scale when compared to the positives!
    We love watching the seasons change, observing nature from the middle of it each and every day; the privacy, the freedom our dogs have, the water and our dock which is great for a quiet picnic or a night of entertaining; and so much more! When you have land (and some imagination) the opportunities are endless!

  • Girls, first off I just have to say this is one of my favorite Sister Style’s to date, and NOT just because you are wearing our Skyline Fever Dylan tee! I love the photos, the lighting, the beautiful smiles on your faces. You just look sooooo happy here!

    I live in the country and I love it. I love being able to walk outside and feed the deer, or sit in my hammock swing chair in the mornings in my underwear and drink my coffee while listening to the birds. Nothing beats privacy in my book! And plus, I’m just a huge nature lover. I hope one day you get to experience it for more than a weekend!

    Love you girls!! Thank you!

  • I adore you girls! Looking at these photos makes me want to call my sister up and plan a fun summer adventure 🙂

    I would love to know what lipstick Emma is wearing? We have very similar coloring and I think it looks so beautiful on her. Thank you! xx

  • I love driving around the country side, its calm, quiet, and insanely gorgeous all around. My husband always tells me that we should retire in the country side, long way ahead before that. But yeah, would love to live a country life once. Love you shorts and matching manicure?, Elsie!


  • I grew up on a 1,000 acre plantation (my dad is the manager of the estate) and loathed it as an angsty teen. It became awesome when I started driving. After college I moved to Atlanta, the biggest city I’ve ever lived in, and after 4 years it’s nice to have convenience – not have to drive an hour to a mall, have multiple restaurants to choose from – but I’m dying to get back to the country. I miss the people, the slow pace of life, no rush hour traffic or city shutdowns leaving me 8 hours to drive 13 miles. I miss everything about it and I can’t wait to get back!

  • I have never tried living in the middle of nowhere before but I think that it would really suite my personality a lot more than living in a big city 🙂

  • These photo’s are absolutely stunning! I love everything about them, you both look gorgeous. What a beautiful place to live. I’d love to live near water but not sure how well I’d fare being that isolated. A month or two seems like a perfect amount of time to try it for 🙂

  • Cute post! I live in a tiny town in the middle of fields, but not far (25km) from a big city. I love it! Life’s less spontaneous than when I was living in a big city but also more calm, you know your neighbors and have loads more space. And a garden. I wouldn’t change it. 🙂

  • What size is that Dylan shirt? Is it the women’s fit? I love it!

  • those picture are amazing! with this selection you really show the vibe of the place… although i don’t know it… but you know what i mean, right? 😀

    the second photo of you two is sO adorable…

  • We live in a small town – no shopping mall, not many restaurants, etc. A lot of folks would consider it “out in the country” living, but I would love to live even further out. A cabin in the woods near some water would be perfection. I don’t think I would mind the seclusion one bit. I’d also love to raise our boys in a super simplified, middle o’ nowhere kinda place.

    Beautiful pics as always, girls!

    Love and light,

  • You can have a middle-of-nowhere lifestyle even if you live in a big city. I live in St. Pete, Florida and I’m not really a city girl but for the moment, I kind of am where I am. Luckily, I’m such a sticks and twigs girl that you’ll always find me at the local parks, the beach, nature preserves, and even camping. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

    P.S. I adore the pictures. To me there’s nothing better than a good nature pic.


    Laurali Star

  • I live in the middle of nowhere in upstate NY. 20 minutes to the closest grocery store. I grew up here…then left for college and stayed away (near Philadelphia) for several years and now I am back to raise babies here…in the middle of nowhere. I have to say that it has its perks but I really miss the convenience, inspiration, and just overall buzz of city life.

  • What a beautiful place to take photos (and get married). How about you let me live there and I’ll tell you if it’s amazing 🙂 Deal? Come on, please?

  • I think these photos are some of the best you’ve posted yet! Sarah is such an amazing photographer, and I love how she’s captured you both so naturally.
    I also love Emma’s lip color. What is it??
    You guys are amazing!
    Kris |

  • Beautiful photos! LOVE the shirts!! I live in the country…I don’t typically call it that though…more like “the backwoods of Maine”…30 minutes to the grocery store + over an hour for a -gasp!- book store, Target or craft store!!! It can be rough, especially in the winter months (talk about 6+ months of cold weather), but living at Sugarloaf is beautiful + adventurous 🙂


  • Hi! I love following A Beautiful Mess! I actually grew up in the suburbs and have recently moved to rural southern MN. My husband’s family lives and farms here and I love it!! It is quite an adjustment (biggest thing I miss: Starbucks), but I have seriously wanted to live in the country my whole life, so I am still in that gushy, soaking-it-all-in phase of enjoying every little detail!! My husband and I just live in a tiny town right now, but we hope to have our own farm place in the next few years.

    I blogged about my desire to live in the country here:

    Thanks for your daily posts and inspiration!

    Hannah 🙂

  • Sarah, love the photo of Emma by the cabin wall. Perfection. You’ve inspired me to bring my camera along on my camping trip this weekend…..

  • My husband, son and I all live in the country much like you described 🙂 The closest Walmart is an hour away, it takes us fifteen minutes to get into a small town near us and were surrounded by crops! I really love it. You don’t have any noise except the wind blowing through the trees. There is so much privacy and you have the say over your whole neighborhood haha! Our property is a big DIY but were so excited because we want horses and cows and chickens and lots of room for our kids to run around. Sometimes it is a little annoying to have to drive an hour to go to Home Depot but we make every trip count!

    Elsie: I have a pillow with that exact saying on my couch haha
    Emma: Love the jeans!

    Eden (underconstruction)

  • I live in the country! I love it. I grew up a small town girl. I like to have a lot of open space around me. You just get used to the driving and try to stay stocked up on supplies and ingredients. We go to the city once or twice a week for shopping and restaurants. I don’t feel isolated at all.

  • Your outfits are absolutely gorgeous! Where did Emma get her lipstick? I really like the color and have been trying to find something similar.

  • I grew up in the country in Michigan, I now live in downtown Salt Lake City. I miss where I grew up almost everyday. There is something so special about driving down miles of dirt roads through tunnels of trees. I miss the acres of green grass I’d run around barefoot through as a kid and the creek we’d dip our feet in at the end of our property. You didn’t have to worry about a busy street out front. You didn’t EVER have to lock your front door, and the closest place to buy groceries was a 30min drive one way. The older I get, the more I think about how I want that same life for my future kids. To me, that’s what growing up is. I have a hard time imagining raising kids in a city. I want them to have clean air to breath and acres of grass to roll around in. One of the comments above said there is ‘less to do’, and sure, you’re not a block away from a bar to grab drinks or a boutique to pick up a new outfit. But I was SO much more creative when I lived in the country. I exercised my mind more. Nothing is more rewarding and inspiring to me than being surrounded by nature. 🙂

  • These are some truly beautiful shots.
    I grew up on a farm and lived in the country my entire life. My backyard was a river, and my neighbours were the wildlife. Moving to the city last year took a lot of courage for me, and adjusting was quite hard. But over time I came to realise that I can get in my car and go back to nature. I find I appreciate the peace of the country a lot more, and sometimes I go back to relax and write.

  • I live on an island in Alaska. I miss being able to drive, going shopping and ordering EVERYTHING from quinoa to sweaters online can be kind of a headache. The quiet, the sound of the ocean and being able to escape from absolutely everything is amazing. No matter where you are there are always pros and cons. Lovely photos!

  • This looks like the best time ever! I grew up in the country, and driving 2 hours to the nearest shopping centre definitely has it’s drawbacks, although there is nothing like the full sky of stars at night.. Such a trade off.

    Loved this post! xoxo, Kali

  • I lived in rural Missouri (about an hour and change south of Springfield!) for 10 years. It can be beautiful, and I had great neighbors, but after a while I missed city life. The 30+ minute drive to get groceries gets old. So does being stuck in a holler because all the low water bridges are flooded! Lol!!
    I’m now in the Chicago suburbs. Still come down to visit my mom on occasion and get a taste of the country life.

  • Lifetime rural resident here. There are definitely some pros to living in the country, but one big con that’s recently become apparent to us is the lack of many of the same ordinances you’d find in the city. For instance, there’s no noise ordinance, which is a big deal when you’ve got noisy neighbors making it difficult for you to relax in your own home.

  • I live in the middle of nowhere! I live on Lake Superior, about a 45 minute drive from the nearest city. It’s incredible. I am so much more creative here than I was living in a city of a million people. I have time to think about things, dream up ideas and then make them. I have ZERO stress in my life and I do more/shop less. The commute is nothing and I find the drive is a nice time to listen to music/chat with my Hubby about stuff. I’d never want to live in the bush, but lake life has always been my dream. I love that I can go canoeing or swimming right this second. And watching the waves when I eat my cereal gets me excited for the day. It’s not for everyone but I’m certainly so much happier now than ever before.

  • I wish there were more photos of the actual cabin, like the post title says. You always mention how cool it is so I got so excited.

  • I grew up in a small rural town here in CO but 2+ hours from any medium/big cities. I didn’t appreciate it growing up but it’s really nice to be in the middle of nowhere with corn fields forever and lots of quiet open space. There are plenty of downsides too. Lots of them actually. But now I live in a small town wedged between Denver and the suburbs and it’s the perfect mix of small town quiet and friendliness and yet I’m still close to the city. I missed hearing the crickets at night and knowing my neighbors by name so I’m really glad I ended up in a happy medium. I don’t plan on going back any time soon but my dad has a business back in my small town and I could see myself going back eventually…maybe building a cute house in all the open space and enjoying the peace and quiet. For now… it’s worthy of a couple days here and there to remember what I miss and be reminded of what I’m grateful for at the place I am now. <3

  • Looks like you two had fun; I haven’t went camping in a while but feel in love with it from Girl Scouts in middle and high school 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration to go and look Camp Ready in doing so!

    LivRiot | Fashion & StreetStyle Blog
    LivRiot | Fashion & StreetStyle Blog

  • I like the amount of color you guys used in these photos – it’s so refreshing to see the unique combinations that you ladies have put together in wardrobe choices – not the least matchy matchy.

  • We live in the city but we plan/dream of the countryside. My husband grew up on a farm and I spent my youth riding horses, something I’ve always wanted to go back to. Even though we’ve lived in big cities all our young adult years, the slow pace of life and being close to nature draws us more than having a coffee shop around the corner, although we’ll certainly miss that 🙂

  • What a gorgeous photo shoot!! I love your sense of fashion, its so inspiring. What a gift to be married on family property and to visit it anytime you wish in your own comfort and serenity.

  • I love that sister style!I think this is my favorite to date!
    The place is amazing!When Emma showed us her weeding I felt like this was a perfect place for a weeding and now that you are talking about…it seems like the perfect place for living too!
    I’m used to live in very busy citys (I’m currently living in Paris)so this seems so peacefull and beautifull! I would love to wake up there!You are lucky girls!!

    Also, need to say, you are absolutely beautifull, those pictures are amazing, the lights, the coulors…I just love it!!

    Ester 🙂

  • Those photos are beautiful and I love the kimono!

    I struggle with my ideal living size – small city, big city, out in the middle of nowhere. What I’ve come to terms with is that I can choose a “home base” and then spend as much time wherever I want and get a fix for all types of living.

    Taryn Nicole

  • These pictures are so special! I love the bond you guys have as sisters! The one of y’all sitting on the dock captures that so perfectly. Sarah is absolutely the best!!!!

  • I live in village close to a medium size town
    I definitely could not live in the middle of nowhere…
    I know
    not in a big city….

  • these photos are so gorgeous and you girls are so fun! living in the middle of nowhere is actually pretty fantastic..I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • I am from LA but lived out my young adulthood in an extremely isolated rural part of Guatemala before moving back. We were about 2 hours drive from a movie theater or grocey store (we had farmers market and basics), or, like, a taco bell? …and it sang my soul! Let me tell you, it’s the best!!! It’s so peaceful, and the pace of your life slows down beautifully and suddenly you have time for things like porch sitting and sunset watching and naps and hammocks and hobbies and cooking, magically. And you just instantly are way more inclined towards early sleep and early rising. I mean, it gets so dark and quiet at night, in the best way. It changes the whole pace of your thoughts, even. I do like going to concerts and movies and the beach and Disneyland, quite a bit, living back in orange county, but the benefits of urban living don’t compare with the payoff of slow living. It’s super worth it. My ideal is rural but with a town an hour away, so you still get your fix of urban excitement, but your day to day is calm and every one of those drives to town for something simple like a restaurant or movie is that much more fun and exciting, like it’s own road trip

  • We all want to come visit you Meg! An island in Alaska… it sounds amazing and romantic. And I agree about pros and cons to everywhere you can live! Thanks for reading! So glad you have internet out there! 🙂 xo – Sarah

  • it would be a little tough for me at first to get used to living in the middle of nowhere, because im definitely a city girl who needs a lot going on haha! but there has always been a part of me that would love to live in a tiny little village where everyone knows each other, almost like a separate world….i hope to try it someday too 🙂

  • My husband and I moved to his family farm for almost 9 months. We were 50 minutes away from Tulsa and any decent shopping, grocery stores, entertainment and medical care. The distance from medical care was the reason we chose to move back to town. I am a ginormous klutz who tends to have terrible luck. One evening when we went horseback riding I fell off and went unconscious. After not being able to get a phone signal to call anyone to help us my husband lugged me over his shoulder and carried me for over a mile back to the house, still unconscious. We drove an hour to an ER room where we waited for another 30 minutes before being seen by a doctor. Soon after I recovered we started looking for a place back in the “city.” It was peaceful, calm and quiet but I sure do like the perks of living in town.

  • Absolutely LOVE these photos! Yall look amazing, the light is perfect, the background is GORGEOUS, and the outfits are to die for!!!!

  • I have been dreaming of ditching the big city (los angeles) to live in the middle of nowhere. I do not dream of some day owning a cookie cutter contemporary home with marble counters and archways in a suburb somewhere. I dream of pre-fabs, case study houses and shipping container homes in the Joshua Tree desert or in the forest of northern California. I spent many years haunting Trulia for homes in Joshua Tree, they are dirt cheap and literally surrounded by nothing by dirt. Love it! I would LOVE to be surrounded by nature and trees and live in a shack in solitude. How nice to be able to visit your Grandma at her lovely hide-away. Visit often, Grandma’s are the BEST!

  • I live in the town at the moment and don’t mind it but can’t wait for my when my boyfriend and I get married and I live on the farm with him! An hour to the nearest supermarket might be something I’ll have to get used though.
    The peacefulness of it, the great view of snowy mountains, and baby animals are things I can’t resist.
    A house is being shifted to one of the paddocks for us which is fuuuuuun. Converting the paddock to a home will need some serious inspiration! Good thing I know where to go! 😉

    PS. I cannot wait for your book to come out!

  • Some of my most cherished memories are from when I lived in a mountain cabin in Colorado. My daughter was born at this time and it was a wonderful place to begin motherhood, as well as an inspiring environment for her dad who was a musician.

  • how adoreable!!! i love those outfits and the sunflare in the last picture..truely magical!

  • The lighting in these pictures is amazing…and btw I sometine long to live in such a quite place as well, totally understand what you’re saing here…

  • Oh yes, I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Washington and now I live in the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica. I fell in love with a redheaded Costa Rican while on vacation and now live on his sustainable farm in the highlands . . . It’s freaking cold up here! 10,000 feet. I never thought I’d move to Costa Rica AND be more pale than I ever have been before. My childhood in WA prepared me for this, but living in the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica is A LOT different than living in the middle of nowhere in the USA. There is no here, the roads are always in bad shape so the 45 miles we actually are away from town does indeed take an hour and a half, there is no one-stop shopping here either. One shopping list might take 5 different stops and you’ll still come home without some things. But the view? My God. Our view. On a clear day we can see both oceans. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in Costa Rica. Plus, the beach is only 50 miles away– as the crow flies. In reality it’s two hours, but still. Pretty peachy. And we’re almost done building our sweet-ass rammed earth house. Our walls are like 18 inches of thermal mass. 😉 Pura Vida

  • I grew up in the country. we had to drive over a mountain (with a steep hairpin curve) to get to the grocery store, school, anything really.. I loved it as a kid and kind of hated it as a teen and now i’m back to loving it. I recently moved from Philly (where I went to school) to the middle of nowhere in North Carolina 🙂 Simple living is the happiest for me.

  • Emma – your lipstick is FANTASTIC in these photos! I would love to know the color/brand!

  • These are really lovely photos! I am always jealous that you two sisters get to hang out together all the time 🙂 Makes me miss my sisters!

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