Cotton + Leather Clutch Purse DIY

DIY Clutch PurseAfter we shared our fabric designs last week many of you requested a DIY for the little clutch we made. We whipped this simple cotton and leather clutch up in an afternoon. We love adding DIY pieces to our wardrobe and this clutch is a new favorite! Here’s how it’s done- Steps 1-21. Supplies Needed: Leather, patterned cotton fabric + solid lining cotton, 18 inch zipper, scissors, sewing machine. 2. Begin by cutting out the pieces for your clutch. You’ll need two 7×16 inch pieces of leather, two 5.5×15 pieces of fabric for the outside pieces, and two 11×15 pieces of fabric for the inside of the clutch. Note: If you want your clutch to be more sturdy, iron on a light fusible interfacing to the back of the patterned fabric pieces.Steps 3-4-5-63. Start by sewing together a piece of the outer fabric and leather by facing both outer sides in and sewing all along the edge. The reason the leather is slightly longer than the fabric is because the leather is thicker so this prevents it from laying as flat as the fabric after it is folded. This way the edges are an even width once the project is finished. 4. Flip the bag right side over to make sure all the lines are even. 5. Repeat this step with the other two pieces and then sew both sides together with the outer sides of the fabric facing in. 6. Once that’s finished, flip it right side out. Note: If this is your first time sewing leather, read our Tips for Sewing Leather articleSteps 7-8-9-107-8. Next, create the inside of the clutch by sewing together the two lining fabric pieces. Be sure to leave a small hole on the bottom of this so that you can flip the bag right side out once it’s finished! 9. Now it’s time to attach the zipper. Begin by flipping the lining bag with the outer side facing in. Then place the outer bag inside the inner bag so that both outer sides face one another.  Begin pinning the zipper in place so the it’s between each piece of fabric. 10. Be sure the top of the zipper facing upwards. 11. Let the other end of the zipper stick out the end so that when you sew it shut it’s tucked into the inside of the bag. Sew each side, securely attaching the zipper in place. 12. Last, pull the purse back through the hole in the bottom of the inner fabric. Once you’ve pulled it through, stitch up the hole.Make Your Own Clutch PurseMake Your Own Clutch PurseEnjoy your new purse! It’s perfect for going out on the town or storing small things, like makeup, when you are traveling. XO. elsie

  • Can you give a little additional advice on how to do the zipper? I love this clutch. I’ve made two now. But having trouble mastering the zipper. Particularly at either end of the zipper. It’s tough to close it off on the seam.

  • Can you make the bag with black and white on top? (Ur first pic) I would buyit from you! Love it!!!!

  • I made my own clutch tonight thanks to your tutorial, but oh my…this was my first zipper and very difficult (still not sure it’s right). Could you put a zipper tutorial up sometime?

  • this is so awesome, I am making it right now but am struggling with the lining part. Not too sure about the hole that is to be left? thanks!

  • okay that is SUCH a cute purse. I love it


  • I don’t think, but this looks TOTALLY DELISH!

    Also, your CAPTCHA spam blocker is so annoying! I swear I have to try proving I’m not a robot like 4-5 times before it believes me!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • My pouch purse is my FAVORITE – great to throw in a big bag or to take as clutch. Thank you for the awesome post!

    xo Carly Lenore

  • GREAT DIY post!! Love both clutches!



  • Love that idea. It’d also make a really good make up bag.

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  • I love both of them! It seems simple to make, but it looks so chic. The fabric patterns really make the bag!

  • I love the look of the leather, it has a really cute vintage vibe to it. They are really beautiful purses.

  • Y’all continue to amaze!

  • This is perfect! Thanks for sharing! It looks simple enough that people who are really bad at sewing (such as myself) can do it, too!


  • wooo ! what a great idea ! you gals always blow my mind with your creativity 🙂

  • This is fab! I am still trying to move past my ‘safe zone’ of making shoulder bags. Will definitely have to try making this clutch soon 🙂
    Victoria x

  • The clutch is absolutely wonderful!

  • I love love love this blog… so many fab ideas, I currently have three projects underway and will now be adding this to the list! Totally crushing on a Beautiful Mess x

  • Great DIY! I’m not talented when it comes to sewing but I know some people 😛

  • That’s so awesome! Thank you for sharing this.

    <3 Emi

  • Love this! Where do you purchase your leather? I’ve been wanting to buy some recently, but haven’t found any.

  • Totally going to do this!! Check out my blog:

  • Thanks for your sharing and welcome to check:
    I wish you have a nice day..

  • SO super cute girls! <3

    Stephanie May*

  • This is my absolute favorite DIY right now! So adorable!!!
    xo Heather

  • super cute! ya’ll always make things look so easy 🙂
    All your DIY post make me want to experiment with leather.

  • oh how adorable is this. it actually looks a bit close to topshop! which is excellent really. I want to try this. xoxo

  • Love the triangle one up top. Super cute & easy.
    Another idea to add to my fabric stamping list!

  • I so wish I could sew! You guys have so many cute DIY tutorials but I am just terrible at sewing! Maybe someday I’ll take an actual class, haha. They’re still fun to read though. 🙂


  • Such a cute idea! My husband and I just made a “date-idea jar”, and one of the dates is to make a diy project from your blog!

  • That is super cute and it seems easy even for me!! Thanks so much for sharing I LOVE it!!

  • Wow, what a great DIY!

    Check out what I wore today, leather jacket with ripped denim and nude heels:

    Anna Lou X

  • Looks so good, love the print!

  • Gilla min sida på Facebook så blir de lättare att följa min blogg:)

  • I’ll definitely be trying this!! 🙂

  • Those are beautiful! I really love the first one 🙂


  • It’s so adorable, thank you for sharing this. Definitely going to try this out soon! Only need to find a place where i can buy the leather..

  • LOVE this! You’ve inspired me to try some DIY’s!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • there are just so many fabulous ways that you can work this, so many different patterns and colors. OMG! LOOOOOVE it! gOING ON MY WINTER CRAFT LIST FO SHO!

  • Great project! One quick question though…I don’t understand your comment about making the leather longer width wise than the fabric portion. Is the seam allowance of the leather trimmed to be the same as the fabric piece after sewing?



  • I am in love with the fabric collection you created and I love seeing how you are using it in different projects! So inspiring!


  • I really love the mixture of the geometric print and the leather. There is something so cool about the combination. Thank you for the DIY! Love it!


  • Thank you for the DIY– I want to make one of these someday soon and this will be so helpful! I was wondering– could you share a couple of good sources for buying leather? I recently did some research and found a couple options but was so nervous to press the ‘buy’ button. I’d love a recommendation from you gals!

  • love , love , love this DIY post !

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  • Thanks for sharing!
    I love it, I pin it! and I will try to do it!!
    xoxo Luisella

  • Now this is a fun DIY! I love that you can choose whatever fabric you want – endless possibilities!


  • Love love LOVE it! That would be perfect for a bag to throw into my book for things like wallet and keys, and then just grab it out of my book bag when I actually get the chance to leave campus. Can’t wait to make one!


  • It’s beautiful and the fabric is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Oh the first one is so fun! I wish I could sew! It’s such a handy skill to have!

    xoxo Sarah

  • That looks chic and expensive! I LOVE IT! 🙂 I can’t wait to make mine! <3

  • I can’t believe you made this in an afternoon! I have no sewing skills to speak of, so I wonder if I could do this. I would love to have the first one with the black-and-white geometric print. Very cute! – Alison { }

  • This is so cute! You are so inventive. Your blog inspires me. It’s in my top 5 favorites! XO

  • I was hoping you would do a DIY post for this clutch. It looks like the perfect way to add some fun patterns and colors to an outfit. I can’t wait to make one for myself! I love your fabrics too. I just can’t decide which print I like best!

  • Sienna,
    We used fairly thin leather (no special needle) and it was fairly easy. We lowered the tension a bit and went very slowly. Hope that helps!

  • It’S beautiful! You inspire me so much (:


  • Super cute! Iv had a struggle sewing with leather in the past. Was this type fairly easy to work with?


  • This would kind of be a perfect makeup bag because I can never get one big enough for all the stuff I lug around with me everyday! Beautiful! X


  • Love this tutorial! It looks so easy to do but the resulting clutch is perfect! I love the leather and cotton combo. Definitely going to bookmark this to try later on in the year. 🙂

  • beautiful! I will never be able to do Do-it-yourself-things. 🙁 but you guys are awesome!

  • these are adorable! i bought similar fold-over styled clutches for my bridesmaid gifts, now im wishing i had done this instead!

  • Too cool! You ladies are so creative. I suffer 8:30-5 cube living & always have a hard time finding the motivation to keep at my crafts in my down-time. This blog is a huge inspiration to me! I love it!!

  • I love that blue flower fabric!!! Adorable DIY that I will be doing! Thanks!

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