Crafts & Cocktails Party

Crafts & Cocktails PartyA few weeks ago we had the honor of hosting a crafts and cocktails party with Zooey Magazine and Ruche

EmmaEmmaHere's what we wore. Dresses from Ruche and shoes from Seychelles, of course! Emma's sandals are our favorites from the new season and the dress I was wearing is the comfiest little thing ever. 

SeychellesSeychellesThe party was held in the Seychelles/BC Footwear showroom. It's an inspiring place to be, for sure! We had to try really hard to stop shoe shopping and focus on the party. ;) 

Goodie bagsTreats for everyone! 

Come DIY with us!Come DIY with us!Come DIY with us!Come DIY with us!There were a bunch of different craft and DIY stations. Our table was bow making. We taught, like, 100 people to make bows in an hour… so fun and crazy! 

Seychelles shoe DIYSeychelles shoe DIYSeychelles shoe DIYA few of the other crafts were shoe clips with Seychelles, fabric hangers with Ruche, fun nail art with Nicole by OPI and cupcake decorating with Zooey. I hope I'm not forgetting any… it was a crazzyyy busy party. So fun! 

Because Laughter is ContagiousBecause Laughter is ContagiousBecause Laughter is ContagiousPink champagne and treats… so sweet! 

Because Laughter is ContagiousWe love Ruche!We love Ruche!These are a few of our sweet pals from Ruche. They all have the best style! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few peeks from the party. While we were in LA we also had a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Zooey. We will definitely share that with you when it comes out (soon!). Have a great weekend! Elsie + Emma

  • What a fun day it seems! It seems like every girl’s wonderland!


  • This looks like it was a fabulous and fun party….I’m so jealous!


  • Wow that party looks awesome, to bad i live in France… I would have wanted to participate in all the diy’s: the cupcake decorating, the nail art and your bows!

    ps: those shoes are dreamy, i understand why you had to hold back 🙂

  • Great pictures, it looks like it was so much fun!!
    DIY rocks, it is so challenging!
    If you are looking for some more DIY ideas check this online challenge:

  • **the illustrator of that adorable mural is Kris Chau.
    She is a mega talented artist, designer at Free People and all-around wonderful person 🙂

  • What a lovely Event! Looks like it was fun to be apart of!

    a href=””> Bloomability

  • I want to live in your world!!

    Maria xx

  • Looks like such a lovely time!

    Juliette Laura

  • Wish I lived closer so I could have been there! I might have to steal the crafts and cocktails idea and throw my own little crafty get together (:


  • absolutely obsessed with these pictures! it looks like such an amazing time – can’t wait to see the zooey magazine spread – I bet it’s darling!

    Lady à la Mode

  • What a Fab event! Love the outfits you have on – sounds like it went so well.

  • Really nice post thanks for sharing!!!!

  • SO cute ! So girly and colorful !
    we are totally fond of it !


  • Looks like an awesome party! I hope you are able to share some of the crafts! 🙂

  • This looks like so much fun!!! Wish I was there 😉


  • This looks like the perfect even, so much fun and a little bit useful as well with DIY. 🙂

    xx Kaisa

  • What a wonderful idea, looks fabulous!Rx

  • Emma’s sandals are pretty, but they are too big for her feet.

  • Looks like an amazing time!


  • Looks like a really lovely event…

  • this looks like the most amazing event! i love it, and emmas dress is just AMAZING- the color! you both look great as always!

  • These photos are so lovely!
    And I lovee both your dresses 🙂 so pretty!

  • The party looks like it was so much fun!!

  • Awesome!
    Love this style of party and so much beauty was there!


  • You looked lovely and the event looks so cool! xx

  • So cute! I love both of your outfits! 🙂


  • That looks like a ton of fun! And I really do love those colorful shoes.

  • what a great party! one i would have loved to be a part of!
    “because life is a dancefloor!” new favorite!

  • Oh my gosh it looks like it was soooo much fun xxx

  • Looks like a great party, I definitely would have ended up shoe shopping (even if only in my mind)

  • Cute pics ! Love your dress !
    New post up:
    Love from Paris <3

  • Like I see you had perfect time. Both of your outfits are so nice. Have a great day.

  • Hi Elsie!

    It was so lovely meeting you in LA. You are so incredibly sweet!! My son really liked you and your orange shirt, he kept looking for you throughout the flea market 🙂

    Here’s the photo I took of you guys!


  • I absolutely love the high heeled “keds”-looking shoes in the photo of all the shoes. I cannot find them on either Seychelles or bc footwear’s websites. Can you please point me in the right direction as I am going crazy over those shoes!

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Oh how I wish I was there! That looks like such a fun time!!!

  • This looks like such a fun party! I love all the craft stations.

  • You two sisters are just the best, most fun, and creative duo. Love your blog so much.

  • Wow, looks like a great time!

    Jillian –

  • What a fun day out! This looks so good~
    Join our $150 dress giveaway!

  • Wow.. do you have a tattoo on your arms!
    Didn’t know about it! Superrr love them! 😉

  • Oh my it seems soo much fun!I wish I could have been there too!

  • Looks so fun, I wish I could have been there…sigh. To bad it’s all the way in Missouri and not North Caroline 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    By the way my sister and I have started a new blog:
    Thanks again!

  • Looks like so much fun.. actually really sad I missed such a nice day! But fllowing this blog makes me very happy, truly inspirational! 🙂 <3

  • Looks like so much fun! Loving Emma’s dress and Elsie your shoes are amazing!

    Lulu xx

  • What a wonderful event. It makes me wish I lived closer.
    Beautiful photos as usual!
    Thanks for sharing
    P.s LOVE your shoes Elsie!

  • That sounds like an ideal party combination! And it looks like it was ridiculously fun!!

  • Wow, that looks like so much fun. I wish I could have been there! Love the shoes. Have a great weekend.


  • So cute 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to go to one of those partys!
    Amazing how spontanious people just learn to make a bow! 😀
    Elsie, you got me with your Seychelles…I think i will have to get a pair soon, too.
    I think your dress, Elsie would be a great Diy sewing project 🙂

    Love, Lorelei
    from the new designed Blog


  • Looks so fun and I love the mint dress!

    Seaside Beauty

  • Oh my gosh, that wall of shoes! I would’ve gone broke, haha. Looks like such a fun party! I love Zooey Magazine, they’re awesome!

    xo. Mandy


  • Looks like a lovely event! I see some very, very gorgeous shoes!

  • What a lovely party!!! Great idea!

  • I love the photo of the illustration and quote at Seychelles…do you know the illustrator/artist? Great photos!

  • I love your outfits and this looks like such a fab event! Lovely photos.

  • What a FUN party! How long did it last? I could craft

  • That looks so fun! Glad you guys had fun and LOVE both of your outfits! I also love the Ruche wall. So pretty!


  • Looks like a very fun event! I love the blue ballerina flats with the white polka dots.

  • I love your photography- the saturation is perfect!

    Looks like everyone had a lot of fun, I’m jealous 🙁

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