Creative Challenge #2 (with HollySarah)

Hi everyone, I'm Holly and I'm excited to share a little scrapbooking challenge with you this morning! 
When it comes to scrapbooking, lately I've been trying to keep it simple. Using enlarged photos and few embellishments.  Here's a little tutorial for one of my favorite layouts. 
-Take a photo that you love (of anyone or anything) and print an 8×10.  
-Pick one patterned paper or fabric that corresponds well with the photo, either with complementing colors or eye catching textiles.  
-Cut the paper/fabric to 10"x12"' and place it on a 12×12 sheet of chipboard.   Then place the photo somewhere on the patterned piece creating a frame for the photo.  
-Make the photo pop by adding some handwriting or doodles.  My favorite tool for this is the Opaque Zig Writers in white & black.  I added cute contrasting dashes.  
-Add tape to one side of the photo.  I used japanese deco tape, but I love the look of masking tape and duct tape, for a more industrial look.
-Spice it up a little more (if you want to) with cutie cabochons!! I found these black roses at Another great place is  Take multiples of the same one and adhere them in a row with glue dots.
-Add a little text by means of a dymo labeler, or cut out letters from a contrasting media like construction or contact paper.
-I also added one fun sticker from RVA.

Now you have a lovely piece of art that you can display on a shelf, or clip to a wall.
*I love what Jeremy did here:
Change it up and make a simple layout like this once a month to keep the decor/colors fresh and changing with the seasons.

Here's another fun challenge for all of you.  Ever in a self portrait rut?? Try thinking about something you find awkward about yourself and take a photo of it!  Make a layout with the photo and embrace the awkwardness! Post the layout on your blog/flickr to share it with everyone.  Maybe the things we think are awkward about us are really beautiful features! Maybe others share these same features!
-I've always been knock-kneed and thought it looked strange.  I wanted to photograph some new leggings, and couldn't get away from the turned in knees… I went with it, and put it in my birthday scrapbook… 
turned out I got compliments on how cute it was!  Sometimes we just need to embrace the real us. Agreed?

I love all you blogworld bff's!! So much so that I'm going to give away an AMAZING hair product.  Osis Dust It. <3  Check it out.. 
Happy Monday, party it up!
XOxo, holly
ps. leave me a comment for a chance to win. 

  • good morning.
    the polaroid is great.
    i just drove across the country and created a polaroid travel album along the way.


  • I am so trying this layout when I get home from work tonight! Super awesome!

    What a cool product too!

  • Oh MY Goodness!!!! We were just talking about that 🙂 I NEED the dustit sooooo bad 🙂
    I think your knees are super cute and I am going to make an awesome scrapbook page like this today!! love you holly

  • Hi Holly – I love what you’ve said about the awkwardness thing – Its such a great message. I bet heaps of people wouldn’t think anything as bad as what we can think ourselves. I know I am my worst critic.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • wow holly! thanks for the really great post and super super challenges! i especially love the idea behind the second one. what a great way to to embrace all of yourself, even the things that you struggle with. a could fill a whole album on that alone! lol

  • good morning everyone!

    i’ve actually been up all night crafting!

    love the new challenges!
    can’t wait to show you guys what i have been working on.

    holly, i love the awkwardness thing. you are

  • What a great challenge- Thanks! And that product looks like it would be a godsend for my fine hair 😀

  • Everyones already told you how super YOU are, so I’m just gonna say that you have some of the cutest layouts i have ever seen….


  • Thanks for the challenge Holly! I’m going to try this one! Never heard of the hair product but it looks cute though <3

  • Thanks for the challenge-it seems like the perfect way to get out of a rut and to get creating again! I’ve been COMPLETELY blocked. =)

  • oh man i LOVE that hair product. they used it on all of us for my best friends wedding, and half of the bridal party cleared out the salon’s inventory…and it’s three hours away so i can’t just pop in and get it whenever, you knows?

    i like the yarn 22s, super cute 🙂

  • holly- i adore you. i found you on flickr a long time ago and have enjoyed your photos since. then when you started popping up on this blog i was too excited. 🙂 thanks for keeping my head full of inspiration…you rock!!!

  • Love the challenge and will get to it right after my daughter’s field day 🙂 And I think your layouts were adorable !

  • I’m totally loving your layout- I’ll try the challenge this evening when I get home from work!

  • 1). that picture is adorable.
    2). you guys are all so generous.
    3). I think I’m going to scrap and craft tonight after work…maybe even on my lunch break.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    <3 B

  • good morning holly!!
    first off your tattoo is lovely!
    second…im wondering which 8 by 10 pic i shall use 🙂
    thanks for the inspo love

  • hey! so excited for the rest of today.. holly you are such a cutie and i love all your scrapbooking layouts.

  • ahhhh this is the coolest day ever. what a fun idea to have a 24 hour blog party! holly… elsie…. and all the rest….. you girls are so fab! thanks for continuously inspiring me to create cute stuff. : )

  • cant wait to try this layout – i already have so much inspiration from all of these posts 🙂 thanks so much! <3

  • I love your layout, and I will need to try this one because I am always just to concerned about how much stuff I put on my page. Love the simplicity:)

  • osis dust is my favorite!!

    your layouts are so cute and fresh.

    thanks for the inspiration…


  • Holly,

    You are adorable. And it’s a true gift for someone to share their passion and the techniques! Wonderful work 🙂


  • Hi, Holly! What a great way to embrace the things we’re not so crazy about ourselves! I was just talking about my ugly legs yesterday! lol As always, great pages! Love your scrappin’ style so much! xoxo

  • Hi Holly!

    I don’t think I have ever heard/seen this product in my area. It may be that I’m just shopping in all the wrong places!

  • WOW!! The point of highlighting your awkwardness is magical..I am going to use that!

  • Hello…. i love love LOVE your tattoo… it makes me want one! 🙂

  • I Love the Scrapbook Challenge! I’m going to do it. I need a page with Molly Kate for my latest book.

    LOVE YOUR SITE SOOO MUCH!!! You inspire me–so much I had to buy a turquoise ring just to feel more like ME.

    Fan for life,

    Kate (The Wild Curl)

  • Hey holly! Love the layout. Hope u enjoyed springfield. Those girls are so much fun. Really enjoy the large scale photos. It makes everything so much more enjoyable.
    Have a great day.

    Xo ang

  • ok… here’s the BIG challenge! finish cleaning my scrap room so i can get to work on these pages! you rock girl! loooooves!


  • holly, i love those photos of your ‘knock knees’ i know lots of girls who have this same ‘problem’ though i find it rather endearing. are those faux leather tights? because they are the best! i love wearing them with a pretty dress; such a great contract; give it a try!!

  • Man, I haven’t made a layout in foooorrreevver!!! But I am loving your precious simplicity…I’ll definitely give this one a try 🙂

    Thanks so much,

  • A-dor-able!!! It’s mine and hubby’s anniversary today. I think I will take a cute picture of us in our dress-up clothes tonight and make him a surprise using this layout!
    thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • I’m so excited about your page tutorial! I can’t wait to get off work to go and create!!



  • love the pages above your desk. I have tons of scrapbook paper and i never do anything with it!!!! this totally makes me want to dig out pictures and take more!

  • I love love love this stuff. My hair is so fine, it’s the only thing I’ve tried that works on giving me some height and not flattening in five seconds! Mine’s almost gone. This would be perfect!

    Love your layouts!

  • great great challenge holly! you are so inspiring!!
    would love that hair product 🙂

  • I love the bday layout! too cute! I always do that with my feet. my dear mom used to bug me about it all the time…


  • I can’t wait to look at posts like these more in details (instead of just scanning).. but I’d love to hear more about that product you are giving away… what it is used for, why you like it so much, etc. 🙂

  • i should have called in sick! so much inspiration and lovely things to try! i’m going to be busy tonight!

    my sister always looks drunk (or heavily medicated!) in each and every picture ever taken of her…but we love her just the same!

  • i LOVE that polaroid of you and ms. elsie! it’s perfection.

    love the layout, i may try and do it soon, right after i have my coffee! 😀

    thanks for the inspiration! xo.


  • aww, i love the idea of photographing something awkward and trying to see beauty in it. (PS–i agree that your legs&layout is adorable 🙂

    pssst and can you say where you got the little cardigan you’re wearing in the polaroid? i’m forever searching for shirts with sleeves that length, and it’s super cute!


  • i have no idea what this is.. but if it works on fine curly hair im all in 🙂

  • How fun! I never would have thought of scrap-booking about… much awkwardness, i don’t know what i would choose. My elbows i suppose. 🙂

  • love the idea of doing a layout of a part of yourself that you think is akward.

  • i think it was a really cute page! everyone from rva has amazing work!

  • wooo hoo what a great recipe for a LO going to have to try this, love working with large photo!!! great page too!! lovin it

  • I love the idea of scrapbooking something that is awkward about myself…i am just going to have to try it.

  • Awesome challenge!

    I am all set with an 8 x 10 and I needed a gentle nudge!



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