Restyled Scarf DIY

Black and white crocheted scarf diy I always seem to forget how much I like scarves, until it gets to be about 30 degrees outside. Then I realize, I LOVE scarves. This is an easy way to spruce up a plain jane scarf you might already have lying around. Take a look below at how we created this little number.
Black and white crocheted scarf diy  (1)Supplies: Large knitted scarf, thick yarn, needle.

This project is a simple technique. Begin by creating a line of small stitches all the way down the length of the scarf. Repeat this process to where the stitching is every other one, giving it a more checkered look. Repeat once more so that there are three lines of stitches next to each other. Continue to repeat this process until you have three sections of three lines of stitches.

This project is very simple but a little time consuming. I finished mine in about the length of a movie or two, so it makes for a perfect project to tackle during a cozy night indoors. I love the folky vibe it gives off; I'm thinking I could make them in so many different colors!Black and white crocheted scarf diy 4Black and white crocheted scarf diy 4Black and white crocheted scarf diy 3Happy stitching! – Kinsey

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