cure for the common coldies…



Here's a little dose of Suki cuteness. She had her surgery yesterday (yea, that one… she's never gonna be a mother. tear!). I spent last night snuggling her and it's the saddest thing to see her not being her normal, extremely playful self. I'm sure she'll be better in a few days, but if nobody's looking send her a little kiss ok? 



In other news… It's COLD. I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but here in Missouri it's insanely cold plus we live in a 100 year old house and work in a 100 year old building. haha! Here are our cures for the common coldies… Hot tea 24/7, heated blankets are heaven, tights are a daily must, boots and socks, blankets and quilts and of course… snuggling puppies. XO, elsie 

  • Our dog(we named him Snoopy from Charlie Brown)had the same thing done a while ago.We felt so bad for him and we completely spoiled him.Here’s a little kiss for your dog 🙂 By the way,it’s cold here too.

  • Oh, sending Suki lots of love! My cures for the cold are to wear my mans clothes over mine…they are sooo much warmer, hot water bottles, blankets and coffee!!

    Hope you warm up soon!


  • awwww, both my little puppies are fixed. here are a few kisses for suki XX (btw i once fostered a dog named suki, such a perfect pup name)

    where i’m at, yesterday i wore shorts and a cardigan and was only a little bit chili. not the best weather to get into the christmas spirit, but it suits me. =]

  • Aww poor Suki 🙁 Love that afghan- I have a brown, cream, and orange one just like it! Such a cute pattern. Stay warm — It was a shorts and flip flop day here in the South -boo

  • Awww, poor Suki. When my Pullo-Monster had his boy parts snipped he spent days sprawled out on a fur blanket with a cone arond his neck, I felt like the worst mama ever. I just reminded myself that the average fixed pup lives 3 more healthy years that the non-fixed and gave him extra snuggles.

  • I live in Australia so normally we would be sweating & hot, but this year it is actually cold. Some parts of Aus have actually had snow! Crazy!

    A kiss & a hug for little Suki, she will feel all better really soon I’m sure. Love fixes everything.

  • Hey! I really like your blog & I’m having a really hard time trying to make a banner for mine. Any tips? Can’t get mine wide enough!

  • poor suki! my puppy just had that surgery last week but she’s back to her normal self now. hopefully suki gets feeling better soon!

  • That blanket/shawl/crocheted-yummy-gorgeousness is to diiiiieeeee for… Wherever did you find it?

    (oh please oh please let your answer be something I can duplicate…. like “the tutorial on that blanket is a la ‘this website'” oh please oh please)

  • Awww! Hugs to Suki! I have to take our puppy Dexter( he is a pug/miki mix)in two weeks for the same thing! 🙁 It is pretty chilly in Wisconsin too. My shop is in 100 yr old building as well but luckily my landlord pays for the heat! Hang in there & stay warm!!! xo! Happy Holidays!!

  • Our pup just had the same surgery two weeks ago Thursday. She was almost herself by Friday and was at full perkiness by Saturday. Hopefully Suki’s recovery will be equally as quick! 🙂

  • My poor little dog kept biting at her stitches so they made her wear one of those cones around her neck. It was really pathetic and sad, but completely adorable at the same time.

  • Awww, I hated when my dog, Lux, got “that” surgery, but it’s way better for them. And she still looks adorable.

  • I live an hour and a half north of Toronto Canada and we have had 5 feet of snow in the last 2 weeks! Snow pants, touques, scarves and mittens are musts now for sure! Makes for a white and merry christmas!

  • awww my puppy had her surgery two days ago!! i hate seeing her in pain… it breaks my little heart! good lucky with the cold weather… here in NZ its hot hot hot! hehe have a wonderful christmas and new years! and drink lots of tea/hot coco!

  • Sending get well wishes to Suki! Seeing your fur babies not feeling well and there being nothing you can do for them is the worst.

    I had a twinge of guilt when I took my Chihuahua in for the dreaded surgery but my vet actually said that getting it done early will prevent certain cancers AND female dogs can have a huge personality change after birthing pups.

  • Aww…poor little Suki. My puggle Oliver sends his (also neutered) love to her! She’ll be up and at ’em in a couple days, but I know how sad it is to see your baby mope around 🙁 We also live in an ancient house, which I do love, but the draftiness gets pretty unbearable when it’s cold. All the better for snuggling, coffee and quilts though, indeed!

  • *kisses for suki* Hope she’s back to her normal self soon!! And it’s been raining here for days..not sure if it’s held up yet..But the lowest it gets here is usually around 50ish..

  • Awwwww Hugs & Kisses Suki!!! =] I currently live in Montana and its -1 degree here! ahhhhh!!! My husbands in the Air Force so we’re stationed up here, but we should hopefully be moving to sunny Florida! And we’re supposed to stop at Red Velvet Shop to visit you and do some shopping!!!! Yayyyy i cant wait! I’m so excited and i hope i get to meet you!!! =] nitey nite!

  • Aw cute pup, mine is going to go through the same thing pretty soon and I’m a bit concerned. It’ll be sad I’m sure. Love your blog btw<3
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Aw, bless her, kisses to Suki.

    It’s ffffreeezing in England!. My mother in law to be hasn’t even been able to go to the loo in her house, because the loo pipes were frozen solid!

    Stay warm and have a lovely Christmas. 🙂

  • My little Egg Roll was the same way right after surgery. But she was up and running the next day. Used her cone to scoop up dirt 😛

  • Aww Suki is so cute! Yup, pretty cold here – lots of snow and ice which means lots of tights under jeans, long socks over jeans and socks over those socks – yup a whole lot of layering!!

    Merry Christmas xx

  • It’s cold here and we had snow. And I’m sick – yay! I want to go home and curl in bed but my manager isn’t here today and so I’ve got to stay. Ugh

  • This is such a sweet post! I hope little Suki has a speedy recovery … I know her mommy will be taking good care of her. 😉

  • Suki will be back to normal in no time, little dogs recover quickly!

    It was 57 this morning here in North Florida, which is kind of mild as it gets cold in the early morning this time of year! I wish it could stay like that!

  • eeeep! my pug muffin, rococo tidbits, was spayed a week and a half ago.

    make sure she doesn’t lick her boo boo! i didn’t think rococo could reach that far but she proved me wrong (and wound up with an infection).

  • ahh! i love little suki so much! makes me love pugs all over again.

    and i know what you mean with the cold. our house is almost 100 years old. and insulation definitely wasn’t top priority when building this house. good thing i love to layer!

  • Poor Suki .. my Pug a Poo Izzy had that done and she was pitiful (I think she hammed it up a bit too) 🙂 Kisses to adorable Suki. I’m in Missouri also, so I know what your saying about the COLD. Merry Christmas to all at Red Velvet !

  • My dog Mira sends Suki her love. She’ll be better in a few days for sure! On a side note… I think that daisy blanket is adorable!

  • Poor suki!
    I only wish it was cold in South Mississippi. Today the high is 65 degrees and nice enough to open all the windows. Every year I just wish for a cold Christmas.


  • I so empathize. I’ve lived in old, old houses my entire adult life. Cold Winters are a small price to pay for character. My electric blanket is my best friend December to March!

  • Suki is so precious! I have a little brindle pug named Gracie and I know what good cuddlers they can be 🙂

  • I live in Upstate New York and it’s sooo cold. I live in a house that’s about 50 years old and mingha, it’s ffffreezing in there. Brr.

    Kiss to your pupster. When we had that done for our puppy he just wanted to snuggle up on our laps and get lots of kisses.

  • Hey…we have a 150 year old home..maybe thats why we have 4 dogs…and the hubs just picked up a stray! parents are visiting with there two dogs…that means every person can have a dog and 3/4’s…3 of the dogs are tiny so maybe they just count as 1 big one. I sent secret kisses to your recouperating lil one…don’t let the 7 doggies here know..they’ll get jealous! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • We just moved into an old house so the down blanket has come off our bed and now stays tucked into a corner by our couch. It comes out at about 6:30 every night. Love being warm and toasty 🙂

  • haaaaaaa!!!! que hermosa pequeñita, estará mejor dentro de unos días ya que pase el dolor; así estuvo mi perrita. Pero es mejor para darles el cuidado que de verdad requieren. un saludo desde mexico 😀

  • I just saw your engagement photos on the wedding blog Ruffled! Two of my favorite blogs coming together 🙂

  • Aw, poor Suki. Hope she’s back to her normal self soon! (Random: My childhood nickname was Suki. Too funny.)

    It was a pleasure getting to visit Red Velvet and meet you and Emma last Friday! We had a great time and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my coat. 🙂 I put some photos of the shop on my blog!

    Stay warm!!

  • it’s a great thing that your pup had that surgery though. some people think it’s “cruel” but what’s worse is the amount of puppies and kitties that are put down every year because people don’t fix them. D:

    so kisses for puppy and a pat on the back for you!

  • Aw, poor Suki. she looks so so sad. I hope that she starts feeling better quickly. Oh, and the post above (the engaged photos)- so freakin cute! have a really Happy Christmas and New Year holiday!

  • ahh! I love little puppies. They’re so cuddly. He really looks very cold in that photo. I have a puppy she comes with me shopping. Since then, my mom got so angry when I’m with him because of my asthma. But still I go play with him. Animals have feeling too. They know if you love them or regret them.

  • As much as I do not like dog kisses, here’s a little kiss for suki! poor thing! Hope she feels better soon. 🙂 It’s freezing here too -I hate the cold! I’m constantly snuggling up with my cats and blankets. Today’s definitely a pj day!

    Merry Christmas!

  • What an adorable, sad little face! And such a cute name. She’s a lucky girl to have such a doting mama. 🙂

  • oh Suki honey, we share your suffering here honey. Excellent excuse to stay snuggled in bed with Mummy, get her to spoon you under the blankets to keep you warm (that’s what Elvis does when he wants some snuggle time). You’ll be back to yourself in a day or two, Lots of puggie kisses from Elvis and Sunny xx

  • Aw! Poor kitties! 😉 Watch out for your hubsand too. Mine decided to swing things around like a little boy the other day, got too close to the tree, and busted one of the ornaments. If it’s not animals making messes, it’s hubsands. 😉

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