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Il_430xN.92001094paper whistle.

Il_430xN.91051259anything green.

Il_430xN.83058024and anything knitted.

Oh… and blogging! so i’m gonna blog lots this month. I want to make an updated FAQ post (for quick reference. i get asked the same questions a lot via e-mail, that would help a lot!) as well, so i’ll use the the questions i receive often, but if you have a question please add it here to the comments. i’ll do a post (or possibly multiple posts) about it this month. Random questions are cool, business questions are great and personal questions will be considered! Basically, i’m just looking for topics that you’d be interested in me blogging about!  

Have a great night! 🙂 Elsie 

Photo 710

  • a step by step guide to your hair. how can it be soooo long and still have so much volume??

  • me me me! *raises hand* How do you stay motivated? Like I know this is your career, and I can tell you love your job, but do you ever have days when you are in a slump and if so, how do you recommend getting out of it? Thanks, I would love some motivation! xxoo

  • How do you go about making prints of paintings I guess I just really don’t understand the whole process or where to even go, what kind of paper to ask for, etc.

    answers would be appreciated!

    love all the new prints!

  • i’ve been wondering if you’ve always been so awesome, or was was your awesomeness something that developed in your more recent years? in addition, i’m interested to see what you looked like when you were a little girl. 🙂 i’m sure you were just the most precious thing!

  • HI Elsie 🙂 I want to know how was High school for you? were you a total fab nerd 😀 or the indie girl or a cheerleader :O Im just kidding! XD But I’d like to know!

    Have you traveled to central america? or south america? 🙂

    rain or shine,

    Pixieeeelove :)!!

  • good questions above! i’m excited. i would like tips on how to go from *loving* photography (with a Canon IS S3) to taking *professional* photos with the same camera and/or additional lenses. basically, i would like to know the next step to taking great photos.
    thanks, elsie. xx

  • Amen to the first comment!
    And also, what printer do you use? I know you’ve told us once before, but for the life of me I can’t find that post!!!!! Husband and I are in the market for a great printer 🙂
    xxoo Klara

  • Will you post your autumn playlist for us? I remember you discussing one WAY back but I don’t think you ever put it up. I would love to hear it- I think you have great taste in music! 🙂

  • I was wondering what RVA was like in th beginning. Did you start selling things straight away, of just gradually? And, also, what do you think made it the success it is today?

    🙂 x

  • hmmm..

    what did you do to promote A Beautiful Mess, when it was just a baby blog? And also, what is Erin’s role in RVA? does she make things aswell, or just work in the shop?


  • Elsie! I’d love to know if you had any technical training/post secondary school before illustrating/painting/starting your shop? Just out of interest/curiosity! 🙂 (I’m trying to decide what to do with my own education…lol).

    If so (or not) have you noticed any hurdles related to that? Do you have any regrets about going/not going to college or university? Anything you wish you’d taken/learned before starting out on your own?

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Could’nt you please blog about your schooltime? Good things. Bad things that you learned something from? Thanks! 🙂

  • I’d also really like to know how you go about getting your prints done? is it through a business or do you print them at home?

  • Dahlias are my favorite flower. Do you prefer the regular ones or the pom pom ones?

    I love that yellow pillow and your skirt!

  • I was wondering if you are ever planning on going back to scrap booking? I own both your books and still have tons of stuff from your lines with KI!!! Will you design more or come out with more idea books? I love your stuff and always look through your books for inspiration!!! p.s I love everything you do but I miss seeing your creative scrap pages<33

  • Haha, I was also wondering if you still make scrapbooklay-outs and if you would like te share them with us 🙂

  • I’d love to see another video tour of your house – I don’t think you’ve done one for where you live now have you? I absolutely love the old video, so inspiring and like nothing else I’ve seen anywhere!

    And yeah, lots of stuff about your work routines and motivation AKA how you get so much done! xx

  • I am more or less in the same situation like Megan and had the same question. When you said that you quit work with KI and there will be no more Love, Elsie scrapbooking stuff, I started buying everything I could get hold of and that’s not so easy when you live in Austria 🙂 getting hold of your recipe book was an adventure…. noooooot easy…
    And I love your stuff und would love to see new scrapbooking things from you – maybe you should consider a co-operation with Bam Pop since they are your friends – and their scrapbooking stuff is also so sweeeeeeet.
    I also wondered how the process of your prints works.
    And I am definitely waiting for the house tour!
    Oh and I wanted to know whether it’s easy for you to clear out stuff in your house when you’ve bought too many new things. And if so, how do you do it and how often…

    XO Sandy

  • Yes, I have a “few”! Ahem…

    I seem to notice that you are interested in eating healthily. My simple question; what do you eat? And when did you start living this way (“this way” = I’m thinking maybe macrobiotic or vegetarian?)

    Will you ever (PLEASE) design more scrapbooking supplies?

    Are you still friends with other “famous” scrapbookers?

    Do you do still scrapbook?

    What paint do you use (for example the foxes that you did recently)? Any other art supplies that you could recommend?

    Thank you!

    PS. Also I have to let you know that you´ve been my nr 1 inspiration ever since I discovered your blog. I’m not so interested in home decor and vintage stuff so I find myself visiting the blog less than before (probably a good thing *lol*). But you still are the closest I’ve ever come to having an idol. Yes, I like you way more than all the great artists, moviemakers, fashion photographers of our time. I hope you’ll let that sink in for a while as I pride myself on my taste in art *lol*. Seriously you deserve credit for your creative genius and all the hard work over the years. You are the best.

    Thank you so much for this blog!

    Love from Sweden

  • hi lovely! 🙂
    my question- where do you get prints made at?
    i’ve been printing my art prints with a photo company on photo paper.. and it’s just not the same quality as a proper print. any suggestions where i can get something like that done online?

  • also want to know how to go from paintings to prints??? i THINK you photograph them… but HOW- step by step for the slow girl (ME) please!!!
    i’ve loved you since your scrapbooking submission days!!!

  • I would love to know about your healthy eating or ideas about healthy body and if you feel it connects with your daily life/creativity. You have talked about wild sleeping times etc. Yet you look wonderful, healthy and slim………something is really working for you!
    Oh and I see the print question has come up….where do you get your printing done?
    Do you ever make a “ugly” mess sometimes? Has a project or a painting ever just NOt turned out for you? I feel like I messs so much stuff up and it is not a “beautiful mess” but a total flippin disaster…..ever do that???

  • Hello lovely girl! I just wanted to stop by to say hi and to catch up with what’s been going on in your world! Love love LOVE all of the new stuffs in your shop, lots and lots of loveliness! Just bought the new recipe books and can’t wait to get them!! Keep this great stuff coming ;]


  • I would definitely love to know your approach to starting your business and actually opening a store. My friend and I are seriously investigating on how to open our own restaurant, we’re both 23 and every part of it its completely overwhelming. I know the restaurant is not the same as a store, but any and every piece of advice or tip you could throw my way woul dbe GREATLY appreciated.


  • WOW!I love your photograph!!<3<3

    I'm from japan.

    *my question*(very simple!!LOL)

    #1:Do you like Japan?

    #2:Have you been to Japan?(^O^)

    I'm just a high school student.so I'm not very good at English:(

    maybe I have some grammatical mistakes:P

  • So I am always curious like I always say to myself “How did she come up with that??” I guess so basically my question is, do you always draw cartoony? Or like, can you draw realistic? Because anytime i try to draw something cartoony i freak out! Stupid OCD. No… Lol. Just perfectionism, have you never been a perfectionist? Because I think what makes your cartoony things great is their imperfections, you know what i mean?????

  • Wow thats a lot of questions already > I might not go there tonight! as i think u have enough already. One thing I’d like to say is that I adore you and always will!

  • I’ve always wondered how the graphics for some of your prints/ cartoon depictions of embroidery patterns are made. They appear to be computer designed, possibly with a wacom pad, but I’m not quite sure and would love to know!

  • Love the outfit you are wearing in that photo! Vintage or did you get the skirt/shirt from someplace like f21? Also, I know you have talked about doing another tour of your studio/loft (which I sooo would love to see)but I think you should DEF. include your closet in that video! 🙂 I would love to see if it is organized or if you display everything.

  • hmm… i’d like to know the printmaking process. how does something go from original art to a print and still capture all the beautiful colors and tiniest details?

    i’d also like to make a request for a 2010 calendar. i already bought and made my planner which i adore! but a calendar filled with your adorable art would just so brighten my cubicle. <33

    a house tour. some of your favorite artists. your favorite outfit. your favorite recipe (i'm such a foodie!) your favorite book/author.

    and please please please what hair products do you use? i have long layered hair but mine is soooo flat! i'm actually considering a perm/body wave just to get some body to my hair. i'm thinking of taking in your picture and saying, "hair like this please."

    love you elsie!

  • i have oodles and oodles of questions!
    firstly i know u said u went uni for a little while but what did u study?
    have u ever had a normal job? eg worked in a store?
    how many kids do you want?lol
    do you plan ur wedding and how would u like ur wedding to be?
    whats next for rva?
    how did u come up with rva as a name?
    does victoria and erin make things at ur shop and is it a prerequiste that ur able to craft before working in ur store?

  • I agree… hair, hair, hair!!! Yours always looks great, and I love all of the RVA headbands and bows, but never know how to wear them correctly! Thanks!!!

  • Hahaha, I can only hope you’ll answer my question, but I know the likelyhood of it happening is ohhh, about as likely as you popping out of the computer screen, eh? Anyway, my question is can you pinpoint your life to one moment when you knew your dreams would come true? I know that sounds oh so corny, but there had to be a moment when all of the sudden you knew RVA would open a store, you met Jeremy, et cetera. So please, answer a poor girl’s question?

  • I would love to see pictures of your closet and your all your fabulous jewelry.

  • Well first I want to say thanks for your blog and art because it’s making me feel like I could be an artist (which technically I am a graphic designer…go figure) and to think outside of the box. My idea of art used to be the perfectly symmetrical line drawing or I dunno…the perfect portrait.

    My questions:
    One: how did you get into designing scrapbook materials, fonts and other goodies like that?
    Two: I’d love to see a new “cribs” video.
    Three: Neat freak? If so, how do you keep organized and creative?
    Last: I think the one thing that I am so drawn to more then anything about your work…is your positive attitude…if you’re feeling the blues what brings you back up?


  • I was wondering how your health insurance (if you have any) is, because you are your own employer. I am on a lot of expensive medication because I have arthritis, and I can’t imagine not having insurance covering some of it. It’s even expensive WITH it! How do you deal with getting sick and going to the doctor?

  • I often wonder how you stay so tiny when you seem to enjoy lots of treats (bubble tea and cupcakes) and drink Starbucks regularly. Do you exercise it all off?

  • oh another question! do you ever swear? LOL u seem so happy and positive i cant imagine u swearing!

  • I love your blog; it never fails to inspire me. 🙂 I was curious, what would you consider the most important things to have/do when one is beginning something like your endeavor with Red Velvet Art? What have you learned to do or not do? I’d love to hear what you think on the subject!

  • Hi there,
    I stumbled upon your blog a little while ago and am really enjoying it! Great work.

    I would be interested in hearing about what your humble beginnings were like as an online blogger/maker. What were the most valuable things you learned/disasters/triumphs/etc. I’m also an artist who recently started her online life, and your blog is inspirational!

  • Is there a name for your style of dress? Like “punk, “emo?” I saw two girls at Disneyland dressed like you and I should have asked them. They had retro clothes and headbands around their head. Cute!

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