Current Reads

Current readsHappy Saturday, everyone! Just wanted to pop in and share a few current reads with you all. I’ve got five random recommendations for you, check it:

*Sweet Middle East. For me this is a great book for discovering or reimagining Middle Eastern flavors. I will for sure be baking up a bunch of the recipes in this book in the coming months. I mean it’s turn-your-oven-on-and-bake-something season!

*Moorea Seal’s The 52 Lists Project. I’ve been meaning to get back into journaling again and this feels just my speed. 😉

*The Year of Cozy. I’m a big fan of Adrianna’s work, so I loved getting to check out her latest book, which features BOTH recipes and crafts. Oh yes! Very up my alley.

*Love at First Stitch. I’ve actually had this book for quite a while now, but I love it and couldn’t remember if I’d ever shared this resource on the blog. If you’re looking to get into sewing, Tilly has created a great resource for you.

*Not pictured, Essentialism. I decided to try out (you get a free book when you sign up—cool!), and my friend Brandon told me that this book changed his life. So I figured I better give it a try.

Hope your weekend is full of relaxing and good things! I’m still unpacking and Trey and I are attempting to tackle a pretty big home DIY, so if that works out, I’ll share more later. Happy weekend to you. xo. Emma

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