Cute Budget-Friendly Coffee Tables

Let’s talk about coffee tables. They’re basically the “centerpiece” of a living room (other than the sofa), so it totally makes sense to shop around until you find the perfect one. We included a bunch of different finishes in this wishlist (like wood, faux marble, acrylic, wicker), styles, and prices. Just FYI, we have this one in our office space and it looks waaay more expensive than it is! Check out the sliders below to shop:

Wood Coffee Tables:

White Coffee Tables:

Glass Top, Acrylic, and Wicker Coffee Tables


If you’re wanting to make your own (you can do it!), check out these DIY’s: Terrarium Coffee Table, Easy Wooden Coffee Table, and Epoxy Resin Coffee Table.

xo. – The ABM Team

  • Hey Jack, What a gorgeous collection of such cute coffee tables. I am planning to buy one but am a little confused between the 2nd and 10th one. Which one do you think would be appropriate for a small, colorful living room?

    • Hi! I think the round one (#10) would be perfect for a smaller space.

  • The starburst coffee table is my favorite, what an eye-catcher!

  • Is this really budget-friendly? I don’t think so. I guess it depends on what your budget is….

  • So many cute coffee tables. The problem for me is that a lot of condos in Toronto are so tiny so to accommodate a coffee table is actually difficult. Perhaps when I move into a bigger space I can look for something like these! 2 and 8 are my favourite though because the see-through aspect can make a room look bigger!

    Camille Co | Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel Blog

  • I love these, but I don’t really consider any coffee table over $150 to be budget-friendly. I just can’t really get on board with spending more money on a coffee table than I spent on my super awesome dining room table (I love a good warehouse sale!). I’ve always loved the coffee table DIYs on this blog though <3

    • I agree, I clicked on one & it was almost $500, that is the opposite of budget friendly to me!

  • I wish my place was big enough for a coffee table! Just 300 sq. ft… sigh. A girl can still dream, though! Love the tables you’ve picked out! 😀 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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