Layers and Lace




Today I'm Wearing…. A stretch lace dress (I made it…. yay! Thanks to Mallory for teaching me!), vintage lace night shirt layered underneath, polka dot tights, UO cardigan, Jeffrey Campbell wedges and vintage jewelry with a Lune Vintage piece and a Bueno Bueno Key necklace.♥ 

I really really really want to rearrange my bedroom furniture. Does anyone else have Spring fever? 

  • I *definitely* have Spring fever, and have been cleaning & decorating my apartment for a few weeks! lol. 🙂 Way to go, making the cute lace dress, too! Stretch is hard to work with – it’s an achievement!

  • Great job on the dress, it’s amazing! This outfit is beautiful right down to every detail. You are such an inspiration! xo

  • Cute outfit! I heart the lace! :]
    I TOTALLY have Spring fever!! I’m slowly cleaning and rearranging my stuff……I wish I could take a whole week and just clean like crazy.

  • Elsie, I adore your outfits/style and I’m in terrible need of your help. I have my senior prom coming up and I would love to have a vintage dress to really stand out. Do you know where I could find one perhaps?

  • Oh sooo bad! Matter fact I have a “little” project I’m working on right now I’ve named Project Kitchen Aid because I’m mixing the whole house up. I think I may post it on re-style because I used alot of what I already had; just in different ways ;} Just not sure how it will come across in a before and after shot. We’ll see! You look awesome as always ;}


  • I really want to re-arrange my entire apartment! 😉 Must be a seasonal thing hehe
    Gorgeous outfit – really love that lace dress you made! So super cute!

  • He! You’re all so cute!

    Isabel, What kind of prom dress do you want (color, decade, long, short??) XXO!! els

  • loving your look and you MADE the dress – yay for you elsie !!!!!

    spring fever – oh yes – spring always feels like the beginning of an exciting year for me

    and here in the uk the weather is changing for the brighter even though we still do get lots of rain – yet those days are the perfect excuse to snuggle up and watch films

    watched true grit in the cinema with my mr on sunday – there were hail stones outside – recommend the film and snuggle time with loved ones

    enjoy your day elsie

    dommie x

  • You look so adorable! I love all your daily outfit posts so much that I’ve started doing my own. Of course they aren’t as high tech as yours, but I do ok for a poor college student.

  • I’ve been itching to re-do my bedroom as well. My boyfriend has given me free reign and says he doesn’t even care what colors I use – making me want to re-do it even more!

    I actually have a question. We have boring old wood grain sliding door closets in our apartment bedroom, and since we rent we can’t really do anything drastic to them. Any ideas on how to spruce them up and make them a little more colorful/enjoyable for spring? They take up an entire wall of the bedroom so I’m hoping to do something fun to them!


  • I think this is one of your outfits I loved most!! You’ve done suche a great job on that dress! I definitely have to learn sewing :)!

  • yes! i can’t wait for spring to arrive. i already made a mood board with my inspirations for spring. (:

  • The lace dress is really cute!
    You always find the coolest walls as outdoor backdrops. I live in Springfield, too…I’ve always wondered where all these awesome walls/buildings are!!

  • what a cool outfit! i’m leaving the lacy layers. =) i’ve been all about the layers myself recently and just posted an outfit post featuring them. but alas, it had no lace. after seeing this post i’m feeling myself needing more lace. =)

    found you via a tweet that sarah of quirky martini made!

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  • Lots of layers, perfect for spring. Your customers must be so inspired seeing you at the shop all cute – it’s getting hard to be cute at this point for me. lol. I can’t wait for spring, and dresses, and all that good stuff.

    Excited to see your dress line all together today on the webshop!

    love Jill

  • love it! and yes SPRING fever is here and it has me by the soul.. cleaning out closets, rearranging furniture, making everything over – it’s all happening over here. Much love to you.

  • This is definitely my favorite outfit post [as in, I waaaaant!!!]. 🙂

    As for spring fever – rearranged my room, organized, and cleaned like crazy. And then got bored and did the same to our living room. My poor roommate!

  • Elsie! I would like to wear bright jewel tones or white, and most definitely short to prom. Any era/decade would be lovely. I would like something timeless really, and not costume-y of course.

    Thank you so much, it really is appreciated!

  • Wow, it is so cool that you can just whip up a new dress like that! I think I need to learn to sew asap! (and then hopefully make some contributions to Project Restyle) I love this dress, and all of the ones in your new line! Congrats!

  • Uh oh that outfit is just too pretty. The dress (that you made yourself? Please tell me that wasn’t your first attempt!) is adorable but my favourite bit is the colour combo with the cardigan. Love it

  • Super cute! I love all of your outfits. Latley I’ve had this obsession with lace, and your dress is amazing! Is there anyway you could tell us how to make one/tutorial? Absolutley adorable!

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