date night happy thoughts & a wishlist Wednesday…

tonight we had a little sushi date. it was magics.

heee… i’m in love with this panda sushi & look at this cute lego sushi!
this morning my favorite painting sold, so she’ll be traveling to Holland this week. she will be missed… i’ve had her hanging my studio for a little while. 🙂
Picture 6
she looks pretty as a print too. 😀
i’m in the mood to paint tonight… it’s time to get started! 🙂
here’s my first peek at stuff going in our update next week. rachel and i have been sourcing some beautiful vintage craft supplies. it’s really fun to find them, but really hard not to want to keep them all! 😀 check out these beautiful ribbons….
and here are my new Red Velvet key chains…..
ice cream cones and red velvet cupcakes!
(these are already available here.) i’ve been enjoying doing small (5-10 item) updates every day.


and a WISHLIST for this lovely Wednesday: 
(this is sort of like a dream wish list… just for blogging pleasure. not a serious list of requests. 😉)


XO-beautiful rings made of recycled metals and fair trade gemstones… this shop is seriously amazing.
Picture 9
Picture 8
i want this painting so badly.
and i love these ponies.
they remind me of ‘the science of sleep’.
and we finished the last episode of the second season of Mad Men last night… i’m so sad that i can’t keep lusting after their gorgeous clothes and furniture every day…. it’s so pretty.


and the meaning of Suki….
Picture 11
Photo 594

well, i have a full night of creating ahead! you should see the pile of papers & notebooks i have FULL of ideas for Red Velvet. it’s out of control… sometimes i don’t even know where to start.

XXOO. elsie
Photo 278

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