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recently we've been going on more mini dates and i think it makes life better! coffee dates, sushi, vintage shopping, record shopping, walks at the park. i love it all. this week we're taking a day trip back to OK for more flea market shopping. i can't wait! XO. e    

ps. anyone have creative ideas for summer dates? 

  • winery, local farm, check city listings for free night time events, art walk, meetup groups ie: drum circle, group hikes thru natural area, organic market

  • Pic-nics always hit the spot for me and mine:) and if your out-doorsy we LOVE going on hikes in the woods:) well… slightly wooded areas haha. You dont get many of those in California’s Central Valley…

  • Nothing beats a trip to the beach, or lake in the summer. Or what about sitting in a beer garden sipping some ice cold Cider mmmmm (or is that just an English thing?)

    Enjoy your mini dates, they sound lovely.

  • We just love to go other cities (even small cities in our vicinity) to explore them. This can be so much fun and feels like a short holiday.

    And going bathing at nighttime 🙂

    Just today, we had a massage course where we learned back massage, shoulder massage and face massage. Wonderful 🙂

    And: Are there any medieval markets where you live? They’re quite common in Germany, and some weeks ago we went to a huge one which even had a tournament and a fire show by night.

  • …summer-nights…big cozy blanket on the ground…sky and star watching or at daytime as well…cloudwatching…reading fav short stories to each other…


  • going to a park is always fun, especially with a picnic and watching the sun set 🙂

  • where in OK are you going to? if tulsa, i’ve got places for you to check out (if they’re open, that is)!

  • Kite flying would be a cute idea, especially because you could make your own 🙂

  • We have a lot of country fairs and street festivals in southern Manitoba, so those make for cute dates (even if we have to bring the kids).
    Cotton candy and lemonade are good treats for listening to the entertainment. 🙂

  • Drive in theatre, Opera in the Park, grilling, picnics, making cookies and hand made ice cream, flying a kite, street fairs, collecting shells on the beach

  • Aw! I miss when my man & I had schedules that synced up better, we loved doing stuff like that together. Still do, of course, when we get the chance. We also really liked going to record stores together…& the library. 🙂

  • my boy and i plan do have midnight picnics on my roof. I have a very lovely view of oakland, berkeley and sf from there!

  • I think going to those “paint your own pottery” places make for fun date nights 🙂

  • Finding an old school drive in would be really lovely and romantic. 🙂 Picnics outside, by the water, sharing a bottle of wine…

  • I just got a picnic basket for my birthday! Picnics are cheap and romantic no matter what time of day!!! Also. We have an old time movie theater near us, that is always a fun date, bike rides!

  • come to OKC and go to the Antique Co-op at 12th and May. It’s my fave. Bohemian Spirit is always good, and the flea markets are all good as well. You’re going to miss the Vintage Tulsa Show by a couple of weeks, but there’s still plenty to scavenge!! Happy Hunting!

  • I love taking a blanket to the park with the Saturday paper and some snacks. Also a peaceful afternoon spent exploring a river in a row boat or canoe. Just the two of you. Most cities with rivers (or lakes) have places to rent boats for a few hours or full day. Too cute! xx

  • there is nothing more lovely than summer dates. here are some of my ideas 🙂

    drive in movies

    hot air balloon ride

    local fairs & ride the ferris wheel & play games

    paint rocks 🙂

    have fun peace&love

    ashely smith from o’canada

  • totally agree with drive in movies. lucky you have someone so special to share your time with!


  • i have two young and very busy kids with their activities. i wish i had the opportunity like you and J to do spontaneous romantic “mini dates”…sigh.

    A picnic? how i would LOVE for a quiet, one on one, barefoot picnic in the park! Keep having fun and enjoying each others special company!!!


  • fleamrkets or going to the zoo<3

    and of course the outdoor cinema! 🙂

  • i think go down to the beach..
    last time we were lucky, found a bonfire party and dance all night long..


  • OH those photos are so cute of you two. 🙂
    Tips on dates;
    Pic-nic at the beach or in the park.
    PLay boardgames all night and listen to music you love.

    Make a treasure hunt date. Where you go to different places you both love and some new and make the otherone find things you’ve hidden there in advance.
    THis does take some planing and help from others but is always very appreciated.

    Hope you get to enjoy many years to come with lots and lots of dates.

  • With it getting (a lot!) warmer here I’ve been trying to plan some minidates with the boy, too.

    Some ideas I came up with are picnics, thrift shopping, going out to a local park and taking photos, going to a local winery, going out for coffee, drive-in movie nights, hiking, trips to a local art museum, star watching, fishing, kite flying, farmers markets, aquarium/zoo, geocaching.

    Heck, even driving around and finding new places in the next town over or just staying in watching movies and playing games isi fun, too. 🙂

  • we have a tree. we sit in it and visit, have picnics underneath it, fly kites in the field beside it, climb it. it’s the best tree. we plan a lot of dates around it in the summer. …

  • picnic in the park. Roing. camping. eating icecream together on a walk. Bading naked at night. (Sneek into a publicpool) Reading a book to eachother out load while laying on a bench. Play a game. (Volleyball ect) Play hide and seek in the woods. pick flowers to eachother. Bicyckle. (Maybe tandem) Throw paper airplanes from a roof. Eat dinner outside. Stay up all night. Drive and drive untill you find something exating. Dont decide where to go. Go to two different flee markeds, and buy eachother a gift, then meet up and exchange them. Learn something new together. Go to a friends place and without anyone noticing, turn most of her/his stuff upside down. (Pictures, decoration, see how far you can go) Dance under the stars. Blow soapbubbles. Lay on the beach. Go parachutejumping. Eat strawberries.

    I love your blog.

  • picnic dates in the park or beach, bike riding around the city or concerts in the park. fun.

  • We live in a tiny southern town which is great for long bike rides to unknown picnic destinations or flying kites. We do a lot of simple cooking together, and gardening. Which I don’t know if those are actual date, but they’re fun!

  • summer mini dates are the greatest 🙂 i love to go for little hikes or walks during the summertime, whether it’s through the backyard or a state park (i live in an area of NY where there are tons of beautiful lakes and gorges to explore)…it’s best when it’s just the two of you & a good pair of shoes….no phones, no ipods, just enjoying the outside world for a little while 🙂

  • Love is in the air! The hubby & I just started tiny dates, too. The best one so far?!? Pirate cuisine in Portland, OR.

  • my boyfriend and i like to use
    to find great local resturants.
    we ate at an afican place recently and it was excellen

  • your out-doorsy we LOVE going on hikes in the woods:) well… slightly wooded areas haha. You dont get many of those in California’s Central Valley…

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