December Daily Begins

December Daily via A Beautiful MessHi friends. Happy December 1st! I'm not gonna lie- it's surreal to me to type that… I mean wasn't September 1st just yesterday? Well, ready-or-not December is here and I'm excited to participate in December Daily this month! I'll be sharing peeks at my scrapbooking every sunday this month! 

I shared my prep last month and since today is only the first I thought I'd share just a few more details (I've only just begun!) and talk about my organization and strategy for this project. December is crazy busy, so organization is key! But first, here are a few peeks at what I worked on today- 

December Daily via A Beautiful Mess I'm excited to incorporate iPhone photos into my album. Here's a collage I made with our #ABeautifulMess app! 

December Daily via A Beautiful Mess  Here's another iPhone photo from coffee this morning. In the past few months I've been struggling a bit with finding things to share from my personal life via Instagram. I think it's the shorter daylight hours that are throwing me off. I think this December Daily project is going to be a great daily reminder to snap photos of those random personal moments with my friends and family. I love that! 

December Daily via A Beautiful Mess   I'm happy to have yet another reason to play with our Sunshine Edition designs from Project Life. I'll probably be using it quite a bit. 

December Daily via A Beautiful Mess    I love this combo of gold and rainbow. I mean, I couldn't make a holiday album without some gold on every page… that just wouldn't be right. 🙂

December Daily via A Beautiful Mess     December Daily via A Beautiful Mess      Here are my day one pages. The polka dotted card on the bottom has some hidden journaling inside of it. We basically had a lazy Sunday morning and I included a few snapshots. I like that by the end of the month there will be both eventful and uneventful, important and unimportant moments included in this book. That's life, right? 

Strategy + Organization// My plan is to include photos from my SLR camera, my iPhone and my fuji instant camera. Realistically, it will probably be mostly iPhone photos and I'm embracing that. I'm hopeful that this project will help me to be more aware of photo opportunities in our everyday life. I'm also excited that it will motivate me to take some holiday card photos with Jeremy this week (which I've been putting off like crazy). I've noticed that when I'm busy I take fewer photos, so this challenge is coming at the perfect time.

For the scrapbooking part of it I plan to keep everything I need in my little basket. This includes all my supplies, any daily life bits I collect throughout the week and photos that I've printed. I will probably only work on my album once or twice a week, but I'll be collecting photos and story ideas every day. I think it's important that with project like this that you do whatever you need to do to make it realistic. It wouldn't be realistic for me to sit down and make pages every single day, so I'm ditching that expectation from the start. I like getting a lot done in one sitting, so a once-per-week scrapbook day is the right solution for me. 

Printing photos is another major consideration. I'm planning to use my Canon printers that I have here at home. In addition I may order some prints from Printstagram to make collage pages with. 

It's not to late to join! If you want to make your own December Daily scrapbook, start this week! You can get more details on the basics on Ali's blog

If you're overwhelmed by all the work, I have an alternative for you! Skip the scrapbooking part and just take December Daily photos each day with you iPhone. At the end of the month you can use the Artifact Uprising website or app to make a book with your photos from December. Super easy! 

Well, thanks for taking a peek at my new project! I'll be back next sunday to share my progress from the first week. xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

  • Hi! What size scrapbook is this? 12×12, or is it a special size?

  • Oh I just love this idea! I’m in the process of doing a scrap book for a Christmas gift and it’s giving me the itch to make a few if my own!

    Lulu xx

  • Love it! You inspired me to do one of these albums for my baby’s first Christmas 🙂 Just put up a post. Thanks for your creativity! I think it will be really special for her to have. Also, struggling with printing my photos…it seems ink for home printing is just so expensive. Do you find you order most of yours from a photo printing place, like Printstagram or a drugstore, etc.? Thanks for any tips on printing when doing a daily album.

  • I really appreciate how you respond to questions left in comments! I came here hoping to see how to round my photo corners and there your answer was! So many bloggers never reply to comments. It’s much appreciated, especially considering how busy you guys are! Thanks again 🙂

  • So sweet Elsie, wish I had the time this month to do it!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • I think finding the apps you love (I only use A Beautiful Mess and Afterlight) is the most important tip! iPhones have the ability to take some pretty amazing images, but they usually need a little lightening, contrast and maybe a filter! 😀


  • Awe- we’re not alone!!
    So happy you’re thinking about joining!


  • Hi Naomi,

    Thanks so much for your kind words!

    First of all, I will admit that I do not always stick to my commitments. For example, last year I started a 365 that I didn’t complete! Nobody’s perfect, but I think that trying and failing is better than not trying- ya know?

    For this project I think the shorter timeline and realistic expectations will help me. Like I said in my post, I’m only planning to scrapbook once a twice per week and not every single day. I think being realistic from the beginning is very helpful. Daily commitments can be pretty daunting!

    Hope that helps! elsie

  • Hi Inês!
    For this album all of my photos are 4×6, 6×8 and 2×3 😀 (so basically a full page, half a page and a forth of a page!)

    Hope that helps


  • I have never been a huge scrapbook-er. but I love when my friends are so I can get lost in their pretty designs! Yours looks like it will be such a great collection of memories.

  • Super cute! This is one of those projects that takes a little time but sooo worth it to have to look back on. Thanks for the inspiration loves <3 xoxo Annejelina

  • elsie, these pages look so amazing so far! what a treasure to have to look back on in years to come.

  • This is such a brilliant idea…love it!

    Katie x

  • love this! can’t wait to get back into my scrapbooking after the holiday! xo

  • I am THRILLED you are scrapping again. And even more excited that you are into DD. Can’t wait to see your simple, awesome, creations!

  • I love project life and I’ve been looking for the smaller pages like this that only have 4 pictures per page. Where did you find these pages or did you cut down a larger 12×12 page? Love this idea! Thanks:)

  • Wow i really love the firt prints ! Have you any tips to take correct pictures from an iPhone ?

  • This is such a great idea for December. Our lives get so crazy this time of year that this kind of project helps slow us down and remember to take some photos. Thanks for the wonderful share.

  • What a lovely challenge!! Really like how you put everything together, it looks so lovely! Looking forward to your sunday posts! I think I might try the December Daily photos 🙂 xo

  • LOVE the idea of Daily December – just sad that I’m late to the very fun party! Will definitely do it next year, though and looking forward to seeing all the bits in your scrapbook…

  • Wow, it seems lovely!

    Good luck with this challenge.


  • The reduced daylight issue has definately stopped me from using my SRL so much, I’m finding it really difficult to fit in time to take photos for the blog! I love the December daily idea, I would love to join you. Maybe it will force me to use my camera even with bad light! xx

  • This is such an amazing idea, I can’t wait to see more of what you do/create/get up to! x

  • Sooo exciting!

  • this looks like so much fun! i should really start gathering some supplies and start a book of my own.
    xo, cheyenne

  • I am definitely going to do December Daily! Though I’m already a day behind now. Oops!

  • Fun project, I wish I could pull myself together and make something like that – but somehow I never seem to find the time. Some day..! 🙂

  • That’s so fun and beautiful! I hope you keep up with it so we can see all the other cool things you do for it.

  • I love your scrapbook! Can’t wait to see your pics all through December.
    Love Vicky @

  • I love that you guys do challenges that last the whole month! Such a commitment, and with such a loyal following you can’t give up and peter out. How do you guys deal with pushing yourselves to keep on all the projects you commit yourselves to, and what if you have an off day and just aren’t feeling it!?


  • Snaping random moments is one of my favorite things to do. I love how you can remember and capture all of them with this scrapbook idea!
    This makes me want to get really creative this month.


  • Love it! Documenting life, even the little things is something I am passionate about- and you girls always inspire me with your ideas! Thanks for the post!

  • this a lovely idea! Can’t wait to see more.
    the way to my Hart

  • Every time I see your photo album I want to do one of my own! The only thing stopping me is that it is quite an investment to start. Someday…

  • How wonderful! I have a basket of ephemera I’ve been meaning to use for collages, and a new Moleskine notebook… I think you’ve inspired me to finally work a little bit on a pretty journal! 🙂


  • I really love the idea of project life and need to start one for the holidays and I was wondering where you got your page protectors? thanks!

  • Love this idea to scrapbook, it makes me want to make one two..! Which are the sizes you print your photos, every time I print mine I always struggle with it. Thanks xx

  • ooh! I love the notecard idea!!! It’s also something cute for wrapping gifts, and adding that tag on there! Crafting and baking are therapeutic for me!!

    Happy Advent friends!

  • Oh my, this is so beautiful! 🙂 Love this great idea!

  • This looks like so much fun! I’m definitely playing around with ideas on how I could practically do something like this during this season. I really appreciate how you share both your ideals and your realistic realizations. It makes it seem more doable for me personally. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you create!

  • Such a cool idea! I seriously cannot wait until Christmas!!


  • Oh wow I love this! I never thought to use your kit for this, and because we have Summer here in Australia it would be perfect!

  • Hi Tara,
    I use the Project Life corner rounder. You can buy one at Michael’s or on Amazon.


  • Love this! Both in idea and in execution. I absolutely LOVE your page designs. I love the idea of creating a mini-book at the end of the month too, I don’t think I have it in me to scrapbook right now and that would be a nice compromise.

  • Lovely! How did you round the edges on your photo? Did you cut it by hand or did you use a tool?

  • I’ve still been trying to get organized enough to even start a Project Life album, even though I have plenty of kits and goodies. Each year we print out a “yearbook”, and last year we used Artifact Uprising to print our Instagram photos into a book. I absolutely love them!!!! Thanks for the constant inspiration!! I’ll definitely be taking some photos for a December Daily, but in our yearbook!!!!

  • I love that you mentioned throwing all of the bits and bobs from the week into your basket! I have been traveling a lot this year while I study abroad and after every trip, I store all of my ticket stubs and things in a bag in my room. Then once I get unpacked and find the time, I sift through the bag and pick out what I want to put in my scrapbook. It is so useful! And if I end up not using everything I save, they are still safe in one spot. Looking forward to your journal posts every Sunday!!

    xx. Paige

  • I´m also really surprised that we have already December 🙂 And I love this creative idea!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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