decorating, painting & flat hair….

feels so good to finally make time for a few things i've been wanting to do for a long time. decorating my loft is one. i finally spent some time on it the past few weeks… so fun. here's a quick shot of my kitchen. i finally found the perfect chairs for my little desk area…. 

i found a new amazing flea market this week. it's beauuutiful. gonna feature them here soon. these orange school chairs stole my heart.
i'll show more home pics soon! i'm determined to get all the loose ends tied up so i can make another little house tour video like we did at my last loft (aughhh… it already feels so dated. so two years ago. ha! it's a fun memory though….). i've been in my new loft almost a whole year. really love this street.
oh yes, and i have a couple of new paintings…. big ones.
these are the colors i've been really loving as of late. you can see more pics here.
Photo 702
i decided to try to wear my hair flat all week (as in not teased on the top.. not flat ironed.) it's weird how hard it is for me to deal with having flat hair. it's just a habit, but i've been teasing my hair for a couple years now. i just don't want to be one of those people who gets stuck in a trend, like forever. must make room for new trends… or at least take a week off. ;) 
i finished the cuuuuutest kit last night. it will be out in a couple weeks for our update around the 1st. so excited to share. maybe i'll at least share sneak peeks early? 
LOVEyouuuuu. elsie

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