Designer Dates with Lulie Wallace

Lulie Wallace studio tourHey, friends! We're excited to introduce a new series today. We're calling it "Designer Dates". The concept is that we will meet up with awesome artists and designers, have a cup of coffee, chat it up, and then visit their workspace all so we can share the experience with you!  

Our first guest is the incredibly talented Lulie Wallace. I first heard of Lulie's work three or four years ago when she had some things in both Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. I was instantly drawn to her colorful floral paintings and couldn't help but mentally picture one above my fireplace. I actually have her duvet set from Anthropologie on my bed. So, yes, I would consider myself a fan girl, and Emma and I were so thrilled to meet up with Lulie for coffee one afternoon while in Charleston.
We met up at a new coffee shop called Saint Alban, which turned out to be our favorite coffee shop in Charleston. It was the perfect spot to sit, sip some lattes, and chat with Lulie Wallace. 
Saint Alban with Lulie Wallace     Saint Alban with Lulie Wallace     Saint Alban with Lulie Wallace     Saint Alban with Lulie Wallace     Saint Alban with Lulie Wallace
 Our first impression of Lulie is that she is unbelievably cute. From her adorable Georgia accent to her colorful outfit. I've never met a person whose personality so accurately reflected their work—pure sunshine! 
Saint Alban with Lulie Wallace
 After a few minutes of small talk, we asked Lulie to tell us her business story. She told us that after college she decided to give herself one summer to try to paint full time and if it worked, she would pursue that and if not, she would continue for a master's degree. Well, spoiler—it definitely worked! Today Lulie is super successful, but what happened between now and then? 
-Mentoring. Lulie received business advice and mentoring from artist Sally King Benedict. It doesn't hurt to learn the ropes from someone a few steps ahead in their career! 
-Licensing. Lulie has licensed her work to both Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, creating another form of revenue. 
-Pattern design. Lulie also creates textile patterns. They're beautiful! See- 
Lulie Wallace pattern samples
-Saying no. One of Lulie's nuggets of wisdom is that you need to say no to a lot of opportunities in order to save space for the best ones. 
After coffee we took a short drive over to Lulie's studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center. Redux is an inspiring group space with lots of artists working within one building. It was super fun to walk around and peek into all the spaces! 
Redux in Charleston, South Carolina
Lulie's studio is covered floor to ceiling with her work. Even her floor is painted in a cute pattern!
Lulie Wallace studio tour
Her space is minimal and fresh. We met her graphic designer, Megan Simon, who was working on digitizing some patterns when we dropped by. 
Lulie Wallace
Lulie Wallace studio tourLulie Wallace studio tourLulie Wallace studio tour
 The best part of Lulie's studio? Her dog, Abe. I mean, look how cute
Lulie Wallace studio tour
 My first impression of Lulie's work is that they are even prettier in person, and huge! Here's a photo for scale- 
Lulie Wallace studio tour
 Many of her paintings are on birchwood and she was also working on a lot of new paper pieces that day. 
Lulie Wallace studio tour          Lulie Wallace studio tour
Well, that was our afternoon with Lulie Wallace. Hop on over to her website to see more of her work and follow her on Instagram for more fun. xo. Elsie 
Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions. Additional photos of paintings used with permission. 
  • I love her work! It’s so colourful and so simple at the same time. I didn’t know she had a duvet set – I’m definitely going to have to look into it! Thanks.

    The Crafty Frugaler

  • Lulie’s work is gorgeous and I’m so excited for this new series 🙂 ABM just keeps coming up with more ways to add a little bit of inspiration to my day. Thank you!

    x Kathryn

  • Oh, this new series touches my heart. So excited about the idea behind this. Encouraging creatives and artists through other artists is amazing!

  • i love this series! so inspirational and i love reading about how other artists have succeeded in the art world. it gives me some hope! 🙂

  • Already love this feature!! it is an awesome idea! and please tell me she is going to design one card for happy mail, even a tiny one will be ok!!!

  • All of those artworks look so beautiful! 🙂

  • I love this feature! It feels casual, and it’s nice to get little peeks into people’s work and work spaces!

  • Great trip. Next time head south to Savannah. Would love to show you our city and beaches.

  • My favorite bit of that was:
    “-Saying no. One of Lulie’s nuggets of wisdom is that you need to say no to a lot of opportunities in order to save space for the best ones.”

    Exactly what I needed to hear today. After turning down a really cool opportunity just last week that didn’t feel right for me or my path, this was music to my ears. You can’t seize the best opportunity if you’re first grabbing at something that only feels somewhat-right. It’s okay to say no. Opportunities have the power to connect you to bigger and better things, but being wise about them is truly important— and hard!

    Love this new series!

  • The artwork is so refreshing like spring! Must add to list of my fav artists =)


  • How beautiful and fun to look at. I’m definitely looking forward to this new series you guys have going!

  • This makes me want to paint. all. day. long. Thanks for the inspiration! -Randi

  • Yes, it is. You just have to make an appointment! 🙂
    xx- Elsie

    ps. Here’s a link to our Charleston travel guide!

  • Thanks so much Lulie!!! You are a treasure! We enjoyed meeting you.
    xx- Elsie

  • Awesome to hear that Kristin! Thanks for your kind words!!

  • Thanks so much! It should be fun to meet new designers and artists!! 🙂 We’re pumped!

  • Love her! And I am SO excited for this feature! <3

  • Thank you for this series! I loved seeing the artist and her studio.
    Beautiful photography on your blog. Love you guys!

  • Love her work, so colourful and perfect for spring.

  • Great write-up – I cannot wait to go to Charleston in July, I have never been and so excited — is Lulie’s studio open to the public, or do we purchase her work in Anthro? I love her paintings! And thank you for the coffee shop recommendation, we will be going there too.

  • Just when I thought your blog couldn’t get any more awesome, you start this series. As a young designer myself this is fascinating! So awesome!

  • This series is a great idea! I look forward to reading more of them. Lulie’s work is so sunny and happy. I love that. Thanks for sharing this.

  • I lover all her stuff! Totally going to look at her website/instagram! Thanks! (:

  • Fabulous series! I love Lulie’s workspace, the idea of being surrounded by your works, and making your space a direct reflection of you.

  • I love her works! So beautiful! I’ve been all over her website and want to take them all home!

  • What an inspiration! I LOVE her work!

    Circus & Bloom

  • What an inspiration! I LOVE her work!

    Circus & Bloom

  • Great post! Not only did you beautifully feature her gorgeous work and gave us a peek into her world, but I love that you also shared her business story: so many people forget to ask artists about their path, and it is always so fascinating. Thanks for introducing us to Lulie!

  • So sweet!! Thanks so much ladies!!!! It was such a treat meeting and chatting with you!! You’ll always have a pal in Charleston!!

  • This is one of my favorite posts I’ve ever read on your site (in 2 years of following)–thank you! I am an artist, too, so this really resonated with me. Please keep this as a regular feature.

  • Really excited about this series–I always love peeking into other artists’ lives & spaces. It is so inspiring. Thank you!

  • I am SO excited about this new series! Seeing creative people meet and support each other and share each other’s work makes my heart so happy…

  • Oh wow! Those are so pretty. I love that you are doing this. I don’t know about very many artists and would love to broaden my scope! This series makes me happy and I love Lulie’s work!

    Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

  • What a fun post! I love all the colors and textures found in her art! Thanks for sharing I definitely will follow her.

  • i love lulie’s work! i’ve had my eye on purchasing one of her pieces for quite some time.

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