DIY: 5 ways to wear a handmade bow [by Amy]


Hi! My name is Amy and I can't tell you how honored and thrilled I am for the opportunity to guest blog on one of my all-time favorite blogs! One thing about me is that I LOVE girly details like hearts and bows. I'm also on a budget so I came up with some cheap and easy ways to update my wardrobe, using Elsie's DIY Hair bow tutorial. I hope you can use these tips to update your own wardrobe! Note: All of the fabrics I used were either thrifted or fabric scraps from my collection. I think it would be really cute to cut up an old flannel shirt or anything else you may have in your closet that you no longer wear. 

1. Update some plain flats or heels with bow clips. You can purchase clip earring backs at just about any craft store. Create a pair of matching bows using Elsie's bow tutorial. Hot glue or fabric glue the clip earrings to the back of the bows (I like hot glue because it dries faster). Once the glue is dry, you can clip them onto a pair of shoes. The great thing is that they are removable so you can use them on multiple pairs of shoes.

 2. Update an old purse or vintage clutch by hot gluing a big bow to it! I thrited this cute vintage clutch but there was a spot on it that wouldn't budge. Now the spot is hidden and my new clutch is both girly and fun.

 3. This bow belt is so cute and super-easy to make. First get yourself a piece of wide cross-grain ribbon (1" wide or wider). For the length, cut it long enough so that you can tie it in a bow around your waist. You can hem the ends of the ribbon so that it doesn't fray OR use an anti-fray solution on the ends (usually found in the glue isle of craft and fabric stores). Create your bow. Now turn your bow over so that the backside is facing you. Slip the ribbon under the middle piece. Center the bow on the ribbon and it's ready to wear.

 4. For this project, you'll need a pre-made elastic headband. These can be purchased at most discount and grocery stores – you can usually get 6-8 of them for $2. Start out by following Elsie's tutorial for the bow but hold off on sewing the center loop. Wrap the loop around both the center of the bow AND the headband. Stitch the center loop closed and you are good to go!   

5. The necklace is made the exact same way as the headband, except you will be using a chain. You can use a pre-made thrifted chain or one you already own. For an asymmetrical look, stitch the chain to the back of the bow so that the bow stays in place. Tip: When folding your fabric into a rectangle shape to create your bow, it can be helpful if you iron your folds in place. I hope you find this tutorial helpful in updating your wardrobe for Spring (or any season). Please post your finished projects in the RVA Flickr group - I'd love to see them! ♥Amy 


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