DIY A Fruit Slice Cheese Board

DIY-A-Fruit-Slice-Cheese-Board-Click-Through-for-TutorialI will admit that I love cheese. Like really LOVE it. So much so, that I think I could live off just cheese and a crusty French baguette. And maybe a glass of rosé every now and then! This simple DIY dragon fruit cheese board is seriously the cutest way to serve cheese and fruit this summer, and I am finding myself eating more of it than I should! But no complaints here!

I love the exotic look of dragon fruit, and that natural shade of hot pink is oh so pretty, so I decided to create a dragon fruit slice cheese board using all natural non-toxic milk paint and food safe wood wax. You won’t believe how easy it was, and this same technique can be used to create any fruit slice pattern cheese or fruit board you want.DIY-A-Fruit-Slice-Cheese-Board-Click-Through-for-Tutorial

wood slice serving board
real milk paint powder in sweetheart, soft white, and Arabian night (you only need the sample pots for this small project)
soap stone sealer and wood wax

Step one: Mix your powdered paint with water to create a thick paint consistency.

DIY-A-Fruit-Slice-Cheese-Board-Click-Through-for-tutorial.-_Step Two: Paint the center of the cheese board with the white paint (it may take several coats to fully cover the wood) in the center of the wood slice.

Step Three: Use the pink paint to paint the outside edge and about 1/4 to 1/2″ ring around the slice.

DIY-A-Fruit-Slice-Cheese-Board-Click-Through-for-tutorial.-_Step Four: Use the end of the paintbrush to add black dots all around the white portion.

Step Five: Once the milk paint is dry, use the large paintbrush to add a coat of the wood wax sealant. Once the wood wax is absorbed, your new food safe cheese board is ready to use.


Then paint the center of the cheese board with the white paint (it may take several coats to fully cover the wood) in the center of the wood slice. Next use the pink paint to paint the outside edge and about 1/4 to 1/2" ring around the slice.

DIY-A-Fruit-Slice-Cheese-Board-Click-Through-for-TutorialAre you now as tempted as I am to eat cheese and fruit for every meal this summer? As simple as they are to make, you can easily create several for your next summer gathering. Just think how gorgeous it would be to have an entire table centerpiece with several fruit slice cheese boards filled with an assortment of delicious hors d’oeuvres. Yum! xoxo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • Thanks so much for sharing. It is so great to see the crafting revolution come alive! I love cheese too! Follow my crafts at love and light Nat from NZ

  • Super cute! This would be great at a party.

    Who Let the Mum Out?

  • I love the colors – They are so fresh and fun!!!
    A lovely idea for a picnic!

  • I just found your blog and I’m in love with it!!! And I LOVE this DIY! xxxx

  • I just had a true blonde moment, thinking the board was actually a dragon fruit… So convincing!

  • It’s so beautiful, I love the colours! Maybe you could add two handles so you can carry it?

  • Thanks for sharing this, Kara! This is such a neat idea and definitely a must-have for summer! I almost just want to host a summer party so that I can display a variety of these fruit slice cheese boards. I’m looking forward to giving this a try. 😀


  • Such a cute idea! Also, now I’m craving blackberries!

    Kristi Beth | Be Loverly

  • This is so cute! I also really love the cheese knife set, where is it from?

  • This is so bright and colorful! I’m so used to the new marble craze that I forget how much I adore some shockingly bright tones in my kitchen. Going to copy this exactly!

  • I love the organic shape of the board. It’s a great refresh and retake on the classic geometric shapes!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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