DIY Anchor Statement Wall

Love this anchor wall so muchA statement wall can be a great way to spice up a plain white room. Rather than add a bold color to the walls, we decided that a nice print would be a good change. The best part about this wall is that it’s a low-cost, high reward project!

Anchor Wall Steps Supplies: craft foam, a small piece of cardboard for mounting, super glue, scissors, small paint brush, black paint (I used acrylic), masking tape

1. Draw out an image for your stamp onto paper. Cut it out and trace the image onto craft foam.

2. Cut out the foam and mount it onto a piece of cardboard with super glue (I used ).

3. Measure out where you want your stamps and mark with masking tape. That way there is less room for error.

4. Begin stamping your wall. (I used a small paint brush to apply the paint to the stamp.) If you are stamping on a textured wall like I did, the stamped image will be imperfect.

5. To make the anchors look solid and less like a stamp, I went back over the anchors with a small paintbrush and filled in the holes. Depending on how textured your wall is, this can be a couple of dabs or possibly reworking most of the image.

6. Keep stamping and filling until you’re all done!

Adorable Anchor Statement Wall Love this anchor statement wall
This wall only took about a day to complete, and it adds such an adorable touch to the back room. Definitely be careful with your touch-ups, but don’t expect the anchors (or whatever image you choose) to be absolutely perfect! There will be slight variations, which in my opinion, add even more character to the wall!  Happy stamping!  xo. Katie

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