DIY Bird Nest Ornament

Beautiful Bird Ornament DIY Lovely bird nest DIYWe love handmade holiday ornaments! They are so fun to make and extra fun to give to friends and family!  Here's a little video tutorial on how to make these bird nests:

*Music by Sleeping At Last, Used With Permission. Download his Christmas Album for free here

Using a few dabs of Elmer's Glue here in there will help your fabric stay in place. I used straight pins through the tops of the birds to attach the ribbon for hanging. You could also glue clips to the bottom the nest to secure them to tree branches. DIY Bird OrnamentHave fun making these!  xo. Katie

  • Oh Wow! Those are SO cute oh my word!!


  • OMG!I`m all about bird things and this looks soo cute!
    I want them,I need them!
    Such a great post and inspiring idea!


  • These are so cute, I’d love to do a whole tree with just these and other white ornaments.


  • cute idea! Those would look good as little holiday accessories for shelves as well!

  • LOVE handmade ornaments… Super pretty, ladies!


  • These are really adorable! AND I LOVE how you kept the nest in a cream color to match the bird rather than making it a brown or natural straw color – it adds to the festive nature! LOVE!

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  • these are so adorable!!! thank you for the video!
    also, so funny that the song is the song from Love Actually! hilarious! really great cover 🙂

  • These might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Where did the little birdies come from?

  • love the video… you should definitely do more video tutorials! I know they probably take longer to do because of editing and such, but it’s just so much easier to understand how to do projects if you watch them!

  • These are so sweet! I’ve been on a search for some homemade ornaments and decorations that star from the cliched baubles and tinsel. These are perfect!
    Isabella xo

  • So sweet! 🙂


  • So cute !
    Have a look at my new post :

  • Oh my goodness this is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you!

  • Put a bird on it. On an ornament that is. Anyways super lovely and if you gals watch portlandia than my bird comment won’t sound that awkward. Have a lovely weekend!


  • How do you guys keep coming up with these things?! So freaking cute!!

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  • How cute! These look great because the seem fairly simple to make and the are more unique than the usual handmade Christmas ornaments. I will definitely be trying these out. Thank you!

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