DIY Bottle Cap Earrings



 Hi, it's Amy here with a cute wearable DIY. You can make your own bottle cap earrings using bottle caps from your favorite contemporary beverages — or you can use vintage bottle caps like I did. I purchased my caps on eBay, but you can often find them at flea markets and antique fairs as well.


Supplies: * one pair of matching bottle caps * at least 2 head-pins * 2 ear wires * beads Tools: * hammer (a small household hammer like the one pictured will do) * an awl (can be found at hardware stores or in the leather working section of your local craft store) * jewelry pliers * round-nose jewelry pliers (see the red pair, pictured) 


1. First, you'll need to punch a hole in your bottle caps. Find a sturdy surface to work on (a sturdy table or concrete floor work best). You may want to protect your surface as well – work on top of a wooden cutting board, for instance. 2. Decide where you want your hole to be and position the tip of the awl on the inside of the bottle cap (see photo). Hammer the end of the awl so that the tip goes through the cap, leaving a hole. 


 3. Slip a head-pin through the hole so that the head of the pin is on the inside of the cap. Add a few beads. 


  4. Use your jewelry pliers to bend the head-pin at a 90 degree angle. Snip off the excess head-pin, leaving just enough room to make a loop (approx. 1/4 of an inch). 


 5. Use the round-nose pliers to form a loop at the top. Attach your ear wires and close the loop securely. For more detailed instructions on working with head-pins, visit this link. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for the second earring. Note: You may even want to add a second hole in each bottle cap to attach more beads or dangling chain. Repeat the instructions above for the bottom hole. 


 Now you not only have a cute pair of earrings but also a conversation piece! I love that I'm wearing a piece of history on my ears. 


I'd love to see your take on these earrings. If you make a pair (or 6), please leave a comment with a link to your version or upload them to the RVA Flickr group. Happy jewelry making! <3 Amy


  • Ten years later and your post is still helping people like me who want to make bottle-cap earrings! Thank you.

  • I’m making earrings like that with my husband’s band name to sell at their shows

  • they are so cute. a good way to recycle and a good way to use small pics love it

  • These are super cute and one of a kind! My sister’s birthday is coming up, and I am thinking of making one of these for her. I hope she loves it! =)

  • i find when i make them that when punching the hole from the back to the front it leaves an unwanted edge around the hole, but if punching from the front it caves in the bottle cap, have you found this problem as well? or am i doing something wrong?

  • I love any new ideas. Not sure this one is going to rock in market or not but compliment for your effort.

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  • I made some Samuel Adams ones for my Husband for our 36th anniversary. They turned out really cool.

  • What a creative work! from a junk into an art, fantastic idea. I love it, I’ll definitely make one for myself, thanks for having the step by step instruction here.

  • wow. it is unbelievable. I love it so much . Thanks for your sharing. cool .great. I sure I’ll come back soon.

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  • Very cute earrings. I like this creative idea! Thanks so much for your tutorial~ It’s wonderful~

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  • What a brilliant idea of recycling.Using the bottle caps,anybody can make earrings,belts,bracelets,necklaces etc..Thanks for this informative tutorial.

  • thanks so much for this! I have saved the cutest pair of bottle caps featuring adorable owls (from japanese beer) that I knew would one day come in handy!

  • okay you just inspired me to make some. Only I’m going to use bottle caps from the hubby and i’d favorite texas beer, Shiner. haha as crazy as that sounds we have a lot of texas pride and their logo is just awesome. thanks!

  • When I was little I used to pick up all the bottle caps that I could find, I would line them with felt and make pies out of them. This idea is much more grown up than mini pies. 🙂

  • I saw this neat idea for bottle cap magnets not too long ago and started saving them up. In the tutorial I saw they painted the caps, which is a good idea for what I’ve got since they’re beer bottle caps 🙂 I have been so excited to paint these and now I have one more idead for these!! Love it!


  • I made a belt from beer bottle caps – I love the concept of recycling. Great idea – it’s really lovely.

  • I made a pair like these my freshman year of high school. I remember wearing them downtown & getting compliments from strangers. I thought I was pretty awesome. Ha!

  • why buy… you can collect them yourself …. my friend and i have collected a huge box full of beer bottle caps and make necklaces, earrings, and you can even turn them around and fill with resin or something…
    the colours are so cute

  • I never knew you could make such beautiful earrings from a bottle cap. What an absolutely brilliant idea. I love it. Wonderful tutorial!

  • I just need to find some awesome bottle caps and then I’m gonna make these!

  • I’m so lucky!!! I was looking for exactly this tutorial, thank you so much ñ_ñ

  • What a cute DIY! I love all the DIYs that you share! 🙂

    Talia Christine

  • These are really cute! I’ve made similar earrings before using guitar picks.

  • I used to make bottle cap necklaces via a very similar process. I haven’t made any in a while, but I still have a huge stash of awesome unused vintage bottlecaps. I should do something with them.

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