Fancy Friendship Bracelets

DIY Friendship Bracelets via A Beautiful MessRemember the days of making bracelets for all of your friends and swapping out on the playground? Even to this day, I still love sharing bracelets with friends. Here is a fun take on friendship bracelets you can keep for yourself or share with your closest pals.

Bracelets DIY via A Beautiful MessBracelet collageSupplies:
-embroidery floss or thin cord
-jewelry chain
-clip board & washi tape (optional)
-jump rings

Step 1: Start with 4 pieces of string and tie a knot at the top. Clamp the knot under the clip board and tape the two middle strings down with masking or washi tape. Step 2: Take the left string over the middle strings. Take the right string and slide it under the middle strings. Step 3: Pull the tail of the top string (white) through the right. Pull the tail of the bottom string (black) through the left. Steps 4-5: Repeat this process, but take the left string UNDER the middle strings this time and the right string OVER the middle. You will alternate starting the left string on top of the middle strings for a knot and then the left string will start under the middle strings for the next knot. Step 6-7: When you are ready to incorporate your string of jewels, simply wrap the outside strings around the jewels. When you get to the end of the jewels, begin your knotting process again until you make it to the end. Step 8: Finish your bracelets off with knots, slip knots, or clasps.

DIY bracelets BcollageSupplies: Chain link, embroidery floss or thin cord, strand of jewels, pliers & wire cutters (optional), jump rings & clasp. Step 1: Tape off the end of your string and thread it through the links until the gold is no longer showing. Step 2: Once the links are covered, thread through the links again (more sparse this time), incorporating the jewels. Step 3: Tie off the end and add a little fray check or clear glue. Use your jump rings and clasps on the ends and you’re all done!

Fancy Friendship Bracelet diyDIY Friendship Bracelets via A Beautiful MessHave fun trading! xo. Katie

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