DIY Business Card Holder

DIY card holders- so simple and fun!Your business card says a lot about you, but what about your business card holder? I've collected quite a few business cards this past summer and like to keep them by my computer for when I have time to look people up. Instead of buying a boring business card holder from a big box store, I thought I'd use up some clay I had on hand to make a couple of pretty ones. These card holders are great for photos, recipe cards, business cards, or anything small you'd like to prop up for display. Check out how simple they are to make!

DIY card holders- so simple and fun!Supplies:
-polymer clay
-polymer-safe paint (water-based) (I used Americana brand Burnt Orange and Soft Jade)

-rolling pin
-square dowels (in the thickness you'd like the clay)
-parchment paper
-sharp blade
-paint brush
-baking sheet + oven-safe props

DIY card holders- so simple and fun!Step One: Warm the clay in your hands to make it soft and easy to work with. Then roll it out on parchment paper, using dowels to create a uniform thickness across the clay.

Step Two: Cut out the length of the card holder you'd like. If you end up not liking the design you cut out, just re-roll the clay and start over. I ended up liking the longer card holder I made with extra support better than the smaller one without as much support. The width of my clay ended up being about 2.75".

DIY card holders- so simple and fun!Step Three: Use the dowel to help bend the holder into shape. Make sure the bottom is as flat as you can get it. Smooth out any bumps and uneven spots with your hands.

Step Four: Place clay (on parchment paper) onto an oven-safe pan and use props to help it maintain its shape while baking. I baked my Sculpey brand clay at 270° for 25 minutes, but you should follow the recommendations on your clay packaging.

DIY card holders- so simple and fun!Step Five: After the clay has cooled, remove it from the baking sheet and paint with a few coats of polymer-safe paint. I used a glossy paint for mine and decided to do a two-toned look for each holder.

DIY card holders- so simple and fun!Fill the holders with cards and photos to fancify your workspace! Photos of Brigitte Bardot will make them even sexier.

DIY business card holders- so simple and fun!Now I have some pretty special card holders I can bring with me when I set up at events and craft shows. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the bit of style they add to my workspace! -Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella and Valentine of the Signature Collection.

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