DIY Campaign Dresser

DIY Campaign DresserI searched far and wide for the perfect dresser for our bedroom. I looked and looked, but I kept coming back to a classic white design with gold campaign hardware. The only problem was, those are ‘spensive! I’m talking $1,000+. But my heart said yes, so I started looking at DIY options.

You guys know we do things in a pretty big range of budgets around here, and I love the occasional splurge. However, I FIRMLY believe that you can create the styles you love on any budget. And today’s post really speaks to that!

Around the time I figured out what I wanted to do, IKEA approached us about doing some DIY projects. And since I was already planning to use their dresser, this was a perfect fit. So today we’re working with IKEA to show how to spruce up the IKEA Dresser in just two steps. And after that I’ll share a few quick organizational tips for your drawers as well!

DIY Campaign Dresser First things first, you need to source and buy your hardware. Here’s what I used – 15 inch Lewis Dolin Bar Pulls (you’ll need six). These are gorgeous, but not cheap. They actually cost more than the dresser, but the overall savings is still super legit! I also used 2 inch corner braces (you’ll need 24). Since the braces were shiny brass and the rods were matte, I spray painted the braces so that they would match the finish of the rods. Now, we don’t recommend spray painting hardware that will be touched (like a bar pull), but since the braces were decorative, that worked out. If it’s something like a bar pull you need to recolor, you should have it metal plated by a professional.

DIY Campaign Dresser Next, just measure and install the hardware. You’ll need to drill pilot holes for each screw. Safety Tip: Make sure the dresser is anchored to the wall to prevent tip-over hazard.

These simple additions make a HUGE difference! Here’s the before….


And here’s the after….

DIY Campaign DresserIt’s the perfect addition to our bedroom! Light and airy with gold details. LOVE IT.

DIY Campaign Dresser And here’s a side view.

If you wanted to customize it further, you could always paint it a fun color or wallpaper the outside of the drawers before you install the hardware.

DIY Campaign Dresser DIY Campaign Dresser DIY Campaign Dresser DIY Campaign Dresser You didn’t think I’d forget to show you the organization ideas, did you???

DIY Campaign Dresser First up, line the inside of your drawers. You can use contact paper or wallpaper. I had this single roll of wallpaper leftover from a project at my last house that never happened, so I finally got to use it!!! You don’t need to permanently adhere it, just use some double-sided tape.

DIY Campaign Dresser Next, fill the inside of the drawer with containers. You might want to do this with the top one or two drawers and leave some of the bottom ones open for stacks of clothing.

I used two of these large acrylic GODMORGON containers, some of these FRYKEN baskets (with the lids removed), and a couple of wicker pieces I had laying around the house.

Next, the fun part!!

DIY Campaign Dresser Fill the containers with all your favorite things. Things you reach for often. A curated accessories drawer. And be sure to add scissors because I am forever needing to cut off a tag or a loose string.

DIY Campaign Dresser I like the mix of baskets and acrylic.

DIY Campaign Dresser Doesn’t this make you want to organize something? :))

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I am really REALLY happy with our new dresser and so amazed by how easy it was to put together. It was a one day project for sure. SO satisfying!!!! xx- Elsie

Credits: Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • Love this! Such a great transformation and a money saver! I really love your organization suggestions 🙂 I have organized the top drawer of my dresser similarly to hold jewelry and I too have a pair of scissors in there for snipping those pesky tags! 🙂

  • Look amazing! I can’t get over how much more expensive they look – I’m going to have to give something like this a go. Also the wallpaper/wrapping paper lining the drawers is such a lovely finishing touch 🙂 x

    Chloé Harriet

  • I’ve always wanted to make something similar with my dresser, (which are dark blue and I think with gold braces would match perfectly), but at the end always found it complicated or tedious, and I am not sure how will look at the end. Definitely after your post, I will give it a try :). Thanks!

  • Wow!! This turned out so great!!! I’ve been looking for a new dresser too and can’t find anything I like that’s affordable. Perfect timing?

  • Great makeover!

    What kind of big plant/tree is next to your dresser? I’ve got a corner in my living room and I’d like to put a tall plant in it 🙂

  • I’m not sure what it’s called. I was told it’s a tropical tree and much more difficult to kill than a fiddle leaf fig (I’m swearing those off- haha!!)

    If anyone else knows what this tree is called I’d love to know!

    xx- Elsie

  • Ahhh! I totally have the black upright MALM dresser — I’m feeling a makeover will be in order soon! Turned out so wonderfully – great DIY! The View From Here

  • Great DIY and great organizing tips 🙂 I actually just spent the last few days organizing all my dresser drawers and paring down my treasures I keep on top of them, so this post made me happy because I was able to look at your lovely organization and simple, uncrowded styling, and then actually go feel the same way in my own room! PS can’t wait to see your finished bedroom 🙂

  • I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our old dresser (still in good condition but it’s a dark brown whereas our new furniture is white). Maybe I’ll do something like this with the gold hardware and paint just the front of the dresser white. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I really like that you have a sponsorship with ikea!! we all go there! And those organisation tips are becoming my favorites! Hello from France (where we are ikea addict!!)

  • Yes this dresser is really nice and affordable.Even i am trying to find such kind of dresser from a very long time.Its time to get it now 🙂

  • I love this! It looks like something out of The Great Gatsby. I have this exact dresser already so it would be so easy to dress it up a bit with the gold accents. Thank you for sharing!

  • Great organization tips! The dresser looks so polished. Is the mirror from Ikea as well?

  • Oh I just LOVE this – so stylish and very on trend. It looks so expensive now too! Great job and I might even try it!! 🙂 Jess xx

  • That’s a great makeover and looks way better than than the original! Even adding details like that can make a big difference, who would have thought that 🙂

  • We are home buying and I have been on every site to find a white dresser with gold hardware!!! Wayward has some options but super high!!! THIS IS A GOD SEND!!! I am totally commissioning my hubs to drill some holes for me (I am not that crafty just yet) and I love love love the wallpaper in the drawers idea.

  • Wow, the little details really makes a huge difference! Love the idea. Thanks for the awesome organization tips too! Love the bright wallpaper on the inside of the drawers. It does have me in the mood to organize!

  • This is really neat. My wife would love to have something like this in our entry in our home. I guess it’s time to start hitting the garage sales in our area in the next few weeks. Nice work!

  • This DIY is fabulous! I am hoarding ideas for when I separate my boy/girl twins, and this would be ADORABLE in her room. You are a wealth of information, thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas. ?

    Also, is that mirror above the dresser Target’s new(er) Threshold one? Have you had trouble with the reflection being warped? I purchased one and LOVE the style (exactly what I was looking for at 1/5 of the price of most others) but I feel like I’m staring into a fun house mirror. ??

  • OMG this is amazing! Love the pulls and the brackets instead of using recessed pulls which require cutting a hole in the dresser. This is beautiful and so creative!

  • Love this! where did you get the brackets from and what spray paint did you paint them?

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