DIY Constellations Scarf

Beautiful DIY Constellations ScarfOne trend we are crushing on around here is star sign and constellation inspired prints! This week Katie stamped and embroidered a beautiful scarf. I love the delicate pattern and hand stitched details. Here's how she did it:DIY Constellations ScarfSupplies: craft foam, fabric paint, scissors, white colored pencil, super glue, scarf, embroidery floss & needle, embroidery hoop (optional), disappearing ink pen. 1. Draw a star on a piece of paper and cut it out. Trace the star image onto a piece of craft foam using a white pencil. Cut the star from the foam. 2. Use glue (super glue is fast!) to adhere your foam to a piece of cardboard to create your stamp. 3. Begin stamping out your constellations (I googled a constellations map). Draw the lines between the stars with a disappearing pen and embroider the lines. 4. Continue until your scarf is full! Constellations Scarf DIYConstellations ScarfLove this DIY Constellations ScarfSupe pretty DIY Constellations ScarfHappy stitching! 

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