DIY Double-Sided Head Wrap

DIY double-sided head wrap (so cute and easy!)Hi guys! LaTonya here with another easy and fun DIY to share with you all! I love wearing head wraps. It’s something that has become a style comfort zone for me, and instantly brings a bit of color and happiness to my outfits. Wearing a head wrap can truly be a stylish addition to any wardrobe. Some head wraps are quite expensive to purchase, but with this DIY, you can make your own double-sided head wrap in just a few minutes. Half the cost, double the wear!

First, choose your fabrics. This is the fun part, besides wearing the wrap of course. Since the wrap will act as two wraps in one, choosing fabrics that are total opposites and can be worn with completely different outfits is key. I chose a plant-based fabric and a blue floral fabric. Each fabric should be cotton. 

Make your own cute head wrap!Supplies:
-sewing machine
-measuring tape
-two yards of each fabric (I always like to purchase more than enough fabric just in case.)

Make your own cute head wrap!Make your own cute head wrap!Step One: First things first, measure and cut your fabric! The fabric length is the most important part. For your head wrap to be fully functional, each piece of fabric needs to be measured and cut to 62″ x 17″. Depending on your hair, you’ll end up having a lot of extra fabric to wrap, or you’ll just have enough to tuck under after you wrap. The more of the wrap you have after tying the better. You want to be able to create large knots if you would like to in the future. 

Make your own cute head wrap!Step Two: Now for some easy sewing! Lay your two pieces of fabric down so the back sides are facing out and pin. (Before pinning, I also suggest that you iron your fabric. This isn’t necessary, but it makes the fabric look so much neater). Sew completely around, leaving one of the width sides open. Flip the double-sided wrap right side out and finish sewing the gap.

DIY double-sided head wrap (so cute and easy!)Once you’re completely finished with sewing, your wrap is complete! Wasn’t that easy? 

DIY double-sided head wrap (so cute and easy!)DIY double-sided head wrap (so cute and easy!)The great thing about a head wrap is you can wear it so many ways. Sometimes, I like my hair fully covered, so I pull it all in and have a tucked-in knot like above. Sometimes, I like a little bit of hair in my face and let it hang out. Other times, I like a lot of my hair shown and fold the length of the wrap one time, and then tie it. Then it shows most of my fro. Enjoy!  xo. LaTonya

Credits// Author: LaTonya Staubs. Photography: Belle Savaransky. Photos edited with Valentine from the Signature Collection.

  • Thank you LaTonya, I adapted your pattern to fit a doll I was dressing. It turned out so thank you very much. Linds

  • Wow!!! lovely tutorial, clear and concise! you are beautiful LaTonya. I agree a followup on tying would be welcome. Peace and Balance

  • Really cute wrap LaTonya. Beautiful tutorial.

    It’s refreshing to see your face and contribution here.

  • Hey! Adorable head wrap but I’m also admiring your t-shirt! Mind sharing the place of origin?

  • I love this, thanks for posting! Scarves and head wraps are must have style accessories for me, so I would love to give this a try!

    Victoria Sallie

  • Yaaaaaaaay for people of color on this site. I have been visiting this site often and I am so excited to see someone who looks like me on the site. There is nothing wrong with following sites that are organized and run by people of other races but it just gives a little extra comfort when you see someone who looks like you. Thank you so much for this.

  • I’m a longtime fan of the blog who has never commented, but I have to say it–I’m just so glad to see a woman of color contributing regularly, and here with a hair tutorial that’s appropriate for natural hair! Brava, team.

  • Oh my goodness! A woman of a similar hair type and complexion as me on ABM?!?! Love it, you guys! Love the tutorial, definitely going to do this one!

  • Yes! I would love to see a video on how to tie these. LaTonya’s results are so perfect and can those of us with short haircuts get the same look?
    Just wondering–hope to see a video. 🙂

  • I love this! It looks so good and it’s so easy to make. Great for bad hair days too! I’ll definitely be giving it a go! Any chance you could do a post on different ways to tie it? I know you explained how at the end but it would be great to see a more detailed version with pics if possible! Also majorly jealous of your eyeliner skills!

  • What a brilliant alternative to a sun hat. Not sure if I can pull off the look but going to try!

  • Like may others have said, I would love some tutorials on tying head wraps with natural hair. I’m pretty hairstyling-challenged- although I make a mean puff!

  • Such a cute & easy DIY! I love your style LaTonya. I’d also love to see a post on how to style a headwrap in different ways.


  • Agreed! I’ve been trying to tie up my hair with scarves and things… and sometimes it works, but it is never that cute. And how do you keep it on your head? Granted I’m a natural red head, so our hair is different, but still… mine always fall off. 🙁
    Just wishing I could be as cute as LaTonya here!

  • So excited to see LaTonya on here and I L.O.V.E headwraps!! Can’t wait to try this 🙂

  • I second that! I’m so inept at tying these things, I would love to see how she does it!

  • That woman is the prettiest thing i’ve ever seen! I’d kill for a smile like that! Lovely DIY!

  • So excited about this project. One of my favorites in a while. Ps, girl, you are gorgeous!!!

  • Thanks for the tutorial LaTonya! And btw, your eye make-up makes your eyes look captivating!! SO pretty 🙂

    I have no idea how I’d look in a head wrap – but think I’d like to try one! But I agree with Hildy – I have no clue how to tie it! Would a head-wrap-tying tutorial post be silly??

  • Love this tute! Gorgeous gal as well. Please give more info on how to tie up. I seem to be full of fumble fingers with scarves and can never seem to get them as neat as she does. She looks FAB!!!

  • This is such a lovely post! What a gorgeous wrap! I love the color and the pattern!

  • These are so cute & fun…now, can you give a little lesson in how to tie them? Different wraps, knots, etc?

  • I love this project! I’m into retro fashion and like wearing bandannas all the time 🙂 Great idea if you want to travel and pack lightly, you only need a couple of bandannas and can get lots of looks!

  • FIrst off, LaTonya is GORGEOUS!! The pattern mixing of fabrics you chose is perfect. Any chance you’ll be doing a tutorial on how to tie the head wrap? I’m a little lost on how you created the perfect knot and bow in these photos.


  • LaTonya, first off, how perfect is your name? LOVE IT!
    Second, I am obsessed with this tutorial!, what a great idea! I have got to try this!! 🙂 xo/Riva

  • She’s just the cutest! I wish I could pull this off like her. I’m definitely going to make this wrap tho 🙂

  • Hi LaTonya, I am tempted to try making it, but would like to make sure in which shape the fabric has to be cut into, is it a rectangle using the measurements (depending of the thickness of my hair, of course)? Thanks!

  • So glad to see some diversity! I will absolutely be making myself some head wraps in the near future.

  • nice to see a non-white face on here!

    the head wraps are gorgeous… but how do you tie it so nicely? i’m hopeless.

  • As a woman of color who visits this blog often, I have to say this is one of the more important posts for me out of all current archival works. Why? The answer points to a topic often discussed at AMB: Blogging as an industry. It is absolutely essential that people of color, who blog (and there are many of us), are just as important and crucial to the progression of this industry. I would venture to say, we are the ones who (along with allies) will be able to use blogging as a means of service to encourage the global justice movement. I really appreciate seeing LaTonya in this space as a creative educator. Much love and light to all.

  • Pretty! I love me an easy sewing project! I’m sure I could do some Googling, but a followup post sometime on some of the different ways to wrap and knot these would be awesome.

  • These are fantastic! So making myself one. And how beautiful is she?

    the little lion girl

  • I so want to learn sewing, so that i can do such DIYs…this is so cool!


  • This headwrap looks great, I love that it is double sided! The tropical print side is gorgeous! Definitely a DIY I’m going to keep in mind! Great job.

    Joanne |

  • LaTonya is gorgeous and can totally rock that head wrap!!

    Neha //

  • Agree, just came to say that I love this tutorial and hope to see more from LaTonya going forward! (And other contributors of color too!)

  • ABM always has beautiful hair tutorials on their blog, but as a black woman with textured hair, I’m not able to do most of them. It makes me SO happy to see this tutorial, especially because I wear head wraps a LOT. Yay for ABM adding some diversity!

  • These are so cute! I like the idea of adding a fun pattern to an ordinary outfit to shake it up a little bit.

  • These are gorgeous, sewing is a thing i’ve never done but i’m tempted for some nice head wraps

  • I have been watching a lot of I Love Lucy lately, and I always think how cute Lucy and Ethel look when they have their hair wrapped up like this. You look just as cute, LaTonya–what a fun project!

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