DIY Easy Geometric Copper and Wood Mirrors

DIY Copper and Wood Mirrors (Click Through For Tutorial)_I, Kara, love a DIY project that looks complicated but is really a snap to make, don’t you? Especially when said DIY project incorporates some of my favorite current trends (copper and natural wood, anyone?) and costs so little. These geometric copper and wood mirrors require no more skill than kindergarten level gluing skills, but they look like they came straight from your favorite decor store! That’s the DIY dream, my friends!

DIY Copper and Wood Mirrors (Click Through For Tutorial) _Supplies:
copper bent wire placemats
10″ craft mirrors
10″ wood embroidery hoop
industrial strength adhesive

DIY Copper and Wood Mirrors (Click Through For Tutorial) _I wasn’t kidding when I said it was as easy as gluing. You will begin by adding a liberal amount of glue to the back of the craft mirror, and then center it on the metal placemat and press to adhere.

DIY Copper and Wood Mirrors (Click Through For Tutorial) _While the glue is curing, remove the inner ring from the embroidery hoop, add a small amount of glue around one edge, and adhere to the top of the mirror to form a wood border. If you added too much glue, use a wet wipe to remove any excess glue that may come out on the mirror. Once the glue has dried overnight, the mirror is ready to hang using mounting tape behind the mirror.

DIY Copper and Wood Mirrors (Click Through For Tutorial)DIY Copper and Wood Mirrors (Click Through For Tutorial) _

DIY Copper and Wood Mirrors (Click Through For Tutorial) _I love the combo of the copper mixed with the raw wood of the embroidery hoop, but you can easily customize these mirrors to your taste. A little spray paint on the metal placemats and embroidery hoop, and you can easily transform these mirrors into black and white, pink and gold, or any color combo under the sun. Now that you see how easy these mirrors are to make, I’m sure you will be making a few like I did. Don’t they just look perfect grouped together? I can’t wait to see the color combos you choose! xo. Kara


Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom.





  • This specific wire placemat is on its way (backordered), but I ordered a similar one from crate and barrel and popped it together in 5 min. Looks great! Can’t wait for my other placemat to arrive!!! Thanks for the great tut!

  • Gorgeous mirrors! I wish I was crafty enough to pull this project off. I used when furnishing my home and was so happy with the quality of service. Their service made for a practically effortless experience. They provided me with a custom interior design and handled ALL the logistics of the set up.

  • I’m looking for a cool gift for my brothers housewarming party. He’s into like techy stuff and gadgets. We had this huge old school projector with slides (if anyone remembers those) when we were kids, so thought this would be pretty awesome and remind him of that (, but i’ve never bought anything from indiegogo, is it reliable and do you think it’s appropriate to give since they’ll have to wait to receive it? Anyone see something like this before?

  • This is really looking lovely. It is inexpensive, easy to make and a great piece for decoration. It is also enhancing the attractiveness of the room.

  • I LOVE those ceramic cacti!!! Do you remember where you got them? Great project, keep it coming 🙂

  • I haven’t had an issue with them falling off yet. I used Beacon Adhesives Power Tac.

  • These look gorgeous but I’d be worried the mirror may fall off with just glue (I used E6000 to glue studs to my wallet and they ALL fell off!)

    • E6000 doesn’t do great with attaching things to fabric unless you use a ton. Otherwise, it basically gets absorbed into the fabric. And then the type of stress applied to an object sticking out like that, rubbing and getting caught/pulled plus flexing as the fabric moves around- just not suitable for that. But using it to attach two hard, smooth surfaces is totally different. It should be fine ?

  • Surprised by how simple the project is! Love how it looks against a white wall.

  • I love the look of metals and mirrors together. These look gorgeous!
    Love, Sophia

  • Oh my goodness, I love this idea and hope to recreate it in our nursery! My obsession with this type of mirrors started when I first saw Sarah Sherman Samuel’s nursery for baby archer – and I love your budget-friendly recreation of a similar look! Cannot wait to try…

  • so cute and SO easy!! Like, I totally think I can do this and not end up on some Pinterest Fail type blog! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • They look awesome, what an eye-catcher!

  • I added too much glue with the first one I made and it squeezed out a bit. Just be sure to add a tiny bit and you should be fine. Also you can come back with a q-tip and paint thinner to remove any excess glue that come out on the mirror. If you are referencing the side shot, that isn’t glue but actually the side of mirror you see. The wood hoop sits on the mirror and is flush with the side. The mirror doesn’t fit inside the wood. Did that help answer your question?

  • These turned out so well.Plus an easy DIY, win! I love decorating with mirrors because they make any space feel light and airy.

  • These turned out so well. I would have to agree that an easy DIY that looks great is a win! Decorating with mirrors is one of my favorite home decor tricks. It makes any space feel light and airy.

  • These are cute but you can see the glue around the edge of the mirror. Is there a better glue to use for this project or is it just showing in the reflection?

  • I’ve been thinking of buying a circular mirror for a long time as I LOVE the style, but they were always too expensive. Reading your blog really convinces me to try things for myself first, thank you!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Wow, the wood really is such an nice natural touch of warmth! I’m impressed with how easy and classy this looks.

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