DIY Embroidered Sun Hat

Such a cute DIY for summer! (click through for tutorial)I’ve been loving the embroidered sun hat trend I’ve been seeing around this summer. As a person who is obsessed with keeping my skin covered as much as possible in the summer without absolutely melting, this is the perfect way to guard my face and shoulders from harsh UV rays. Plus, it’s a fun and simple way to spice up sundresses and vintage-y bathing suits!

Darling hat DIY for summer!Supplies Supplies:
-sun hat (like this or this)
-ribbon or embroidery floss (mine was done with ribbon)
plastic yarn needle
-fabric marker or pencil

Sun Hat DIY Step 1There really aren’t many steps to this DIY. First, choose what word or phrase you’d like on your hat. I wanted something fun and classic, so I chose the phrase “peachy keen”. I mean, if you’re sitting next to the pool sipping something refreshing, “peachy keen” is totally what you should be feeling! Now, go ahead and use that fabric marker to stencil on your perfect phrase.

Sun Hat DIY Step 2Use the yarn needle to follow your pattern around with a backstitch. Initially, I was concerned with getting the lightweight needle through the weaving of the hat, but it worked perfectly! There’s no pricking your fingers with this guy!

Sun Hat DIY Step 3As soon as you finish the embroidery part, make a beeline to the nearest pool with a La Croix in hand. This is the final and MOST IMPORTANT step in this DIY!

Darling embroidered hat DIYLove this hat DIY. Perfect for summer!Love this hat embroidery DIY for summer!I love the way my hat turned out with the ribbon as the thread. This DIY only took a little over an hour (I’m a perfectionist, it probably could have been done quicker), and you know I’m all about the quick and cute crafty projects. Now… who’s inviting me over for a pool party?? xo. Katie

Credits//Author and Photography: Katie Shelton. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.


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